Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here I am.. In front Of The Monitor..

Wow... Here I am, in front of the monitor.. My stomach is in real pain.. Must probably be food poisoning or something.. Here I am, writing this blog, while all the others are having fun elsewhere.. Wow, interesting.. Owh well.. I dont really mind actually. Because I am COOL~!

YEAH!! Its been a damn long time since I last wrote a blog! There are basically two reasons why such thing happened.. Firstly, I've been so damn busy lately.. Secondly, I was not in the mood.. Well, it has all basically changed~! The table of fate has turned, the path of darkness has turned to light, the impossible has become a reality.. (WTF am I babbling about u say? Well, it sucks to be u, cause I ain't telling, muahahahaha)

I'm a bit confused with abudi's and amir's plan lately. Because they have this "SSS" Disease.. What does that stands for u ask? Well, certainly it stands for "Syok Sendiri Syndrome"~! Yeah! Each of them plan to go to places and stuff without actually telling others about the plan in detail while at the same time assuming that the others know about the plan in the first place.. WOW!! Each time I talk to them, they will be like "Malam nie tgk wayang.. Esok gerak genting.. Esok beli HD cam.. Etc".. And I was like, WTF!! At least warn me earlier if u guys want to go out. The best example would be yesterday.. I was chatting with abudi and he said "Aku gerak rumah kau pukul 8.30, tgk wayang dkt alamanda". And I was like "Dah bgtau Amir belum?" Then he said "Tak, nanti lepas mandi la bgtau". Woot, last minute inform!! You guys are so cool~!

OK, now.. I actually planned to go tricking tomorrow!! ALL OUT! At MPN... But it depends, if my stomach is still painful like it is today, then cannot la.. Hohoho.. I've been spending most of my time thinking lately.. Basically figuring what I need to do and what is there to be sorted out in my life.. Well, basically, there is currently no action needed to actually sort out my life.. I just need to understand my situation.. Which I think will require 30 minutes of my life thinking!! OK!! I shall do that... NOW!! Bye bye~! Until next time.. XD

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life Of A Grasshopper And A Fallen Angel

I haven't write a blog for a long time.. I am currently too tired to write long stories about me and stuff... So instead, I will just write down a short self invented story of mine just for fun..

Life Of A Grasshopper

There is this one male grasshopper which always likes to jump around all over the place almost all of the time.. It basically excites him whenever he jumps as he will not think of anything aside from the enjoyment of jumping around itself.. Nothing else managed to catch his full attention and nothing else can stop him from jumping around.. Until one day.. As usual, he was jumping around all over the place and it was then that he encountered a hole in the middle of the road.. It was quite deep and it was quite big... Usually, he would just jump around elsewhere as he ignores the fact that the hole was even there.. But, this time it was different.. Something managed to catch his very attention when he accidentally examined what was in the hole.. It was something.. Glowing like a light but at the same time glowing weakly as if it would go out at any time.. Out of curiosity, he examined the glowing light even further..

It was then that he noticed that it was actually an angel who was emitting the glowing light. It was actually an angel that was in that very hole.. For the first time in the grasshopper's very life, he was mesmerized.. Due to the beauty which the angel carries.. He was stunned, surprised, amazed! From above, he could not help but to gaze towards the angel as time passes by.. He briefly analyzed the hole, it was quite deep.. If he were to jump into it, he will not be able to get out with the strength of his jump alone.. He requires the ability which only his wings provide.. The ability to "fly"..

Clearly knowing such facts, the grasshopper bravely jumped down to take a closer look towards this broken angel.. The angel was beautiful, mesmerizing and perfect.. But yet, she was very fragile... She always think negatively about herself. She was in a very sad situation, her wings show no sign of strength to enable her to fly away from the hole whatsoever..She is more like a flower in the middle of the dessert, surrounded by sand and cactus.. By comparing herself to others around her such as the cactus, the flower felt very2 ugly as it does not share the thorny characteristics which the cactus carry. By thinking so, she does not actually realize how special she really really is...

The grasshopper fell in love with the angel and have sworn to do everything in his power to make her happy.. He tried to talk with her.. Tried to comfort her.. Tried to make her happy.. Tried to make her laugh.. As time passes by, the broken angel started to smile.. Started to become stronger.. Started to think more positively.. Started to become better.. But at the same time, it weakens the grasshopper dearly.. As he knows that the angel will have to fly away to heaven as soon as she is strong enough to flap her wings and fly away.

He was trapped in a situation he could not overcome.. If he were to help the angel by comforting her so that she could return to heaven. His love for her will increase as he does so and it would basically hurt him even more when the day of her depart to heaven, comes.. But if he were to just basically ignore her in order to avoid breaking his own heart due to his blind love for her alone, she will remain in such sad position.. And such action is totally unacceptable in every way possible..

So, in the end.. He encouraged her, supported her, until one day.. The angel was strong enough to fly away to heaven.. She was so happy, and that is all that matters.. And what becomes to the grasshopper? The grasshopper was incredibly hurt by the fact that he is now all alone.. That his love will never be completed.. That his life has lost his meaning.. In the end, the grasshopper became so sad that he lost his strength to "fly" out of the hole.. Let alone jump out of the hole...

.........What became of the grasshopper? The answer for that... I do not yet know..

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mad Tv Is Damn Funny

I can't believe I just noticed its presence in youtube.. It is basically stories about all the silly jokes you never get to see in Malaysian Tv shows.. You see, Mad Tv contains almost all kinds of parody of all kinds of tv shows.. Heroes, High Scool Musical 3, Desperate Housewives, Powerslut girls, Halo 3, sesame street, you name it.. Other than parody, it also contains all the other stupid jokes as well.. About Macdonald, Dominos Pizza, etc.. For example, I've been watching these 3 videos of Mad Tv..
This video is one of the 3 videos I was talking about.. It is basically about two people who are about to start a fight.. In the end, it turned out to be something really plain sick and wrong.. Haha, wouldn't want to spoil the fun, so I suppose you try checking it out for yourself..
Ok, the other two videos on top of this very message is basically the other video I was talking about. It is basically about a person asking for a girl's number in a very funny way!! I mean, irritating way!! You have to watch it to really understand it, its good stuff!! The two vids are basically about the same thing, but the storyline and the chicks in the video are different.. One happened in a theater and the other happened in the restaurant.. Both are damn hillarious..

Ok, do check out the videos.. Meanwhile, I will be checking out the other funny vids that Mad Tv has to offer..

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Bad Dreams... Bad Sign?

For the past 2 weeks, I've been having 7 dreams which I find uneasy lately.. All the 7 dreams are basically about exams.. In all of those dreams, in the end it will turn out that I forgot to attend to my exam.. Woot!!!? Why? Why? Why?? 7 different dreams which happened in a very similar way within the past 2 weeks.. Could it be a bad sign or something? I certainly hope NOT..

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Acap Can Play Guitar Hero

Yesterday, I decided to hang out with Ali as he will be going back to Perlis tomorrow. So, yesterday night Siddiq and Acap hung out at my house. After hours has passed by, Ali was still not back from Damansara. Siddiq was a Momma's boy, so he wanted to go back and just skip that night's activity. But before that, he wanted to eat at Bistro first. So we went there and ate. As we ate, we were watching this stupid story entitled D.O.A which was basically utterly stupid. So after that, we went back to my house. Siddiq was stupid enough to assume that Acap will send him home with his motorcycle.. But that obviously did not happen as Acap was too lazy to do so. Eventhough Siddiq gave a number of lame excuses that he should go back home, his request was basically declined by Acap.

