Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Am Using Gombak's Computer Lab For Free~!

Yes, I am currently using Gombak's computer lab which is absolutely free and fast as well. The other convenient thing about the computer lab is that it consist of 50 computers for students to use. Not to mention that there are only guys over here, no chicks to be found which basically means that it increases 50% of our chances to acquire the opportunity to use a computer. Everyone will be sharing a single printer, which is very fast. The only thing we have to pay for here is for the printing! Before we use the computer, we will need to sign in our matric card and pin code as a student. Then afterwards it will say that you are signed in. To use the printer you will have to pay, yes? Well, the payment works this way. You can go to the printing depatment and pay them to top up ur account, minimum of RM5 (Works like a cellphone). Print black and white for each paper will cost you 10 sen. The coloured one I did not bother to find out. This is one of the main reason why students do not share their pin code number, or else others will simply deplete your "credits" and can simply sabotage your class schedule by altering your class registration which will certainly make everything a mess. The internet connection here is nice, except for the privacy though.
I want to register for wi-fi but it is quite troublesome as you require an internet to download stuff into your laptop which you basically require in the first place. Of course you can simply download it via your thumbdrive yes, but I have another troublesome thing to worry about which is to find the UIA's correct email to send our "physical address" to enable our wi-fi thingy. So I will simply leave it to my roomates if they are not lazy. Not to mention that after going through all those trouble, I will not even be enabled to use the wi-fi from inside my room. Why? That is because my Mahallah (room building) is located at the top of a hill, which the wi-fi cannot reach. So I have to go the cafeteria to online... I want a broadband!! The celcom building is located here, so it should be fast!!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

noob. dont tell me kat nilai takde the cool wireless machine for printing which you need to topup money to your matric card?? RM1 for the stupid color printing. but it is super fast :D broadband celcom is super slow. dont buy even if there's celcom. W1MAX!!

Paras|te said...

Abudi Alsagoff said...
"noob. dont tell me kat nilai takde the cool wireless machine for printing which you need to topup money to your matric card??"

Ok, I won't.

Paras|te said...

Owh, and my bad! There is actually two different computer labs for the guys and girls. The girl's lab seemed bigger and better though.