Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Power Of Influence Is Really Something...

The power of influence is really something.. When a person initiates a certain action, others might follow.. In my case, I can see that it is happening in my Psychology class. Previously, there is this one guy who asked a very long pointless question at the very end of the class just when everyone was about to disperse. Yesterday during my Psychology class, I repeat, PSYCHOLOGY class, keep that in mind while reading the following words that I am about to write in order to understand why it irritates me to such an extent that it basically made me write about this thing in my blog.

Yesterday, during psychology class, the guy who asked the question sat in front again again. The very same spot he was sitting the other day. Lets call him "Attention Whore", seeing that I think what he really wants is the attention from both party, the lecturer and students. Before I proceed any further, let me tell you about another guy who I noticed 'might' have the potential of being an "Attention Whore" as well, but he is more towards being a Teacher's pet. He sat in the front row in the middle, lets just call him "Teacher's pet". Of course, there is another person who I would like to mention due to the fact that I noticed his potential of being an "Attention Whore" as well, but he is more into student's attention rather than the lecturer's. He sat in the middle row on the right side. Let's call him Mr."Lack Of Love" in other words "LOL", because he acts like one!

So there we are! I have introduced the triplets of attention whore in my psychology class. Now, recap!

Mr.Attention Whore = Wants Lecturer's and Students' attention
Mr.Teacher's Pet = Wants Lecturer's attention
Mr.LOL =Wants Student's attention

Complete set don't you think?

Okay, here it goes. During the Psychology class, when the lecturer was explaining the method of doing a research, she mentioned about the "survey" method. Obviously it is a method in which people try to acquire data from people by giving them questions, analyze the answer and then make a conclusion. In the middle of her explanation, Mr Attention Whore suddenly interrupted her by asking a question, which is...

"In the survey method, how do, how do, ho ho how do peol....".


Yes, he was lost of words at first. After the lecturer said "huh?", he then quickly covered up by quickly asking..

"In the survey method is there a certain amount of people we have to question? I mean.. Aaaa.. Is there a standardized amount?"

Obviously, people can simply answer that question through common sense, such as, it will basically depends on the research we are trying to do and the scale of the people in which we are going to study. But, I tried to not pay much attention to it even though it should distract others attention in a negative way seeing that the answer to such question does not prove to be any importance to us as a Psychology student due to the fact that such information is not even stated in the text book. If it is not stated in the text book, it will not come out in the exam. If it will not come out in the exam, why bother?

SUDDENLY!!! Mr.LOL came into the scene!! He suddenly raised his hand and asked the lecturer "Can I answer that question? Regarding to your question, brother. The amount of people in which you want to ask in a research will basically vary in every field. Lets say if you are a Politician, there is a different amount you should approach. If you are a Psychologist, there is a different amount you should approach. Bla bla bla bla bla bla...." Everyone could see that the lecturer was feeling uneasy and tried to cut Mr Lol's speech due to the fact that she must cover the chapters fast and the question in which they ask are irrelevant. But! When she tried to cut in by saying "Good answer brother..."... Mr Lol could not care less! He quickly continued his long answer. The following speech is basically the same answer he gave, but with a different approach..

I was like... What in the world!? At first I tried to ignore.. But as I ignore I can't help but to notice that both of them spent TOO MUCH time on that pointless question which is irrelevant to our study! They were eating away our valuable time to study! He wasted loads of time answering the question, but in the end the answer was still a blur as he only gave a theory and not a direct answer! Not to mention that the lecturer was late behind schedule and she needed to teach us fast, but who would've thought that they decided to make it worse! Then at last, he finished his answer... Hooray~!

BUT!!! Are we forgetting someone? YES! It is Mr Teacher's Pet!!! He then suddenly said "Regarding to Mr Attention whore's statement about standardized amount, I think what he meant was bla bla bla bla bla bla....."...... Just when I thought the matter could not get worse than it already has...