Acap was basically kind enough to offer Siddiq a ride home.. But with such offer, comes a certain requirements as well.. Siddiq was to basically sing a song from the very start to the very end or imitate the voice of a kitten 100% similar. But Siddiq did not do so, so he was not offered a ride home.. Ali then arrived as we then head towards 15 to hang out. There, Siddiq was getting emo because he was not able to go home. After about half an hour.. Oh yeah, it was already 1.50am or something.. Then Acap sent Siddiq home as we wait for Acap to return at 15.. After Acap returned, we hung out and spoke about many stupid thing that were funny, mostly about the past. Then Ali sent me home as I invited Acap to hang out at my house..

So, we reached my house.. It was already almost 4am or something.. I then asked Acap to try out his reaction time by playing Guitar Hero.. Amazingly, he managed to beat me once.. Pure LUCK I would say! As time passes by, it was already past 6am.. Then we went up to check out the computer to see whether there was anything interesting or not. Then we watched Sabree's videos.. The breakdancing ones.. Also we watched Nazirul Hafiy as well.. Too bad out of all the videos we watched, none contained any tricking. Only one flip was seen which was Sabree's webster. Tired to actually scan through all the other videos for flips, we then did not do so.. We also read about Abudi's post which was about the good old times.. I though I was the only one who likes to write things in detail and in a very long form. It turns out that Abudi is starting to do the same thing as well. So gay~! Haha

Then Acap went home.. Oh yeah, now I have a new nickname for Acap!! From now on I will call him the "BFD".. The boyfriend derhaka~! Hahaha..

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Secret Recipe Of Doom

I was sleeping when I heard my phone rang which basically woke me up.. I checked my phone as I noticed a miss call and an sms from Irsyad asking whether I already ate or not. I went to my computer and opened my Yahoo Messenger. I noticed that he sent me a message there as well. I then communicated with him through YM asking what his real intention was. It turned out that Maria invited him to eat outside with her sister (Not the attractive hot sister I was talking about in my previous blog, she was another one). So, Irsyad invited me to come as well.. At first, I asked him where were we going to eat.. He said he doesn't know as it was still undecided yet. Both of us decided to eat simple food as we already ate previously that day so money was not a problem. Then, suddenly it was decided that we were going to eat at Secret Recipe near Billion due to her sister's decision.. I was like, OMG!! This girl has a very high taste in food!! I then thought to myself, "Eat at the Mamak stall only la!! Aiyo, why so expensive one~!!"... To make the story simple, I then asked him when will he fetch me up. He then said "Lg 3 minit..".. I was like..... WOOT~!!

Ok! So we then went to the Secret Recipe.. At first we were like "Where the hell is this stupid Secret Recipe??".. But we found it afterward anyway.. So, we parked the car and walked towards the shop.. From outside, we already noticed Maria and her sister sitting inside..But wait, they were also with their other two brothers as well.. That was not part of the plan.. Irsyad opened the entrance door half-way as he told me to get inside first as he was embarrassed with himself.. Why? Well, Maria already read his blog, mine and Acap's as well.. So, she basically knows that Irsyad loves this girl like hell and all the other negative things said in the blogs about her sisters' boyfriend.. So, we then entered anyway..

As we sat down, her sister has this weird smile as she looked towards Irsyad.. Firstly, I thought that she knew about my blog which basically said that her boyfriend was fat and ugly (FUGLY!!).. But after we went home, it was then that we knew that she did not know anything about my blog.. But she knew about Irsyad's blog which basically contains negative facts which states that her boyfriend was fugly.. Haha.. But we still did not know of such fact when we were still eating with her at Secret Recipe..

Irsyad only brought RM10 with him as he confidently thought that it was enough to cover the cost of the food he will be eating.. So, both of us opened the menu as we were rendered silence by the fact that the prices were much higher that we expected.. Almost all of them cost around 2 digits.. Wow, and here Irsyad thought that his money was sufficient.. The water alone cost us about RM4~7... The food was like RM13.50.. So, provided with such information.. We only smiled in silence as we looked at ourselves.. Luckily I brought enough money to cover for the both of us, but still.. It was EXPENSIVE!!

We ordered a meal which contains a burger and some fries in it.. It cost us RM13.50 for that nonsense.. We also ordered a glass of carbonated water which was Pepsi.. It cost us RM4 each.. We looked at the glass of carbonated water which was on the table as we think to ourselves.. "This glass of water cost me RM4.. Are all the people in this vicinity on drugs or something!?".. Not to mention that the burger we ate was very hard to eat!! We had to chew many times over before we can actually swallow it.. It was like eating raw meat!! I can't believe they charged us highly with such nonsense!! Not to mention that it was quite not worth it as Irsyad was unable to talk with Maria freely due to the presence of her two other brothers..

So, I then decided to go pay for the food.. But guess what? Maria's sister already paid for us!! WOOOT~!! It basically cost her more than RM35!! I can't believe it. Not to mention that we felt bad as we said bad things about her boyfriend but yet she still paid for us....

But who am I to give any comments on what she did? All I know is that I should be grateful as such action of hers saved a lot of my money!! Weeee~!!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Man Who Ate Mushroom Soup And Danced In The Rain

Is it possible that you guys are wondering what I am babbling about? Do not worry as I shall explain to you all in this very blog of mine.. It is basically a story which I wrote down in an essay during I was in form 5.. If I am not mistaken.. I was doing my History paper for SPM Trial Examination in the class. It was just a trial exam so I did not take it seriously. I did not remember how long the paper took before it actually ended, but I still remembered that I had extra 40 minutes when I was done with my paper.. I was bored as I slowly figure out what I should actually do to past the time.. I took out one of the many papers of mine which was supposed to be used for answering essays in exam.. I started to draw whatever came out of my mind.. It was then that I started thinking, "Holyshit, what will the others think if they were to saw me drawing bullshits during my trial exam?".. So then I threw it away as I grabbed another piece of paper to waste time by writing instead.. At least even if I were seen by others, they would think that I was answering my History paper.. Yes, I am so cool..

So, then I instantly started writing whatever came out of my mind continuously without thinking in the first place.. I ended writing the essay exactly at the same time I had to pass up my History paper. I find it quite funny as I would never had thought that the thing I wrote continuously without thinking would turn out to be an essay which have a beginning and an ending.. The essay is basically totally crap and bull to the shit.. But I just wanted to bring it up as it brings back the memories that I encountered during school.. If I were to actually name the essay, I would name it "A Day Without Interaction Which Managed To Change A Person's Life". The story of the essay goes like this..

A new day approaches as the sun appear and gave warmth to life. The light which it brings like no other awoke everyone from their slumber to signal the arrival of a new day which may bring both happiness and despair they yet known to discover. In a very small house located somewhere within a forest away from society, there lies a boy who lived alone without anyone to accompany him. He was sleeping in his room when a ray of light made its way through the window which finally reached his eyes. He opened his eyes as he slowly blocked the light with his right hand. He noticed that it was already morning as he sensed the birds of the forest were singing in a beautiful melody which they alone are able to comprehend. He gazed upon the ceiling as he was lying on the bed. He noticed a dirty spot on the ceiling and spent quite some time figuring out what it actually was. It was not long after that he decided to take another snooze before waking up.

The second time he woke up, he quickly sat on the bed and spent even more time gathering the motivation to actually get up from the bed and proceed into the toilet. After five minutes or so, he finally went into the toilet and stopped by at his sink in front of a mirror. He watched the reflection which the mirror portrayed as he ask himself what kind of person he has become. Irritated, he quickly went down stairs to grab something to eat. He looked around and noticed a bowl of mushroom soup which he left exposed and untouched on the table for two weeks straight. He examine it as he slowly realize that it was no longer suitable to be eaten. Due to his current mood of laziness and boredom, he decided to consume it anyway. Surprisingly, it does not taste as bad as he imagined it would be. He then decided to take another snooze as time quickly passes by.

