Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Have A Stalker + Random Posts


I've been noticing this for awhile since a friend of mine Naqib Ahmad told me about it. I was walking in UIA in search of a lecturer when I bumped into him. I don't remember much regarding to what we spoke about but I do remember the conversation we had when he asked me "Ammar, do you have another facebook profile?". I was trying to critically think before answering such a question because I remembered creating a number of fake facebook accounts for gaming purposes (lame, I know...), but then again, none of them are filled with account information or pictures that can be related to me since it is pointless to add any to the temporary fake accounts. So then I said nope. Naqib told me that he found a fake facebook profile by the name of "Ammar Jacob" with my profile picture along with other pictures in the picture album. At first I thought maybe it was a mistake so when I went back to my dorm, I tried to search for it and voila! It actually exists.

The facebook account was set on private so I could not actually see any details about him. If this kind of stuff happen to you, how would you react? In facebook, I noticed some of the girls in UIA actually encountered this problem as well. How did they react to it? One thing for sure, they reacted to it more aggressively then I ever will.

The Girls Reaction:
1. The first thing they do is they spread the information to their friends.
2. Then all of them will post the fake profile link on their wall telling everyone to be cautious of the profile seeing how it is actually fake.
3. They directly contact the account and ask the person to stop doing it. ( I don't know if they insert curse words and threats in the process or not)

So you see, girls from UIA are certainly not the kind of girls you want to mess with. However in my case, I reacted to the situation differently seeing that it is a bit different compared to their cases. You see, at first I tried to investigate a bit about the profile to know the actual motive why that fake profile is created. So I noticed that the name of the profile is "Ammar Jacob", and all of the personal informations are made up to an extent that it has got nothing to do with me. So I thought to myself, "Well, if such a profile does not intend to harm me in any way, then I guess no harm is done".

I don't mind if a person would take away my pictures and do a fake profile or anything. I won't even mind if I have a shy stalker who would go so far as making a fake profile of me (Wow, wouldn't that be awesome? To be admired to such an extent, I must be doing something right then lol), as long as no harmful intention is included of course. So some of my friends actually tried adding the fake profile, and guess what? It seems that the friend request was accepted. That simply means the profile is STILL being used even now. Just days ago, the profile had updated the profile picture by changing another profile picture of me as well. I find this to be AMAZING.. You know why? Because the pictures in his album are actually pictures of me that you can't find on MY facebook or myspace anymore. Why? Because I deleted them almost 2 years ago. So, what does that mean? It means, whoever the person is, he or she had already copied and saved my pictures all the way from 2 YEARS back. Now there are TWO different possibilities:

1. The account was made from 2 YEARS back, and even until NOW the person still UPDATES the profile on facebook and ACCEPTS friend requests.

2. The account was RECENTLY made. But that also means, the person had already SAVED my pictures for TWO LONG YEARS before actually using the
m for the fake account.

Either way, it is still amazing. What is the reason behind the existence of this facebook account? It could be a stalker, but then again I don't think I am the kind of person worth stalking. So the best reasoning I had made so far is that the person is only using my pictures for his personal agenda. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the way he edit the account actually makes me look like a gay. So in other words, I think the person is actually a gay, and he simply creates a fake facebook profile, but he is too shy to use his own picture, thus he randomly stole my pictures, and then make them his, and then continued pretending to be me to find another gay associates on facebook. Well, that is simply a "maybe" because I seriously don't think I am worth stalking.

I don't care what people do with my pictures, as long as they don't associate that picture directly to me by using my full name and where I study and such. Then that would be blasphemy and false accusations are being made against me. Seeing that no harm is being done by the fake account, I see no reason for me to trouble him/her. Plus, he/she actually went through all the trouble of making a fake account, the least I could do is let him/her be. So I just hope that he/she can enjoy him/herself in anyway possible. I guess that is all I would like to say about this. For those who encounter the same thing, I will only try to advice you this....DON'T ANGER the one who does the fake account of yours directly. This kind of people won't reply to your demand or anger kindly. The least they are capable of is actually causing more trouble. And who knows what they are capable of in real life, you don't know them in real life, but they do know who you are. By threatening this person and cursing him/her directly and such, you are actually putting yourself in danger. I don't think this is far-stretched seeing how dangerous stalkers actually are overseas. I guess thats it!