If things were to persist, I might've raised my hand and ask "I'm sorry, is this question in any way, relevant to our study? If it's not, Miss, please proceed with your lecture. If yes, by all means, continue..". But I refuse to do so due to the fact that I would be an attention whore as well. Although that might prevent such event from occuring ever again in the future.. Hmmm.. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Its not that I hate or despise the attention whores, in fact I welcome them... IF!!!!! But that is only IF they ask questions that are IMPORTANT.. Or a question that can help increase our knowledge.. Or pleeeeeease, at least a question that is RELEVANT to our study! We are studying psychology for crying out loud! Not Basic Research Method And Report Writing! If you want to learn that subject so much, then go ask that question in that very class, not in the psychology class. I mean really, who in the world ask a question about another subject in the class? Its more like a death wish really. For those who studied Basic research back in Nilai, they only stared at them irritated. For others who did not, they were panicking! They were like, "OMG! Do we have to learn all this stuff?? Why can't I find it in the textbook!? What are they talking about!?". Yes, they were scared I tell ya. See how much trouble being an attention whore brings if you do it in the wrong way? And if you want to be an attention whore by ANSWERING a question, by all means, please answer them as DIRECTLY as possible. We do not need your long speech with little or no meaning whatsoever.

Stop wasting my time and others, let the lecturer do her job for a change.


Monday, July 20, 2009

A Question To Be Asked

Im so cool! It took me an unbelievably amount of time to line up just to register for my wi-fi!! Sounds so desperate right? Well, when you waited for almost half an hour, you will most probably say "What the heck, why not wait for another 10 minutes since I already wasted half an hour lining up!" Then an hour pass by, you will most probably say "The hell!? I waited for a whole one hour! There is no way I will let this wait go to waste!" Well, that happened to me! It stretches until 2 and a half hour I tell ya! Yesh! One big department, and they only have ONE person to help others to register their wi-fi. People have to download stuff and restart their laptop twice. That only goes for ONE person. You do the math.

Now I can online! But there is still another irritating fact in which I could not avoid but to simply accept.. I cannot online from within my room itself, the signal does not reach there.. I have to go down to the cafeteria to do so! Which basically sucks. But then again, that will certainly prevent me from going online 24 hours a day and mess up with my studies. So I say, better that than nothing!

My studies so far is going along quite fine, seeing that I am simply re-learning the stuff that I already learned back in Nilai. Except for Mass Communication though, there is a new topic added which is "machine". Each year the topic is updated, only in Gombak. Seeing that is the subject that i am going to Major, I will focus on that. Psychology will be my minor, so I will focus on that as well. So far so good.

Owh yeah, the students in my class! I don't think the relationship between us can grow at all. The distance between us are constantly kept away, which is good for me. As usual, there will be the type of students who wish to be the attention whore during the class. The only thing that I wish to inquire to them is, why? In my psychology class, there is this one student who sat in the very front row on the right side of the class (I was sitting in the front row in the middle). At the end of the class he raised his hand to ask a question. He asked "Miss, I am simply wondering, is it possible foe me to ask you questions in the middle of the class?" The answer would be yes. Then he proceed by saying "Owh, ok then. I have a question to ask of you regarding the theory of Ivan pavlov.." I was like.. Owh, energetic are we? He said "In his work, he compares Human and animals in his research. Why does he do so? It is stated in the Quran (Recited the verse in arabic), that humans can be the most perfect creations but at the same time can be the most despicable creature of all, far more worse than animals." I was like, OMG! He actually recited the Quran! *clap clap*! He continued "It is obvious that humans and animals are not alike at all. Why is it that he uses animals in his research as a comparison to the humans?" The lecturer simply said, thats a very good question, thanks for highlighting that up, we will discuss on that later in our next class.

I was amazed by his enthusiasm and all.. But such event left me with a question.. What was the motive of that very question he was asking?? Firstly, that was the beginning of our very class for that particular subject, therefore answers for question would not be something that people usually seek for in their first class do they? If you wish to know the answer for the preparation of our exam, the answer to that very question does not appear to be important to us in any way regarding to exams to come because it is simpy irrelevant. Plus, rather than going through all that trouble memorizing the question which appears to be like an "essay", why not simply use your reasoning to pursue the answer? Not that I am trying to say that I am a genius, but it should be possible for a person as such as him. Firstly, why are you asking a question relating to the Quran to fight against his argument? He is not a muslim, what do you expect? He is a scientist, a non-muslim scientist. You can't expect him to refer to the Quran before making a hypothesis. Why should people refer to the religion aside from their own before making a hypothesis? We do not refer to the christian teachings when we do so, the same goes to them. Secondly, he did not say that animal's brain are 100% similar to ones of that a human possess. In fact, he directly stated that "although not all the parts of the brain of animals are similar to humans, but some parts of their brain functions quite similar". Therefore, he does research on those particular parts and section of the brain only. You can't expect him to do a direct research "trial and error" on a human being can you? therefore he needed another solution, animals.