Suddenly, he awoke from his slumber as he felt something was wrong with his stomach. His stomach was basically in agonizing pain, most likely due to the mushroom soup he previously consumed. But weirdly enough, he found it amusing as he tried to endure and challenge the pain. It is most likely that his life was overwhelmed with boredom that he managed to become so abnormal. The amazing part is that he managed to suppress the pain with his endurance alone as time passes by. He looked outside and noticed that it was already evening. He also noticed that the sky was covered with dark clouds. Obviously it was going to rain heavily that day.

He went outside as he felt the wind blew towards him. He looked at the sky as the first rain droplet fell towards him. It was then accompanied by another and another which then was accompanied by countless other rain droplets. The rain slowly started to come down heavily as he stood there while closing his eyes. It was then that he started to hear the sound of thunder which came from afar. Again and again the sound of thunder was heard as his facial expression slowly began to change. From a moment of peace, he suddenly became angry. He cursed the god for making his life so miserable. Unafraid by the sound of thunder, he continued to curse everything around him. He ran forward while screaming as hard as he could in anger under the heavy rain accompanied by thunder.

It was not long before he tripped and fell miserably towards the ground. As he was lying down, he faced towards the sky as his anger slowly changed to sadness. He began to cry in tears as he remember the event he encountered in the past. His parents died and left him all alone due to a disease which cannot be cured by any doctor, any medicines nor any method. They left him alone to face the cruelty of life in his very young age. He suddenly laughed as hard as he could as he was still crying under the heavy rain. He cursed the god and told him to laugh at the very state he was in. He wondered why the god left him with the very cruel state he was in.

It was then that his tears began to stop. It was then that the rain began to fade. It was then that he began to feel calm. It was then that the sun began to appear. It was then that the warmth of the light approached him. It was then that it finally struck him.. It was then that he knew that he should keep on living.. That he should not blame anyone for the current state he was unfortunately in.. That he should stand up and face the challenge that life have in stored for him.. That he should become stronger to live and endure the struggle in life he has on earth.. To overcome his weaknesses and overcome his grieve.. And to finally understand what it means to live..

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Friday, October 31, 2008

My Bails And Injuries So Far

Frankly speaking, I have encountered uncountable bails and injuries since the day I was born.. So, I will basically list down all the bails and injuries that I find unusual or funny.. The bails and injuries that I am about to list down will not necessarily be only related to parkour and tricking. It could be anything.. So, do keep that in mind while reading all this.. I will be listing down all the bails and injuries story in numbers, so it would be easier for you guys to comment on which story you basically desire.

1. Tic-Tac To Ass Landing!!
-This happened when I was in form 5 if I am not mistaken.. It was at Putrajaya. Do you guys remember the toilet which is located between the mosque and the bridge? You know, we usually pass there whenever we want to travel to the bridge by foot from the mosque.. Where Amir and Qayyim usually climb the toilet wall, but had to be cautious when doing so or they might hit the glass.. On top of the toilet, there is this slanted pillar where Acap did the wallspin.. Doesn't ring a bell? Owh well.. There is these horizontal pillars which are attached from one wall to another.. It is quite high as we have to basically jump and stretch our hands to actually reach it.. So, there was a time when I did a tic-tac from the wall and grabbed the horizontal pillar. The wall and the pillar was very near actually, so Amir felt weird when I managed to perform such action without slipping and fall due to the momentum of the tic-tac (The horizontal pillar was quite slippery).. So Amir requested for another one! I did it for the second time! But this time the momentum which was created from the very tic-tac was too powerful which basically swung my legs forward and upward when my hands were still attached to the horizontal pillar.. Like a "Pendulum" to be more exact.. So I fell flat on my back, ass first! The height from which I fall was the height of my head if I am not mistaken.. Not to mention that I landed on concrete!! So, after that, I stood up while enduring the pain.. Slowly I have come to realize that I could not walk properly due to the pain my ass encountered. I had to walk sideways to walk down the stairs.. I can't even imagine what I had to do if I want to walk up the stairs.. It felt as if my ass was fractured or broken.. In the end, I did not come to school for a whole week due to the injury my ass encountered!!

2. Running Gainer To Finger Injury!!
-This happened at Garden (Playground).. Also when I was in form 5.. As usual, we were training at Garden after the school ends. It was the month I got my first running gainer if I am not mistaken.. So, what I did was.. I tried to do a running gainer. But as I jumped high up in the air, I forgot to tuck! (This stuff happens to me sometimes, I don't know why but sometimes I just jump without thinking. It happened to me at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa as well when I did a combo) So, when I was falling.. I thought to myself.. "Woot!? What am I doing!!?". Then I quickly reached the ground with my right hand.. In the end I fell down anyway.. My fingers were stretched more than it was supposed to because I landed with my right hand first.. I could not straighten my fingers after that, I thought I broke my fingers.. But I didn't, haha.. After that, I went to school with my right hand bandaged..

3. Bailed Doing A Wallflip 3 Times On 3 Different Trees!!
-Yes, it is how it sounds like.. I tried to do a wallflip at a tree, but I slipped as the tree's exterior shattered when my leg kicked it.. Which basically made me fall defenselessly on the ground.. It happened to me 3 times on 3 different trees.. At Garden, at TTC and at Putrajaya.. After that, I did not like doing wallflips so much..

4. Pole Gainer Over Rotated To Ass First!! TWICE!!
-Oh yeah~! This one I did when I was in form 5 as well.. At Garden as well.. I wanted to record my pole gainer attempts for my showreel. So, firstly it took me quite a while to get a feel of the pole gainer before I actually do it, which is basically by swinging like an idiot.. Then, I went for it! I swung myself forward and released my hand of the pole and quickly tucked to start the rotation.. What happened was, I over rotated and landed ass first.. But that alone would not stop me from attempting it for the second time!! So this time, I wanted to do it again.. But this time, I wanted to spot the floor earlier.. So, again I attempted to do the move! Ahah! I saw it! I spotted the ground!! I tried to reach the ground with my feet!! But somehow it was too early and of by a few centimeters which basically made me over rotate and landed ass first, for the second time.. But it was worth it as I managed to perform it in the 3rd attempt itself.. Decrease the speed, spot the ground early, tuck slowly.. There! Pole Gainer!

5. Frontflip In A Small Room!! My Head Hits The Wall!!
-Yes!! This happened when I tried to learn my very first tricking skill, which is the frontflip!! Amir and I trained our first frontflip in a small room by putting beds on the floor to absorb the impact.. Yup, we managed to learn our frontflip from there.. The last time I attempted a frontflip in my house was the day I hit my head towards the wall.. BIG TIME!! I took a step backward to gain space for me to actually run and gain momentum (bad decision).. Then, I ran and jumped as high as I could and tucked as much as I could.. I over rotated, landed on my knees and the momentum basically threw me forward which basically made me hit the wall head first.. I hit the wall head first with the full momentum of my over rotated frontflip applied to it.. The sound it made when my head made contact with the wall was very loud.. I could not stand up as my world was spinning around me as I was lying defenselessly on the floor.. After about 7 seconds or so, I stood up and went downstairs to grab something to eat..

6. Sideflip While Carrying A Bag Around Your Back Is Not Good!!
-I did a sideflip while carrying a bag around my back at school and I bailed miserably.. It happened when I was in form 5, it was also after I ended one of my SPM papers.. Siddiq, Acap and I and other unimportant character from my class (all guys) are heading back.. It was then that I got excited and did my sideflip.. It was then that I noticed that your bag could actually stop your rotation as it disturbs you from rotating.. In the end, I fell like an idiot.. There was a group of girls behind me talking to each other.. Luckily their attention was elsewhere when I launched my sideflip, however they noticed me when I was on the ground because the guys laughed at me.. But the good thing was that they did not know why I was on the ground and that they were not laughing.. Yay! Lucky me.. No other person aside from the guys saw my fall.. Then I quickly headed towards home!!

