Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been awhile since the last time I acquired an inspiration to write about "something" (which explains why my posts are mostly crap since I force myself to write about anything that comes across my mind)...... Throughout my entire experience of meeting and socializing myself with new people I recently meet since I entered matriculation UIA in nilai, I learned something very valuable I myself refuse to accept previously. What is it am I referring to you ask? Well, I'll give you a friendly hint. The word is passion.

Previously, I usually make fun of people as I go. Let me share with you guys my perception of view towards certain things that we usually encounter in Malaysia. For example.

What do I see when I see dudes playing bowling? I'll tell you what I see, what I see is basically dudes who tend to exaggerate their "focus" and "seriousness" when they are playing the game. Have you ever encountered dudes who play bowling with their serious facial expression attached 24/7? This is not limited to dudes, in fact, this goes towards both male and female of all ages. Let me further describe to you about this kind of people in an attempt to help you understand what kind of people I am specifically referring to. These people usually bring their own bowling balls, bowling shoes, and even their bowling gloves to the bowling alley. Some come and play in groups and occasionally comes wearing the same uniform, some others even come and play alone. So??? What's wrong with it you ask?? Well, what irritates me is that these kind of people takes the game too seriously to an extent that there is no sign of happiness nor excitement generated by them when they play the game itself. Frequently I see these people play bowling too damn seriously!! They score a strike, they turn around and walks away like nothing happened. When WE score a strike, we turn around and we scream or provoke our friends like crazy! That is how we have fun! This people on the other hand, they bowl, they turn around and claps each other's hand with their serious facial expression and then waits for their next turn. When they get a strike or a miss, they pressure themselves like crazy. This is very sad to look at especially when they come all the way to the bowling alley to play alone. A total waste of money.

That is one of my perception of view towards stuff that we usually see in Malaysia. Second!!! What do I see when I see dudes playing football? What I see is basically dudes chasing a ball all over the field like babies chasing a butterfly. They kick the ball into the goal, and then they rejoice. When they lose or even encounter some minor foul or foul play, they fight and quarrel with one another. Those are football players, what about the spectators? Now, the real shits happen it the spectators seat, not in the football field. Spectators provoke one another like crazy and fight each other like crazy by observing the performance of those who actually plays football down there on the field as reference. Winning = Provoke | Losing = Accumulate anger. Previously, I saw these people as simple idiots who have nothing to do. I relate this people with old people who usually talks and complain about politics like crazy but towards the end are capable of doing nothing to change anything about it.

These negative perceptions I have are endless. Basically, this view of mine basically under-grades the passions of other people.

But ladies and gentlemen, one of the most important thing that I had learn in life is basically to not undermine and criticize the passion of others no matter how stupid and pointless it may appear to you. You might think that collecting stamps and coins are simply a waste of time and energy, but to others it might be their main purpose of living their lives on earth. We never know.

You see, each of us have our own passion and each of us easily gets irritated when our passion is being undermine by others, especially others who are not qualified to. I myself encounter this feeling when I see idiots out there questioning my reason of doing what I am doing which is basically parkour.

"Why are you doing this? Are you not afraid?"
"What if you fall?"
"Don't invite trouble to your parents"
"Stop doing this before its too late, once accident occurs, you can never turn back"

Shits like this, I hate the most.

You see, each and every one of us have our own stand in protecting our passion. Without passion, fabulous + marvelous + fantastic + amazing + spectacular + etc things in life would not have come into existence like we see around us today.

Let me show you how STUPID it actually is to undermine the passion of others.

Painters/Artist = What a waste of time, just take a picture idiot.

Photographers = Why waste so much time on taking a picture of something we can simply see in front of our eyes? What a waste of money on expensive cameras.

Golf = Why waste so much money on hitting a ball?

Basketball = Why waste so much energy on dunking a ball in a ring?

Why this? Why that? Why bla bla bla bla..... Stop with this pessimistic + narrowed view in life. We never experience, we never know. If one does not know anything, one should simply shut their mouth. Respect others in a way that you want to be respected.

Previously I have this negative perspective in life, but now everything has changed. I tried putting my self in other people's shoes. I tried playing football, I tried being a spectator.... Guess what? It is highly exciting and fun. When you play football, the sensation you get when you score a goal is highly satisfying. It almost feels like you managed to take a poop after holding it in for an entire month, lol. As far as being a spectator is concerned, like I said folks, the real shits happen in the the spectators' seat, not in the field. The intense sensation you feel when you observe feels 2x better compared to actually playing the sport itself. Plus, it is better since all you do is basically sit and relax aside from complaining in the process, lol.

(As far as bowling is concerned, I have tried playing it but I still don't get why people have to be a party pooper by being overly damn serious about it)

Passion is a powerful tool in a life, passion alone is capable of giving meaning and utmost dedication to a person's life. Respect is the pick lock, understanding is the key.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Hana Tajima

So, I was browsing through facebook like I usually do each time I have access to the internet... Then I suddenly came across a very simple status update posted by a friend of mine... The status update is "Hana Tajima"... That's it.

Hana Tajima? What is "it"? Who is "it"? So I decided to randomly pause for awhile and think to myself... What could this name possibly mean? At first I thought that it could it be a new name for a new pornstar my friend was currently addicted to. But then again I thought to myself that it would be terribly dumb for a person to publicly state that kind of personal interest in facebook. Hmm....