Why did he ask the question? Even if the lecturer agrees or disagrees with his statement, does it in any way affect our studies? NO. I certainly wonder what is the real motive of his question. Well, maybe he does so to acquire confidence which he requires. Who knows~! Im off!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Injured My Right Ankle

Happened yesterday when my right foot accidentally slipped from the wall and landed awkwardly on the ground. Injured my right ankle. Well, this happened because I left my new shoes in Gombak. I wore my old shoes instead, very slippery indeed.. "Botak" already.. So, I woke up this morning and noticed something which I believe is very noticeable to others as well.. Yes, I was limping. I had to walk slowly and come up and down the stairs sideways (like a crab). The last time I remembered this happened was when I landed on my back (ass first though) on solid groung during High School (Still new to parkour). Back then I have to walk like an old women on flat surface, like a crab when I walk down or up the stairs. What happened was I skipped school for one whole week~! SO cool I am..

Okay, now I am just wondering.. It took me 20 minutes to walk to my class.. Now that I am limping... How long will it take? I don't pretty much care about how people look at me when I'm limping, so that settles one of my problem. But the duration of 20 minutes will certainly extend. Not to mention that I have to walk slower up and down the hills/stairs due to the extra pain it brings.. Hmmm... I will simply have to wait and see when that time comes (which is basically tomorrow).


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Am Weakening Over Here, Mask Of A Nerd

I am weakening over here.. I think.
I have simply lost the hope of encountering any people over here with the same interest as such as me. Doing flips? THESE people? Well, maybe the capoeira people but I can't seem to find any of them at all. I want to do and practice my freerunning over here and there are a number of locations in which I myself would like to attempt the skills that I have been visualizing in my mind each time I encounter such places.
But this place is full of people, I mean full of them! If I were to do so, people will think that I am simply showing off (Which I would like to avoid, low profile for the win~!). I think that this is the kind of places where I have to keep the other side of me to myself. Meaning that I will have to wear a mask to hide who I really am. Why? Because it is more convenient that way, and doing so does not prove to be a struggle for me. So, over here I might appear like a nerd I guess. I think it will be hard to find people with the same wavelength as me over here. The way people think over here is simply too typical. I do not mean in an academic way of course. I mean the WAY that they think are simply.. Too normal I guess. So, in order to mix in. I shall wear my "mask of nerd~ness".
Wish me luck. (Of course I am not actually hoping you guys to wish me luck for real, in other words what I really meant to say was bye2~! Same goes with "lol", people usually say this not because they are simply "laughing out loud", but it is simply because they have nothing better to say)
And why is it that I can't seem to put spaces to differentiate my paragraphs? I have to add a dot to enable it. And also, I can't add the long "I" in which I used for my ParasiteIsAnExistence thingy. Something wrong blogger? Or is there something wrong with what I'm doing? Woot!?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Am Using Gombak's Computer Lab For Free~!