7. Amir Hit My Legs When I Was Doing A Sideflip On Solid Ground!!
-It happened during the Reebok Roadshow thingy.. Amir and I planned to do a combination of movements.. Which was actually running towards each other. Amir does a frontflip as I prepare to do my sideflip.. After he landed his frontflip, he was supposed to start a shoulder roll while I perform a sideflip over him.. The move was done perfectly for a a few times.. But it did not happen according to plan at JB Danga Bay.. As usual, we were running towards each other.. Amir did his frontflip, while I prepared to do my sideflip.. When he landed, he quickly did a shoulder roll which was not what I expected him to do. I was only starting to jump and launch my sideflip.. It was then that a very cool move happened.. Amir did a shoulder roll while I was still in my vertical position up in mid air.. What happened was that Amir shoulder rolled and kicked my legs which was in mid air. The impact of Amir's kick basically rotated me around.. Somehow I felt safe when Amir did so as I could estimate the speed of the rotation..So, basically I did nothing as I wait for the rotation to complete and basically land my sideflip!! The spectators thought that it was part of the plan as all Amir and I did was smile like an idiot and continued the show. The breakdancers noticed it and said "Bahaya dowh! Tapi style ar, xde org prasan,".

8. I Injured My Toe Because of Futsal!!
-This happened recently this year.. Irsyad invited me to play a game of futsal. I played without wearing any shoes.. Unfortunately there was an idiot goalkeeper playing bare foot as well.. The stupidest thing was that his toe nails are like fuck!! It was so sharp and long that it managed to injure my toe!! I was bleeding non-stop until we basically reach the Clinic.. The nurse injected me 3 times so that I would feel no pain when the stitching part starts.. The dumbest part was that the Nurse started the stitching before the injection took its effect!! I had to endure the full pain as the Nurse started stitching.. I had 3 stitches and it was on the 3rd stitch that the injection was only starting to take its effect..

9. I Was Riding My Tricycle As My Head Hits A Lorry!!
-Haha, this happened when I was 3 or 4 years old.. There is this lorry who usually come and sell all sort of vegetables to the neighborhood.. When the lorry parked outside and started selling the vegetables.. I was riding my tricycle as my mom watches from afar.. I was watching a steel pipe of some sort which was attached to the lorry.. I headed right towards the lorry as my eyes were glued to the lorry's steel pipe or something like that.. I was like 2 cars away from the lorry as my mom told me to be aware of the lorry.. But then I cycled forward like an idiot and basically hit my head towards the steel pipe which I was looking at from the very start.. I saw the very thing from the start and I got a warning from my mom but yet I was stupid enough to cycle towards it and hit it with my head.. I was watching it to the very last minute even when I was hitting it with my head.. In the end, I fell of my tricycle and started crying. My mom quickly came to me to see how I was.. The moral of the story, do not be captivated by a steel pipe, it is EVIL!!

10. My Head Was Slammed By A Van's Door REAL HARD!!
-This also happened when I was 3 or 4 years old.. Me and my neighbor were about to go somewhere I do not remember.. We planned to go there by their van.. So, we entered the van.. When my neighbor wanted to shut the door close (It is the type of door where you slide sideways), I reached out my head like an idiot.. He tried to shut the door with his full strength as it basically slammed my head real hard.. He was about ten years old I think.. Wow, I was about 3 or 4 years old and it is very amazing that I even survived to tell the story.. Everyone was shocked, my mom quickly grabbed me and ran into the house as she took a towel soaked with warm water and put it on my head.. My mom and Amir was very afraid as they saw the state my head was in.. They said "Kepala kau benjol besar nak mampus, macam ade lagi satu kepala," if I am not mistaken.. Haha, its a pity I could not see how big it actually was. But you guys can basically ask Amir how big it actually was back then..

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My Days When I Was In Form 3

My days when I was in form 3.. It brings back all the memories I encountered back in 2005, mostly the days I spent at school. During that time, I basically do not care at all about anything that concerns my school. It was the time where I find joy in breaking the rules and doing everything that I desire. I did not attend to school more than I actually come to school.. Even if I come to school, I will be skipping class most of the time. Even if I come to class, I will certainly come late and would not even hear what the teacher has to say or teach. The best thing was that my teachers did not even scold me at all when I come late to school, come late to class, did not do my homework or even when I was seen by them when I was skipping classes. Why did I do all that I did back then? Is it only because I wanted to attract attention? I don't think so.. Is it only because I wanted to find who I really am and shape my personality? I don't think that might be it.. Is it just because I needed my own space and to enjoy as much as I could? Hmm, I think it is mostly because of this reason that I did what I did back then. But to sum it up, I think the combination of all 3 would be the reason why I did all those things. What do I have to say about myself? Good times, good times..

But wait, there is also ONE more reason why I always skip class and did not attend to school back then. It is because of the CHILDISH IRRITATING group of classmates I have to spend time with each and everyday at school.. Guess what? One of them is SIDDIQ!! Well, I guess you guys would not understand unless I tell the story in detail.. So, let me begin the story..

Each and every time I attend to class, I have to sit at the back of the class because that is basically where I have to sit each time the class starts. In that very position, I was surrounded by these fools named Siddiq, Rahim, Rahman Hafiz, Rahman Bo and Hasif. Rahman Hafiz was the one who basically sit next to me. Siddiq and Rahim sat behind me and the other two sat infront of me, if I am not mistaken. So, this is what I have to go through each and everyday.. Each time I enter class, I will notice that Siddiq will be quarrelling with Rahim and Rahman Bo that Xbox is better than Playstation 2.. Siddiq will be representing as Xbox fan while the other two idiots will be representing as Playstation 2 fans.. Siddiq will say that Xbox's graphic and games are way better than Playstation 2 and that is when the other two idiots will beg to differ.. Not to mention that Rahim always quarrels with Hasif as well.. Now when it comes to Rahman Hafiz the one who was sitting next to me, each time I sat next to him he will be talking about Anime and Manga nonstop.. I can't believe it, he spoke to me about Anime and Manga nonstop!! I mean, WTF!? All I did was gave him fake smiles and laughter.. In other words "Senyum Politik".. He can talk to me about it all daylong..

Ok, here comes the part where I hate the most.. You remember all of the things that I told you about this group? Yes? Now, guess what.. THEY REPEATED THE SAME CONVERSATION TIME AND TIME AGAIN FOR EACH AND EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAILING!! It is like watching the series of Pokemon! Where the enemy "Team rocket" will do something stupid and in the end will be blasted to outer space by the hero or something like that and the same thing will happen in the next episode.. You might think that I over exaggerate things.. But it is all 100% TRUE!! You can basically just refer to Siddiq himself if you want to make sure. I don't know how, but he managed to repeat the same conversation and arguments over and over again as each day approaches.. That is why I skip classes almost all of the time.. Oh and yeah, each and everytime I skip class I will be spending time in other's class, "Bilik Guru" or the library.. It amazes me how the teacher will not notice that you are skipping class.

In the end, it was all good times indeed..

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sabree Started Tricking (13 Years Old)

At first, I wanted to name the title as "Sabree Started Tricking When He Was Only 13 Years Old".. But as you have noticed, the title is long like hell. OK! Now if you were to examine the title properly, you will have noticed that Sabree has started tricking for 7 years in a row already.. Wow, 7 years.. No wonder all of his skills were smoothly performed. If we were to look at ourselves, I would say that our progress are basically quite good.. For some of us, we have actually improved more than what we have expected a year ago. Not to mention that we learned all of them without the help of a gym.