Suddenly, a random friend of mine standing beside me saw the status update as well and asked the same question. More specifically, the question goes like this:-

In English - "Hana Tajima? Who the hell is this chick!? Many of my friends are currently idolizing her like crazy, but I myself have no idea how she looks like and who she actually is"

In Malay Baku "Hana Tajima? Siapakah gadis tersebut? Terdapat ramai sahabat saya yang menyebut-nyebut nama beliau berulang kali. Tetapi siapakah gerangannye beliau aku tidak ketahui"

In Malay Pasar - "Hana Tajima? Sape sial minah nie!? Sume member aku tetiba batak lak ngn minah nie. Sape minah aku pun x taw"

In Malay Gedik Version - "Hana Tajima? Sapewww diyew nieee? Semuwee kwn kitew sukew diyew tetibew. Sapew diyew pun kitew x taw, tehee~!

It turns out that she is a chick that promotes how to properly wear tudung in style. Seeing that she is practically attractive in the eyes of normal people, she is currently being idolized like crazy. I don't see why only now people are noticing how beautiful girls actually are when they are covering their "aurat". They only find it beautiful when a person they perceive as beautiful are wearing 'em. Tsk tsk~ I on the other hand find girls more attractive when they cover themselves instead of revealing themselves, true story.

The reason being why I post about Hana Tajima is not because to explain who she is. The reason I wanted to blog about her is because I decided to google for her to know who she actually is and why everyone seems to know her.

THEN! I noticed a picture of her. The caption of the picture:-

In English - "Whoever who does not know who Hana Tajima is, that is UTTERLY PREPOSTEROUS!!!"

In Malay Baku - "Sesungguhnya siapa yang tidak mengenali Hana Tajima, sesungguhnya itu SANGAT MELAMPAU!!!!"

In Malay Pasar - "Sape x kenal Hana Tajima mmg MELAMPAU!!!"

In Malay Gedik - "Sapew x kenal Hana Tajima mmg MELAMPAWW GILEWW BABEWWW TAHAP NK KENEW GEGET JEWWW~!! ISK!! ISK!!!"


.........Sorrrrryyy!!!!! I am so outdated that I do not know who she is previously in my entire life!! Oh nooo~ How could I ever be forgiven for my utterly preposterous behavior!!

Tsk tsk, there should be a limitation to how much a person should idolize another. By idolizing others and expecting everyone to know everything about them as if the information about them is basic knowledge, now that is preposterous.

By the way, it is nice to see another chick supporting beauty through covering their aurah. I am sick and tired of seeing youngsters nowadays speaking in Melayu Gedik version and revealing themselves as well as acting in a cheap + bitchy way with other male dudes who simply and ultimately wants to get into their pants.

Oh yeah, you can see 3 pictures and a video Hana Tajima in this post to learn a bit about her yourself. Do browse for her to learn more.
*Personally addition on my view towards her

I find it weird but there seems to be a major difference of beauty between two different facial expression that she shows. Which is the neutral face, and the face with her smile. Lets just say that when she smiles and when she doesn't, its almost like two different person.

Smiling - 20% attractive
Not Smiling like the pictures above - 80% attractive

Of course this is simply my point of view.

There are haters out there stating that she would be the downfall for female muslims out there. But seriously, in what way does that apply? As long as the aurah is preserved and no sexual arousal can be be obviously detected from the dressing style then by all means, it should be fine.

At least from her effort, girls can at least throw their negative perception on how wearing scarf on their head is not attractive (school kids usually throw away their head scarf nowadays). By increasing the rate of other peoples' desire to wear the headscarf, at least that is the very first step of improving their self in covering their aurah.

Seriously, the reason why some women find it hard to return to the path of Islam is not because that they do not want to, but its because they find it hard to start covering themselves with the headscarf everyday seeing that they are already used to not wearing em in the first place.

Some people are too damn pessimistic and narrow-minded to an extent that all they see in front of their eyes are the areas of negativity. Stop being a couch-potato who simply sits behind and complains a lot while doing nothing to improve anything. I'm not saying that you should do something to change anything, I am simply asking you to shut up instead. :D


Unfortunate Incident

Many things occurred to me lately and most of them are definitely worth blogging about.

But for some weird reason, I dislike the idea of blogging about them. For example, I encountered an experience involving 15 dudes carrying all kind of sharp objects killing everyone they see in their line of sight randomly without knowing who the people they are actually killing in a store located just beside the store I was in. More specifically, the killing was done on the 2nd and 3rd floor, I was on the ground floor. Many innocent victims jumped out of the window in fear to run away, 2 unfortunate male victims fell terribly towards the ground below resulting in fatal injuries to both individuals mentioned. Soon after the rampage, forensics and ambulance came to the scene. However I personally believed that there is nothing much the ambulance can do seeing how terrible the condition of the victims were in. I then learned the rest of the details from the dude who was working at the 7-eleven located exactly down below the crime scene on the ground floor. It was my first time seeing a 7-eleven closed with chains and lock on the door (I did not realize that a killing rampage was occurring just upstairs).

It turns out that the incident occurred because not long ago, a cyber cafe there was practically robbed by a number of dudes. These number of dudes were identified and recognized by other dudes who were playing snooker at the store located just beside the cyber cafe itself. I forgot from where the robbers came, but from what I remembered, it is quite far. These other dudes decided that they do not want to report to the police, so they came all the way to the place where the robbers hang out and beat the crap out of them. Soon after, these beaten up robbers retaliated by coming to the store once again bringing 15 armed backups to kill everyone in the store itself.

I guess thats about it. I can further explain the situation by describing the blood splatters that can be seen as well as the condition of the dying victims, but I find it discomforting for me to blog about. Therefore, the story ends here.

The moral of the story, even though you yourself believe that you won't do anything bad in bad places such as a club/snooker/whatever other places.... Do keep in mind that you are hanging out in a place where other bad-ass people are hanging out in and whatever evil things that they did or plan to do, might affect you as well. This is reality.

Oh yeah, the crime scene occurred at taman melati located very near to UIA Gombak. I guess thats about it.