Yes, I am currently using Gombak's computer lab which is absolutely free and fast as well. The other convenient thing about the computer lab is that it consist of 50 computers for students to use. Not to mention that there are only guys over here, no chicks to be found which basically means that it increases 50% of our chances to acquire the opportunity to use a computer. Everyone will be sharing a single printer, which is very fast. The only thing we have to pay for here is for the printing! Before we use the computer, we will need to sign in our matric card and pin code as a student. Then afterwards it will say that you are signed in. To use the printer you will have to pay, yes? Well, the payment works this way. You can go to the printing depatment and pay them to top up ur account, minimum of RM5 (Works like a cellphone). Print black and white for each paper will cost you 10 sen. The coloured one I did not bother to find out. This is one of the main reason why students do not share their pin code number, or else others will simply deplete your "credits" and can simply sabotage your class schedule by altering your class registration which will certainly make everything a mess. The internet connection here is nice, except for the privacy though.
I want to register for wi-fi but it is quite troublesome as you require an internet to download stuff into your laptop which you basically require in the first place. Of course you can simply download it via your thumbdrive yes, but I have another troublesome thing to worry about which is to find the UIA's correct email to send our "physical address" to enable our wi-fi thingy. So I will simply leave it to my roomates if they are not lazy. Not to mention that after going through all those trouble, I will not even be enabled to use the wi-fi from inside my room. Why? That is because my Mahallah (room building) is located at the top of a hill, which the wi-fi cannot reach. So I have to go the cafeteria to online... I want a broadband!! The celcom building is located here, so it should be fast!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Will Be Going Off To Gombak This 7th Of July...

I will continue my studies further in Gombak this upcoming Tuesday, I will basically continue for my degree. Tomorrow will be the last day of my very long holiday :(... Although my holiday was long, but I spent each and every minute of it in the way I wanted it to be spent! No regrets whatsoever. Truth be told, I felt so damn busy during my holiday, I felt like time was never enough! I guess that is what happens when you have too many things to do with your life (Which is good I guess, because it is very enjoyable). I do not find it it enjoyable to continue my studies in Gombak this upcoming Tuesday, due to various different reasons which I might share after this. During my holiday, I never even spent a single day thinking about my plans and situation in Gombak, this is because I do not like to think about the things that I do not like. Plus, it is unavoidable anyways, why trouble yourself to think about the unavoidable? So I simply enjoyed my holiday to its maximum extent, because I'm cool~!

But now, the day has finally come. It is time for me to think about my plans for Gombak. This is the situation that has basically troubled me for a whole long year.. I am not sure which course I should take to continue as my degree... Lemme list down my options.. Also with my own point of view towards such subject..

Political Science - Politics (Very high income but I guess we need to have "connections" to be successful in this line of work. Plus, I do not want to meddle into corruption which I believe usually occurs in this line of work..)

Basic Research Method And Report Writing - Research (The income is quite high but I am not interested into writing reports and doing research all day long. I am not interested in reading as well.)

Sociology And Anthropology - Sociologist/Anthropologist (Studying about the language, culture and lifestyle of the aborigines!!!? Are you insane in the membrane!??)

History - History... (Should not even be considered in the first place..)

Psychology - (Yeah! This job is very interesting! The payment is quite nice as well.. But I guess this job can only be easily find overseas. The payment is nicer as well. But I do not want to go overseas. I want to stay here, muahaha)

Mass Communication - (I guess this is the course that I am going to take as my Degree.. But the thing is... I do not know exactly what job it has to offer..)

In other words, I am clueless... Human Science sucks ass! I should have took Law, because it seems so much easier and interesting. Bummer..

But then again, it might only seem as if there is nothing much to offer, but truth be told, who knows? So I will only just go with the flow~! I want to Major in Mass Communication, and Minor in Psychology. I am going to miss my holiday... :(

Anyways, new location comes with a new determination!! I will try my best to perform!! There is no way I will let my foolish friends to laugh at me if something bad happens! Owh yeah, that reminds me... Now I shall share to you why is it that I do not find it interesting to continue my studies in Gombak..

1. I am not sure whether I am going to like my new environment there...
2. The room is split into 4 different compartments for 4 different people, what happens if the other 3 turns out to be homos? Shit, if that happens, I'm going to scare them and force them to share a single compartment, so that I can have another 2 extra compartment for myself! Plus, I think they will be happy sharing the same compartment because they are homos! This way, everyone will be happy!
3. The location between my hostel and my class is very far.. When I say very far, I meant so VERY FAR!! Compared to Nilai, walking to class everyday is nothing at all...
4. With whom shall I hang out with!?? All of my friends are left in Nilai. Making new friends bore me...
5. Will there be nice locations for me to do Parkour? At least I know I can do lots of trickings on grass, but Parkour is a different story..
6. Does it mean that I have to do trainings, alone? Woot!? I do not want to do EMO training sessions!! I am not Siddiq and Abudi and Amir and Azam~! They do EMO training sessions!
7. I heard that it is compulsory to enter a club for our curriculum activities... That means more of wasting my time..
8. Is it possible for me to return back home every weekend? Not being able to trick with others is one thing.. But what will happen to my clothes? They will not wash themselves do they? Does that mean I have to wash em myself? Nooooooooo!!!!
9. Nilai has many gay students... Nilai is just one of the UIA branches... Gombak is the main branch for UIA... Meaning that Gombak will gather all of their students from all other branches... Meaning Gombak will gather ALL GAYS FROM ALL DIFFERENT BRANCHES?? WOOOT!!!?
10. I don't feel like it.