In just one year, we could achieve many things. For example, the best person to be set as an example is basically Azam (Keyrana) the jackass. Certainly you guys have noticed that he achieved most of his moves within this year itself. My progress since I firstly started tricking for the first year can basically be seen in my first showreel, which was not that bad actually. I still remember the time when I spoke to amir at TTC (Around 2006 maybe).. We looked at the height and distance of the stairs at TTC (The one we usually hang out), then I asked him "Kau rase bape lame baru kita bley flip dari atas nie sampai bawah?". At first we made a joke about it, but after giving it a second look we noticed that it might be possible as it is not that high actually.. So then Amir said "Lagi 3 tahun kot.."... Which basically means that we have currently improved more than we have expected as we have achieved doing so half the time we predicted. Surely you guys would not have expected Azam to improve drastically as he did within this year. Many can be achieved within just one year..

So, what I am trying to say is that our progress in training are actually good... What we should do is basically keep on improving like this for the following years to come.. Can you see how far we can go within 7 years of training?

...Oh yeah, by that time Sabree would have been into tricking for more than 10 years. Can you see how far his level has reached by then? Hahaha~

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Irsyad's Girlfriend's House

At first, I wanted to name the title as "Irsyad's Girlfriend's Open House". But it would not be appropriate as it is not actually an open house, but more towards "Doa Selamat" for her parents or something like that. It does not matter actually.. Because towards the end, we did not attend the "Doa Selamat" part as we planned to come only after that very session so that we could skip to the eating part! Yes!! Indeed it was a very smart plan..

For me to actually even begin to tell the story, I would basically have to explain who Irsyad's Girlfriend actually is. Well, her name is Maria... Owh, wait. That is what we usually call her, but her actual name is none other than Masita. Maria is currently studying at UIA Nilai. Which happens to be the same place where Irsyad, Acap, Siddiq and I study. She is currently studying Economics.. Which so happens to be the subject Siddiq, Acap and I do NOT study.. Haha, but it so happens to be the subject irsyad is currently studying at UIA Nilai. Not to mention that Maria and Irsyad are actually classmates! Maria is the type of girl who looks very innocent from her very appearance alone as she is the type of girl who have this very sweet smile, religious appearance due to her "Baju Kurung" and intellectual appearance due to her glasses. If we were to gaze upon her from other perception of view which is basically from her voice, style, movement and personality.. I would basically say that she is very feminine indeed. Why? Well, basically it is because her voice are very gentle whereas her movements and style are very feminine. To sum it up, basically Irsyad has become attracted to a very nice girl (Much nicer than the previous girl he was attracted to, that's for sure. Way to go Irsyad!! Your the man!!").. Are you guys wondering how is it that Irsyad began to become attracted to this girl named Maria? Well, If I am not mistaken.. It is basically because she has this "sporting" personality despite her innocent appearance that had attracted Irsyad's very attention. Not to mention that it has become to my very attention that this girl also shares the same affection towards Irsyad as well. Wow Irsyad, you already have the girl of your dream in your very grasp.. You LUCKY BASTARD~!! Hahaha, ok!! Provided with such information, I believe you guys can imagine how their relationship managed to develop to how it is currently today.

It all started when Irsyad invited Acap, Siddiq, Fikri and I to attend to Maria's Open House. It turned out that it was not actually an Open House in the first place, but more towards "Doa Selamat" for her parents or something like that. We argued with Irsyad by saying "Alaa, kau cakap open house. Ape cer tiba2 doa selamat nie?," or something like that.. But then, Irsyad gave us quite a good response by saying "Alaa, lebey kurang ar tu.. Bila da abis nanti diorang kasi makan2 ar.. Kita x yah la dtg awal2, dtg masa untuk makan je la, haha,". He has a very good point indeed. So, as usual.. We planned how and when to actually go to Maria's house. In the end it was decided that we go there together by Irsyad's car. Irsyad was supposed to pick up Siddiq and Fikri first, and then pick up Acap and I at my house.

As usual, I was playing game as I was waiting for Acap's arrival and others as well. As time passes by, Amir suddenly told me that Acap has already arrived. It was then that I actually realized that I left my phone upstairs, no wonder I did not notice any SMS. So then I opened my door and checked outside. It turns out that Acap was already at my gate on his motorcycle (Rempit..). Then I reentered my house to continue playing game. But then I remembered that Acap is actually a Pussy and it was actually necessary for me to actually accompany him into my house or else he will become somewhat shy.. Then I reopened the door and said "Masuk je, rumah aku xde orang,". It was to actually eliminate his "PUSSY-NESS". So then I reentered my house, took my phone downstairs and continued playing game as Acap watches me doing so. As time passes by, Acap told me that Irsyad and the others has arrived and are waiting outside. But the game I was playing managed to catch my full attention, so I decided to let them wait for a while. Haha.. I said "Tunggu lagi 5 minit ar, kita bukan nak pegi cepat2 pun,". But before long, they called Acap's number. They were basically asking us to quickly get out of the house or something like that. Then Acap said "Ammar tgh main game kot..,". Haha, it was then that we went outside into Irsyad's car and finally headed to Masita's house.

Finally, we arrived at Masita's house!! But wait.. What is this? From inside the car, we noticed that everyone was wearing "Baju Melayu" and other clothes with such characteristics. It was quite awkward as our clothes are certainly not suitable for such situation. Acap, Siddiq, Irsyad and I as usual wears short sleeved clothes and jeans. Fikri on the other hand was wearing all white! He looked exactly like a DJ or Hoppers wannabe. Wearing a white sweater or something like that and not to mention that he was wearing a number of rings on his fingers as well.. Yes, we were all prepared to mix in with all the people inside.. Before we get out of the car to actually get into the house, obviously we need to find a place to park a car. right? Irsyad's point of view of a parking place was basically out of the ordinary as he parked the car almost right in the middle of the road by a junction.. Not to mention that his parking skills were off by far.. Oh yeah, the road was not leveled properly that it basically managed to scratch Irsyad's car quite hard. Luckily it was only from below.

At first, we hesitated a bit to enter. But then we entered anyway. We shaked hands with everyone as we enter the house. Then we reached the dinner table!! Masita's mother then asked us, "Sape Irsyad diantara korang nie?". Irsyad was dumb enough to make a dumb joke by pointing the finger to Fikri.. Then when she thought that Fikri was Irsyad, he corrected her by saying that he was just making a joke.. Haha... She was not laughing.. Nice move Irsyad! It was one of the worst first impression I had ever seen in my life.. I guess ur pick up line does not work on old people. Sad, really..

So! We then moved on to the eating session as Irsyad realised what he did was completely dumb. Everyone ate rice except for me, I ate a lot of "Nasi Himpit" and "Sate".. It was quite nice.. Then we all entered this room which was empty of furniture and was only filled with people who were eating on the floor. We then sat in a group to start eating. Instantly after we sat on the floor, an old guy related to Masita asked Fikri " Awak nie dari Nilai ke?". Then Fikri replied smilingly "Hai, name saye Irsyad,".. I was like.. WTF!! Hahaha! He said so because Irsyad told him to tell Masita's mother that he was Irsyad (One of Irsyad's stupid joke which failed). It turned out that Fikri told an old guy instead.. We all laughed as the old man felt strange and wondered his interest elsewhere.