Recently he changed the profile picture to my shirtless picture which I have deleted since I entered UIA which was (2 years ago). I don't like it.


I decided to browse through my blog to see all my previous posts in an attempt to find out how my writings had improved itself during these past few years. Amazingly.... I find that I haven't improved at all. In fact, I think my style of writing has actually downgraded itself compared to my previous style of writing. A clear difference would certainly be in my attitude towards writing itself. Previously when I was getting ready to write about something, I usually express my views and opinion in a very detailed manner as I perceive that even the minutest details are important. I write in a way as if I am telling my story to a person who is actually wholeheartedly wanting to hear to them with open ears and glittering eyes asking for more. But lately I guess the way I write is something like this "Uhh, guys.. You know.. Lately, this is what I have in mind... So... Uhh.. I just thought about sharing them, so, uhh.... I guess thats it... Laters I guess...". I guess what I am trying to say is, my passion towards writing is gradually decreasing by the day. Previously if I have something I want to write about I would go like "Ahh, I think I'll write about that one tonight. Yes, definitely tonite..". Now if I have something I want to write about I will go like "Ahh, that is certainly worth writing about...Uhh.. Should I? Uhh... I think so... Umm... Nah~".

I recently played a facebook game application called "Zombie Lane". I became the top player for the game. The game includes scores for each time you kill zombies. So my name was basically on top of the chart, globally among millions of other players. But recently I blocked the application seeing that the update for the game is ridiculously slow, playing everyday just to defend my position was rather pointless. Its amazing how many hundreds of people would randomly add you just because your the top of the game, my friend requests maxed out within just 2 day which is (1000 friend requests). My mother told me to add her on fb (NOOOO WAAAYY~) because when she tried to add me, this came out "Ammar Haidhar have too many friends". Lol. People are still adding me daily, so it is simply a waste of my time to ignore the invites seeing how hundreds more will come in daily. Soooo, I'm sorry to say this (not really), but I won't randomly accept anymore people on fb. Currently I have almost 300 messages from random people asking me to accept their friend request. Also, the reason I block the game is because I find that the game is consuming TOO MUCH of my time and also the most IRRITATING part of everything is that my freakin wall is COMPLETELY SPAMMED with the game's notification which is utterly nonsense if you ask me. Everyday I log into my profile and then I see random people posting on my wall "Hey ammar! I just helped with your yard" etc etc. Enough is enough.

Recently we entered Sasuke Malaysia to represent Parkour Malaysia. I am VERY VERY EXCITED to inform you guys the details BUT, the information regarding the competition is confidential due to the fact that it not aired yet on the national television. One thing for sure is that it is awesome and it is indeed one of the greatest feat achieved by the parkour community so far. What do I mean? That's a secret meheheh... (Secret? Not really. I am pretty sure you can find out what happen if you actually google around a bit. As a participant though, I don't have the privilege to offer you the details) :D

ALSO! We initiated the Freerun Challenge on the exact same day it self!! I forgot to mention that the Freerun Challenge and Sasuke Malaysia was held during Hari Belia in Putrajaya. The Freerun Challenge was a complete success!! The location was most of the time, surrounded by spectators as well as tv reporters and individual photographers. Indeed, this year is an awesome year for our Parkour Community! I can list down all the accomplishments we got so far JUST FOR THIS YEAR itself such as Sejuta Impian and Sasuke Malaysia but I don't think I want to write about those stuff in my blog.