The tenth reason I intentionally add because I wanted to have 10 different reasons for me to hate going to Gombak. Ok, I guess this will be my last post before I go to Gombak...

(I guess this might irritate some of my friends who are still in foundation, hoho)


Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Got My Driving Licence (About Time!)

Okay, finally I got myself a driving license. It did not matter to me before to even get myself a driving license due to the fact that I already have drivers at home (Amir, My mother, etc). I can simply just tell them where I want to go and then tadaaa, they will send me there. But lately (and when I say lately I meant since last year), I finally thought about how long can I depend on these people? If I don't get my driving license soon, when will I have the chance to get them? I will be busy when I enter Gombak on the 7th of July this upcoming week. I will hardly have the time to waste on getting myself a driving license. So I figured, I might as well get it now while I still have the free time to spare.

But the procedure in which people have to go through to get the driving license is frustrating... All the time wasted due to the time-consuming process that needs to be done to acquire a license that cost you a high amount of money which basically allows you to simply drive your own car which you yourself bought it with your own money.. Imagine... You bought yourself a car.. But you have to pay hundreds more just so that you can use it.. If not, it will just be located in your garage for display. But, such thing should not even be debated due to the fact that it is necessary since it concerns about our safety, and others as well.

What I was trying to say previously was that I became frustrated because I had to waste my time and energy towards such matter. It is necessary for me to get myself a driving license, but it bore me.. 5 hours of lecture... Then came another 6 hours of lecture.. Came with another 10 hours of training.. Then came many hours more to complete the test.. Very3 time consuming.. Owh yeah, during the test when I was about to move on to the road test thingy.. I was the LAST person to take the test.. Wow, of all the turns I could get, I got the last... So, when I was waiting for my turn, I noticed a kancil coming in. I knew it was going to be my turn next so I stood up and then simply wait while watching the kancil came closer. The weird thing was, the kancil drove very3 fast! I was like "Wtf.. Whoever the kid is, he is very brave to drive that fast during the test.."..

When the kancil came closer, it was then I was like "Oooooowh, no wonder..."... What happened you guys wonder? Well, it turned out that the test candidate failed.. The candidate was a Indian woman around her 20's and she was sitting at the passenger seat with the facial expression I think you guys can predict (yup). Basically, the JPJ wanted to appear aggressive or something. He failed a candidate, drove very3 fast, continued with his facial expression that appears as if he wanted to kill his own mother.

So I thought, maybe this guy wants to fail me as well.. That won't happen, I waited for hours and I was having a migraine due to the heat and waiting... There is no way I would want to do through all that just to fail.. So what I did was I "politically behaved myself in a very good manner" in an attempt to avoid failure. I behaved in a very3 "good adab" way that basically would make the JPJ feel bad to fail me. So in the end I got 19/20! Muahahaha!!! I will get my driving license when I am in Gombak. hohoho...

Owh yeah! The chick I was talking about previously in my "adik angkat" post. It seems that she really2 read my blog! Waaah! Scary shit yeah? She even gave a comment on that very topic. I can see what she is trying to achieve, but I don't see why she is trying to turn the table around in such way. It is futile if you ask me. The fact remains, she added me without any reason whatsoever, when I stopped ym with her, the conversation which I copied and paste in the previous post occurred(wanted to try copy Azam's style). Like I said, I thought both side thought of it as a joke, but it appeared that I was mistaken. The post was basically created due to the fact that I did not know what else she wanted from me. That is why I pasted the conversation due to the fact that it leaves me with a question mark in which I would like to share with others. (But at the same time do not want to know the answer)