As we ate, Masita was sitting there as well to entertain us. Many stupid jokes were made and many conversations occurred between Irsyad and Maria. We basically talked about two of Masita's sisters and their boyfriend. Her sister's boyfriend are both FAT and UGLY.. In other words, FUGLY!! I can't believe it. One of her sister was actually attractive. I was dissapointed that her taste in men sucks to the ass, big time. We talked a lot about them and even made jokes by planning to give this "Disgusted + Irritated" face expression to her boyfriend so that he will feel unwelcome.. Hahaha!! It was very funny indeed.. When her boyfriend firstly came, all of us looked at him at the same time. Some of us even go as far as lying down on the floor to stretch their heads just to see the opening at the door to see how her boyfriend looks like. It was funny as her boyfriend noticed that all of us looked at him. It was then that I asked Masita "Kakak2 kau ske org yg badan2 besar je ke?". Then she replied "Nak ckp cmne eh? Ade jodoh la sng citer..". Then I said to Irsyad "Weh, kakak2 Maria sume boyfriend badan besar2.. Asal kau mcm melawan tradisi family dia?" Which basically means that I was indirectly saying that Irsyad was actually Maria's boyfriend.. I was very very surprised to see the outcome of that very question as I noticed both of them were laughing happily.. I do not know whether others noticed it or not. But that basically indirectly proved that their affection towards each other are equal and the same. To like someone to a certain extent and at the same time know that, that someone feels the same about you.. That is certainly something that should be cherished for as long as you can make it possible. It is truly something that others would be envy of..

Ok, I found out that small childrens hate Irsyad.. My words basically has solid evidence as small kids ran away from Irsyad not once.. But TWICE!! Yes, most basically they find Irsyad a scary person because Irsyad was previously known as the child molester and the kids noticed that in Irsyad.. It basically happened like this.. A small kid was smilingly approaching Maria.. But the instant Irsyad started to communicate with the kid, the kid's facial expression quickly changed and ran away. Then another kid came, the same thing happened.. Oh and yeah! Even chicks hates Irsyad! There was this girl Irsyad was talking to, but the girl completely ignored him as she walks out of the room. Haha, very funny indeed.. Oh and also, about Maria's attractive sister's boyfriend.. We noticed that he was sitting alone in a crowd unattended by her sister. Maria said that she pity him because her sister did not speak to him.. She said "Kakak aku malu sbb dia punya BESAR...".... I REPEAT.. "kakak aku malu sbb dia punya BESAR".. Haha, we know that she meant she was embarrassed because her boyfriend was big and fat in size.. But the way she made it sound was as if she was embarrassed because her boobs are huge.. Haha, certainly something that I would remember for a long time..

Then not long after that, we decided to go back home because Fikri have to attend to his Grandma's house. Did I mention that we got chocolate muffins from Maria? Wee~! Then just before we left the house, we must basically say a word or two with Maria's mother.. Her mother surprisingly did not yet know who Irsyad was.. Most basically she was confused by Irsyad's stupid joke.. So she asked us again "Sape Irsyad?".. Finally! Irsyad was provided with a second chance to change her mother's impression towards him! As his friend, I knew that he would not waste such a chance!!! But guess what? He repeated the same dumb joke AGAIN.. OMG.. I lost my sense of pity towards him after that happened.. Then the conversation continued for quite some time until it finally ended as we head towards the car to head home..

Then finally we headed home and that was how the visit to Maria's house ended!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yusof The Brave

I have come to realize that the basic movements for tricking is actually very simple.. Very simple indeed as it requires you to only jump and flip around in three different directions which is front, back and side. Hmm? Is it possible that you guys are wondering why am I making this conclusion of mine? Well, it is mainly because I have found out that even people as such as Yusof The Brave are capable of doing a backflip!! Such movement has proved to become completely unchallenging due to the fact that such movements are no longer a difficulty at all for Yusof The Brave to perform! It is basically too simple for a person as such as Yusof The brave that he even decided to add a little variety to such basic movement in order to add more difficulty or at least make it more challenging by simply performing a round off to backflip to backflip!! But wait, that's not all!! A talented person as such as Yusof The Brave has certainly found out his true potential!! It has become clear to him that the movements that he currently does is not enough to bring out his hidden capabilities to its maximum extent!! Thus, he decided to add a little "twist" to such acrobatic movements.. If you know what I mean.. YES!! He decided to learn a backtwist 360 or also known as the backfull!! Now that I have caught your attention towards this very topic, I shall now begin the story...

It all began on Wednesday the 29th of October 2008.. The moment I woke up to greet the very day itself, I noticed that it was already past 1pm. It is most probably because I slept very late the day before. I also noticed that I had receive a number of miss calls and sms. I checked the sms and I have come to learn that Siddiq, Acap and Irsyad wants to go tricking at 15 and they insisted that I join as well. Although I have previously clearly explained that I needed rest and would not want to join in any outdoor activities, I had decided to do so anyway for the sake of my friends. Yes, I am the type of person who overlooked his own interest for the sake of others.. Oh, spare the compliments, I do not find it necessary.. Hohoho..

Then we went to 15.. When we arrived I noticed that there are people using the field for football practices. But they are not using the whole field so we are still capable of using the field for our tricking practice session. I also noticed the terrible state the crash mate was currently in. It was completely torn apart and has no longer exist to fulfill its duty as it is not capable of doing so any longer. The crash mate was always covered with an outer layer green in colour. Within it consist a large number of yellow soft sponge to absorb the impact. The yellow sponge was basically exposed to heavy rains and hot weather all of the time which basically worsens the state it was currently in. It has basically reached a critical point which has basically does not allow people to even walk on it. Why? Because the yellow colour of the sponge will easily transfer to what ever made contact with it. It can basically turn people's skin into yellow and basically make people think that you are related to the Simpson...

I forgot to mention that Fikri was present as well.. So, we started our practice session. As time passes by, a person suddenly approached us. He looked as if he was around his late 20's or has even reached around his 30's. His skin was dark in colour, the face of a primitive people or rempit (Either way is acceptable). He was wearing his clothes in an untidy manner. We were able to know that he was working at the nearby restaurant due to what was written on his shirt. Yes, this is the moment you guys have been waiting for.. This guy is none other than YUSOF THE BRAVE himself!! So, he came to us and even greeted us from afar. We were all like, who the hell is this guy and what could he possibly want from us? Fikri then said "Weh, jaga barang weh," in a low tone voice. I do not blame him for saying so, Yusof face does look like the type of person who would steal people's belongings. Yusof then said "Aku dah lame dah nak tegur korang sbb buat2 benda nie,". Owh, so from there I knew that he was interested in tricking. He then asked how to do the backtwist.

I would not want to teach a person such a complicated move without knowing whether he could or not at least perform the basic movement of doing the backtwist which is the backflip. When I asked him, he said he could do it. He said "Boleh, dekat kampung aku bley buat yg tu je la,". Without further a due, I quickly asked him to do so.. (NVNT! No vid no talk man!) He then did the backflip easily on the red solid surface at 15 while wearing only SLIPPERS. Yes, I repeat.. Slippers.. After the backflip, I can see his facial expression which basically states "I am too cool for this lame move.. Clearly you guys thought I could not do it because you guys judged my skills by my appearance alone.. Well, I certainly showed you guys didn't I? Muahaha!!,". Well, also at the same time he was expecting people to give him compliment while he show his facial expression which states that the move was just a piece of cake for one as such as him. So, I tried to teach him other basic movements such as the flashkick, aerial and sideflip. He was very greedy as he wants to learn all at the same time. When he tried the flashkick, he landed out of balance because he concentrated to much on the movement of the legs alone. When he tried the aerial, he could not do it at all as he does not understand its concept. His aerial attempt usually lead his aerial into a twist as he refuses to spot using his eyes which basically made him landed terribly ass first. When he tried the sideflip, he focused too much on the rotation itself and does not able to land it as the height of his flip is not sufficient.. But it is quite amazing as he managed to reach the floor every time with his legs before he bails. But that's not all, the most amazing part is that he tried out all of the skills on the red solid surface at 15 itself!! JACKASS!!