As for my exercise, I think I will involve myself with basketball, wallclimbing, and kakigym from now on. I find that the upperbody strength alone is not enough to overcome obstacles, I need stamina as well, and mind you my stamina sucks BIG TIME!

I no longer enjoy blogging as much as I used to, so I assume I won't be blogging frequently in the future. Until next time.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sasuke Malaysia

It has been awhile since the last time I wrote about anything. Lately if there are something that I want to express, I simply randomly express them shortly via facebook updates. Therefore, this blog is abandoned.

Recently I decided to join "Sasuke Malaysia".... Wait.... What? You guys don't know what the hell Sasuke Malayisa is? OMG..... Can't blame you, they lack advertisement. Click THIS to enter their website.

Have you guys watched Ninja Warrior? No? If you guys haven't watch it, then I advise you guys to search for it on YouTube.

Ninja Warrior is basically a Japanese Gameshow which includes MONSTROUS obstacles that CHALLENGES the limitation of your human body in many different areas including agility, precision, strength and balance.

The game has been ongoing for many years but so far there has only been few winners and they are referred to as living legends. That alone should show how challenging this game really is. What? Still not convinced? Well, this game is very well known to an extent that it spreads WORLDWIDE!! For example, Ninja Warrior can be found in US as well. The US has been repeatedly sending winners from their region to compete for the challenge in Japan to represent their country.... So far, none has returned...... as a winner lol.

The only winners so far are the JAPANESE themselves! That's not the most "wtf" facts, the most "wtf" facts is that these Japanese backgrounds are surprisingly common and none of them reflect the capabilities that they possess! For example, some of the winners are a fisherman, fireman, and a shoeseller..... That's right, a SHOE SELLER! Guys from the US who claims to be a PROFESSIONAL in Freerunning/Parkour FAILS to overcome the Ninja Warrior's challenge in Japan, but a shoe seller in Japan succeeds.... Thats it, I conclude that the Japanese citizens are all Ninjas in disguise.

SO! What is Sasuke Malaysia!? Sasuke Malaysia is derived from Ninja Warrior itself. In other words, Sasuke Malaysia is Ninja Warrior in Malaysian version.

How cool is that? Without a doubt, I am joining the competition! Oh yeah, the winner is going to represent Malaysia to compete in Japan. And Oh yeah, the competition starts this Friday and Saturday in Putrajaya on the 27th and 28th of May 2011.

The rule is simple, you have to overcome all the extreme obstacles within the limited time. If you fall and get contact with water, you lose. Once you passed all the obstacles, you need to press the buzzer.

For Malaysia, there will be 100 participants altogether. Only 10 will advance to the final stage. Only 1 will be the winner. Only one will be given the title "JAGUH PERTAMA MALAYSIA".

The funny part of everything is that we are encouraged to wear something that represents our occupation or what we do in the beginning of the show for example aprons. working attire and etc. We also need to do something to represent our occupation or what we do for example showing a frying pan, do a backflip, etc. In other words, it is going to be funny.

The host for the show is going to be Jehan Miskin, Reem Shahwa, and Mayumi Kasuga.

I've been preparing a loser's speech just in case if I were to fall MISERABLY INTO THE WATER DURING THE FIRST STAGE....

So here is one of them:

"The weather is so hot today, so I decided to go for a swim".

Something like that I guess.

This one if for the winner's speech (that will never happen since I am not confident with the obstacles, let alone winning it):

"First of all I would like to say I have the most beautiful wonderful girlfriend in the whole wide world. Her name is Arinah Rozhan and I intend to marry her in the near future. Sorry, I already reserved her for myself, find someone else to flirt guys. About winning this competition, meh, too eassyyyyy, hohohohohoho~!"

Something like that I guess.

Here are some of the videos that you guys can take a look at to know what Sasuke Malaysia/Ninja Warrior is all about.

Here is my application video for the competition

Here are all the other applicant's videos for the competition.

Join Sasuke Malaysia on Facebook to know more. (However, by the time you guys read this, the competition will most likely be over)