Sunday, October 26, 2008

Motivation Is A Tool To Be Reckoned With

From my point of view, those who possess strong motivation in what they do are certainly a person to be admired or at least looked upon to. Through my own personal experience and keen observation about Parkour from the very past to the very present, I have noticed the major role of motivation in improving oneself. Motivation is certainly a tool that should be used to its maximum extent to improve oneself in each and every way possible. What is motivation? Well, to put it simply in words.. It is basically something that is engraved in your very mind to give you support in whatever you do. Motivation can be anything.. Which is great as it also means that anything can be used as a motivation. It doesn't matter what people use to provide them motivation in what they do (Such as a role model, competition, friends, etc).. Because in the very end, what truly matters are basically the strength of their motivation itself.. Nothing else matters.. What is the use of having something that motivates you in what you do, if the motivation itself is very weak and easily breakable?

You see, aside from talent, motivation is basically one of the major factors which manage to differentiate people's skill between others. You do not need my explanation to understand these very words, as it is very clear for all of us to see the differences in progress between those who are motivated and those who are not. For example, when people do parkour, they tend to meet with others and practice. What happens in this kind of training sessions is basically people doing all kind of skills so that people can correct them if there are errors in their methods of movement, or so that people can observe their movement and learn from it. This is where motivation comes and play its part.. Let me give you a question. What happens when a group consist of many people went to training together, just to notice that their level of differences in skills between each other are highly detectable and measurable? How will the people react when they encounter the feeling of being inferior? What will the people do when they realise the fact that eventhough they train hard each and everyday, enduring all the pain and struggle in practices, just to notice that the gap of differences in their skills and others are still not even close?

This is where motivation play its part. People who carries weak motivation will certainly quit doing Parkour as they will come to a conclusion that their skills will never reach that kind of level. They will begin to encounter negative Intrapersonal communication by asking themselves questions such as "Why am I doing this? Is it worth wasting my time and and effort? Where will this lead to? Why am I doing this.. Why am I doing this!?". They will obviously quit as they will assume that all the hardwork they commit will not be worth it towards the end. They will without a doubt, quit and let the experience they encounter just be a matter of the past.. You know what I would like to say to this kind of people? I say, fuck you, this is reality. If you want to make excuses and continue to remain unchanged, then carry on. Lets face it, why should you NOT continue to improve yourself? If you were to focus on this matter on the opposite point of view, you will notice how stupid your previous conclusion were due to the fact that you have nothing to lose in the first place.

My point is, you should find something which can motivate yourself to the highest degree possible. Because such motivation will change your very perception of view in life. When they see a challenge, they seek to overcome it, not avoid and ignore it. When they see a large gap between themselves and another in terms of skills, they will try to compete to become equal, as they realise that they have nothing to lose, but instead, many can be gained by doing so.. So, why not give it a try right? It would not affect your life negatively anyways..

In the end, those who possess unbreakable motivation will continue to improve.. And leave the people stupid enough to give up, further and further behind as each day approaches..

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