He then had to go back to the restaurant due to unfinished work or something.. When he was away, all of us were talking about his jackass characteristic. He managed to do skills that others are unable to do including people that are in this sport for quite some time (Sape makan cili dia terase pedas).. It is quite a shame that we did not bring any camera as I would gladly post his picture in this very blog if I were able to do so. After quite some time he then came back for more! This time I insisted that he train on the grass due to the number of bails he encountered. Oh yeah, did I mention that everyone left me ALONE to teach this Yusof guy? Acap, Siddiq and Irsyad are idiots as they left me alone and went tricking at the field while ignoring this Yusof guy. I know that you guys are INTIMIDATED by his AWESOME skill.. But to go so far as ignoring him? Man, you guys are LAME.. Yusof asked me "Eh, asal diorang training kat sane?". I then replied "Owh, diorang nak train skill2 baru kat rumput,".. From his facial expression, I knew that he felt as if everyone was avoiding him.. I pity him for even thinking so. That is also one of the reason why I asked him to train on grass which is to join others.

On the very field covered with grass, Yusof did the combo which even Irsyad find very challenging to do which was basically round off to backflip to backflip!! Guys... I can't believe you guys lost to this Yusof dude.. Hahahaha.. He told me that he could do so because he trained skipping everyday. He even showed me an example of his jumps to show me the height which he could achieve when doing so. Not to mention that he did so for quite some time, most probably expecting people to praise him or something ( I did praise him after I noticed he was expecting a compliment. It is funny as he only stopped doing it after I praised him). Did I mention that his focus were very BAD? When we were all teaching him how to do flips, his mind and attention wondered elsewhere.. Almost all of the time..

Oh yeah, this Yusof guy BAILED really BAD in a very TERRIBLE way! When he performed his round off to backflip to backflip, there was something wrong with his second backflip which basically made him bailed head first. The position in which he bailed was basically dreadful.. Then he stayed down for a few seconds and then stood up while asking "Jatuh kepala dulu eh tadi?,". I was like, you were the one who FELT THE PAIN, you should know better, why ask us? Then he wanted to cover his embarrassment by saying "Alamak, tadi ade awek usyar ke? Malu ar aku," and something like that. Then he said "Ini macam petanda suruh aku berhenti je, ok ar. Aku chow dulu,". Everyone except me was in a trauma after seeing such bail and was too scared to perform the move. Yusof on the other hand was seen from afar doing a backflip from platform over and over again in front of his friends.. So, who was the coolest guy? The morons (Siddiq, Irsyad and Acap) or Yusof The Brave? You be the judge.. As for me, five stars for Yusof The Brave and none for the pussies..

Towards the end, we all decided to go back.. When we wanted to head home, the three of us (Irsyad, Siddiq and I) was in Irsyad's car. Acap on the other hand was riding his motorcycle. He wanted to be Yusof The Brave by trying to bravely block our way from heading home.. Unluckily for Acap, the driver was Irsyad the fool. Irsyad quickly pressed to accelerate and managed to brake at the very last minute before the car managed to hit Acap. Acap was terrified at the last minute as he noticed the car almost hit him. I was also impressed by the performance of Irsyad's car's brake.. Very nice. In the end we all laughed at Acap for trying to be cool but in the end, ending up being a fool...

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Acap's Girlfriend's Open House

There are many to be said in this topic.. Well, before I actually begin.. I must basically introduce to you all who Acap's girlfriend is! Her name is Puteri Nur Aisyah, previously studied in the same school we were in. She also happens to be in the same class with me and Siddiq. Acap on the other hand, just so happens to be in the opposite class. So, provided with that information, I believe you guys can somewhat imagine how their relationships developed from there. Now, back to the present!!

I was informed by Acap that Puteri will be holding an open house and that he was invited to be one of the guests. Siddiq, Irsyad and I then decided to tag along to accompany him. The plan was that everyone will assemble at my house so that we can go to the open house using the same means of transportation, which is by Siddiq's car (His sister's car to be more exact). When we discussed about the open house, Acap said that he would arrive my house at 8pm. On that very day itself at 7.45pm, he sent me an sms saying that he was on his way to my house. As I was waiting for his arrival, I was playing game. As time passes by, I noticed that the time was already 8.03pm. But it did not matter to me as I already anticipated his arrival to be late. I sent him an sms asking wether do we have any other plans after the open house ends, he replied at 8.05 saying that he does not know. I then continued playing the game. As time passes by again, I noticed that the time was already 8.25pm and yet none of them has arrived my house. So as I recall Acap's previous sms, I then think to myself, "What in the hell is Acap doing? He was supposed to arrive almost half an hour ago,". So I sent him another sms asking, "Jadi ke x nie?". Then he replied, "Jadi ar.. Mane ko?". So I was like, WTF?? He made it sound as if I was the one who was supposed to go to his house in the first place. I then sent him an sms saying "Kau kata td on da way gerak rumah aku,". He then replied "Da sampai da, aku tgk umah ko josong jek,". OMG, he arrived in front of my house exactly at 8pm and it did not even occur to his mind to knock on the door or at least send me and sms saying that he is already in front of my house. Ok ok, let me sum it all out here, he was waiting for me by riding his motorcycle around Bangi for almost half an hour because my house looked as if no one was home.. WOW, have you ever heard of the word "SMS"?

Ok, then Acap finally arrived. After that Siddiq arrived as well. Yes, it is obvious that my friends are NOT punctual at all. Siddiq said that he was late because his father was scolding him because on the very day he encountered a car accident long time ago (nothing serious), he went to putrajaya without his father's permission or something like that. Acap misunderstood the real reason why his father was angry at him and even went far enough to write it down in his very BLOG!! A very childish misunderstanding I would say, but me and Siddiq are basically too lazy to explain it to him.

Oh yeah!! Then Acap, me and Siddiq went to pick up Irsyad at his house. When we arrived, he came out of the house with this "sleepy" expression of his.. As if he just woke up or something. It turns out that it was true, because he was getting tired of waiting for Siddiq to come and pick him up.. AGAIN!! There was another argument and misunderstanding between this group of fools.. This time Irsyad was angry at Siddiq because he came late. He said that Siddiq was supposed to pick him up first, then go to my house to pick up me and Acap, not the other way around. He also argued by saying that Siddiq said he was on the way, but ended up arriving very late instead (OMG, the same thing happened between me and Acap!). Siddiq then argued by saying that when he said that he was on the way, he meant that he was on the way to my house, not Irsyad. Irsyad then argued by saying that Siddiq was supposed to pick him up first, not us. Then the argument went for quite some time until it finally ended by a change of topic.

Finally! We all then arrived in front of Puteri's house!! When we were about to get out of the car and start walking to the entrance of Puteri's house, it suddenly came to my mind that the only one that will be coming to Puteri's open house are her family and her family's friends.. So, who will we be presenting as? As Puteri's classmates? That cannot be it, only Siddiq and I are her classmates. So, we will be presenting as Puteri's friends? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!! Puteri does not have any friends!! The only friend she will be bringing is a girl who happens to be my classmate named Hamieza. Not to mention that we are GUYS, so it basically does not make sense that Puteri who does not have friends due to her unsocial behavior, would have 4 guy friends! It does not make any sense at all! It is basically obvious to her parents that one of us is her boyfriend or at least someone she admires or have a crush towards to. Eventhough I knew of all the circumstances, I did not care because I know that I will come up with something that will basically make her parents think that Acap is Puteri's boyfriend. Hell yeah!!

We went into her house, ALL eyes were on us. I can't blame them for doing so because it is awkward that Puteri has actually invited GUYS to her house.. (Well, for the second time actually.. The first time occurred last year when Acap, Siddiq and I went to raya at her house.. Her father was unexpectedly clueless when speaking to us.. It was so funny as I was the one who had to actually give the old man the topics to talk about in our conversation..) So, we went into the house to shake hands with Puteri's father and then immediately went out to grab something to eat. Acap is somewhat nervous with Puteri's father due to the fact that he thinks that Puteri's father's face is somewhat scary or aggressive. WOOT!! His face looks exactly like colonel fried chicken the founder of KFC !! How can you become afraid of someone that looks so nice!? Especially when his personality are so damn opposite to aggressive, which is passive..

So, Acap and Irsyad went to eat nasi goreng.. I already ate back at home, so I only eat the kuih2 and stuff.. Did I mention there was a band performing at the pagola located just outside the house while we were all eating? The band was most likely Puteri's brother's friends.. They sing a lot of song, both in English and Malay.. Wow, I was so impressed by their unimpressive performance!! When we were eating, the moment the vocalist sang the song "Im yours", Irsyad and I coughed on purpose!! Yes, it was that LAME!! We were giving negative comments to their performance all the way.. The band most usually sing malay songs and most of them are Raya songs. Did I mention that the vocalist usually forgot the lyrics? Not to mention that at some point his voice did not reach the high pitch part which basically turned his voice into a disaster.. In other words, "suara kantoi"..

We sat on chairs which were put in a line which so happens to be 4 in number nicely one for each of us. Puteri sat on a chair which was located quite near to Acap who happens to sit closest to her compared to us. They were basically about a feet far from each other. Its amazing how time passes by as they weren't talking to each other. At first I found it very lame because they sat quite close together, but their mind ponder elsewhere. I think it is because they did not know what to talk about or the situation was awkward and they needed time to adapt to it or something like that. But as longer time passes by, they started to talk to each other. About their sms and stuff, not much though.. The only conversation between them that I remember and worth remembering is when Puteri asked Acap "Korang pegi mane lepas nie?". Then Acap asked us the same question which basically leads to no answer.. So he then said to Puteri "Tak tau". Then Puteri replied "Nak ikut~!".. Yes!! I repeat!! "Nak ikut~!".. Omg, this is HUGE!! It might occur as a normal thing for others, but you guys have to understand that this couple are not normal due to the fact that Puteri is SUPER unsocial. So, basically this is somewhat an achievement for Acap!! Yeah, your the MAN!!

After he heard those very sentence.. He smilingly turned his face towards Siddiq and said.. "Siddiq, aku nak pinjam kereta kau..". Haha, obviously he was kidding but the most funniest thing is the fact that we knew that if the opportunity actually came and approach him, he would surely and definitely took it and savor the moment.. It is quite funny for me as such relationships they share between each other are basically hard to find nowadays days due to the essence of somewhat innocence engraved in them, truly something that I find should be appreciated by both parties.

There is this MAN who sat and hang around Puteri. He usually speak with Puteri and laugh with her. He did something to her that Acap did not manage to do to her. He physically touched her neck from the back and savored the moment.. Puteri on the other hand just laughed when the man did so to her.. Yes.. It truly does sound exciting when it is explained in such manner.. Well, actually the man is an old man around his 40's who happens to be her uncle!! HAHA! I just wanted to bring the story up for fun.

So, it was not long after that that we decided to take off due to all the people are starting to leave one by one.. I was already bored playing with the polystyrene cup anyway.. I scratched the whole thing's exterior completely! Haha, I even turned it into a some sort of bangle which Acap basically destroyed it later on.. Son of a bitch, you will pay.. Haha.. Ok, when we are about to leave, it is necessary for all of us to enter and shake Puteri's father's hand. But the whole thing was not as exciting as I anticipated in the first place so I decided to at least make a scene so that we could remember. I wanted Acap to shake Puteri's father's hand... ALONE... Haha, I wanted Acap to be highlighted in Puteri's parents' point of view!! I want them to expect him as their future daughter's husband or something like that, haha. So, I persuaded Siddiq and Irsyad to not enter the house. Acap wanted us to enter but the request were obviously declined!! Haha.. After various fail attempts he finally entered alone after being influence by Puteri's request as well.. HAHA! Acap actually entered the house alone to shake her father's hand!! Acap has basically and indirectly caught her parents attention.. I do believe that her parents has come to think that Acap might have a relationship with their daughter.. Don't ask why, just add up all the things that I have said from the very first and you might think the same as well..

After that we all went home!!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yes, there is no place like home.. After all the precious time I unwillingly wasted at UIA, I finally stumbled upon the opportunity to take my own sweet time and rest without the need to think about the day after tomorrow.. Wow, it feels really good when you have all the time to yourself. After I went for the Hari Raya Parkour Jam 2008, my energy was completely depleted and my body was left with sprains in various different locations. I even have to walk slowly down the stairs due to the pain both of my legs encountered when I had cramps time and time again during the jam. So, while waiting for my body 's condition to regenerate to its perfect condition, all I basically want to do for the timebeing is to completely stay inside my house.. Unexposed to any outdoor activities.. While enjoying my moment of peaceful slumber.. And of course enjoying the moment I play my xbox360 as well..

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Superhero Result (95%)

Your results:
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Green Lantern
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Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

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Fast, Athletic and Flirtatious... Man, that is totally me in each and every way possible..

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Motivation Is A Tool To Be Reckoned With

From my point of view, those who possess strong motivation in what they do are certainly a person to be admired or at least looked upon to. Through my own personal experience and keen observation about Parkour from the very past to the very present, I have noticed the major role of motivation in improving oneself. Motivation is certainly a tool that should be used to its maximum extent to improve oneself in each and every way possible. What is motivation? Well, to put it simply in words.. It is basically something that is engraved in your very mind to give you support in whatever you do. Motivation can be anything.. Which is great as it also means that anything can be used as a motivation. It doesn't matter what people use to provide them motivation in what they do (Such as a role model, competition, friends, etc).. Because in the very end, what truly matters are basically the strength of their motivation itself.. Nothing else matters.. What is the use of having something that motivates you in what you do, if the motivation itself is very weak and easily breakable?

You see, aside from talent, motivation is basically one of the major factors which manage to differentiate people's skill between others. You do not need my explanation to understand these very words, as it is very clear for all of us to see the differences in progress between those who are motivated and those who are not. For example, when people do parkour, they tend to meet with others and practice. What happens in this kind of training sessions is basically people doing all kind of skills so that people can correct them if there are errors in their methods of movement, or so that people can observe their movement and learn from it. This is where motivation comes and play its part.. Let me give you a question. What happens when a group consist of many people went to training together, just to notice that their level of differences in skills between each other are highly detectable and measurable? How will the people react when they encounter the feeling of being inferior? What will the people do when they realise the fact that eventhough they train hard each and everyday, enduring all the pain and struggle in practices, just to notice that the gap of differences in their skills and others are still not even close?

This is where motivation play its part. People who carries weak motivation will certainly quit doing Parkour as they will come to a conclusion that their skills will never reach that kind of level. They will begin to encounter negative Intrapersonal communication by asking themselves questions such as "Why am I doing this? Is it worth wasting my time and and effort? Where will this lead to? Why am I doing this.. Why am I doing this!?". They will obviously quit as they will assume that all the hardwork they commit will not be worth it towards the end. They will without a doubt, quit and let the experience they encounter just be a matter of the past.. You know what I would like to say to this kind of people? I say, fuck you, this is reality. If you want to make excuses and continue to remain unchanged, then carry on. Lets face it, why should you NOT continue to improve yourself? If you were to focus on this matter on the opposite point of view, you will notice how stupid your previous conclusion were due to the fact that you have nothing to lose in the first place.

My point is, you should find something which can motivate yourself to the highest degree possible. Because such motivation will change your very perception of view in life. When they see a challenge, they seek to overcome it, not avoid and ignore it. When they see a large gap between themselves and another in terms of skills, they will try to compete to become equal, as they realise that they have nothing to lose, but instead, many can be gained by doing so.. So, why not give it a try right? It would not affect your life negatively anyways..

In the end, those who possess unbreakable motivation will continue to improve.. And leave the people stupid enough to give up, further and further behind as each day approaches..

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