Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Will Be Going Off To Gombak This 7th Of July...

I will continue my studies further in Gombak this upcoming Tuesday, I will basically continue for my degree. Tomorrow will be the last day of my very long holiday :(... Although my holiday was long, but I spent each and every minute of it in the way I wanted it to be spent! No regrets whatsoever. Truth be told, I felt so damn busy during my holiday, I felt like time was never enough! I guess that is what happens when you have too many things to do with your life (Which is good I guess, because it is very enjoyable). I do not find it it enjoyable to continue my studies in Gombak this upcoming Tuesday, due to various different reasons which I might share after this. During my holiday, I never even spent a single day thinking about my plans and situation in Gombak, this is because I do not like to think about the things that I do not like. Plus, it is unavoidable anyways, why trouble yourself to think about the unavoidable? So I simply enjoyed my holiday to its maximum extent, because I'm cool~!

But now, the day has finally come. It is time for me to think about my plans for Gombak. This is the situation that has basically troubled me for a whole long year.. I am not sure which course I should take to continue as my degree... Lemme list down my options.. Also with my own point of view towards such subject..

Political Science - Politics (Very high income but I guess we need to have "connections" to be successful in this line of work. Plus, I do not want to meddle into corruption which I believe usually occurs in this line of work..)

Basic Research Method And Report Writing - Research (The income is quite high but I am not interested into writing reports and doing research all day long. I am not interested in reading as well.)

Sociology And Anthropology - Sociologist/Anthropologist (Studying about the language, culture and lifestyle of the aborigines!!!? Are you insane in the membrane!??)

History - History... (Should not even be considered in the first place..)

Psychology - (Yeah! This job is very interesting! The payment is quite nice as well.. But I guess this job can only be easily find overseas. The payment is nicer as well. But I do not want to go overseas. I want to stay here, muahaha)

Mass Communication - (I guess this is the course that I am going to take as my Degree.. But the thing is... I do not know exactly what job it has to offer..)

In other words, I am clueless... Human Science sucks ass! I should have took Law, because it seems so much easier and interesting. Bummer..

But then again, it might only seem as if there is nothing much to offer, but truth be told, who knows? So I will only just go with the flow~! I want to Major in Mass Communication, and Minor in Psychology. I am going to miss my holiday... :(

Anyways, new location comes with a new determination!! I will try my best to perform!! There is no way I will let my foolish friends to laugh at me if something bad happens! Owh yeah, that reminds me... Now I shall share to you why is it that I do not find it interesting to continue my studies in Gombak..

1. I am not sure whether I am going to like my new environment there...
2. The room is split into 4 different compartments for 4 different people, what happens if the other 3 turns out to be homos? Shit, if that happens, I'm going to scare them and force them to share a single compartment, so that I can have another 2 extra compartment for myself! Plus, I think they will be happy sharing the same compartment because they are homos! This way, everyone will be happy!
3. The location between my hostel and my class is very far.. When I say very far, I meant so VERY FAR!! Compared to Nilai, walking to class everyday is nothing at all...
4. With whom shall I hang out with!?? All of my friends are left in Nilai. Making new friends bore me...
5. Will there be nice locations for me to do Parkour? At least I know I can do lots of trickings on grass, but Parkour is a different story..
6. Does it mean that I have to do trainings, alone? Woot!? I do not want to do EMO training sessions!! I am not Siddiq and Abudi and Amir and Azam~! They do EMO training sessions!
7. I heard that it is compulsory to enter a club for our curriculum activities... That means more of wasting my time..
8. Is it possible for me to return back home every weekend? Not being able to trick with others is one thing.. But what will happen to my clothes? They will not wash themselves do they? Does that mean I have to wash em myself? Nooooooooo!!!!
9. Nilai has many gay students... Nilai is just one of the UIA branches... Gombak is the main branch for UIA... Meaning that Gombak will gather all of their students from all other branches... Meaning Gombak will gather ALL GAYS FROM ALL DIFFERENT BRANCHES?? WOOOT!!!?
10. I don't feel like it.

The tenth reason I intentionally add because I wanted to have 10 different reasons for me to hate going to Gombak. Ok, I guess this will be my last post before I go to Gombak...

(I guess this might irritate some of my friends who are still in foundation, hoho)



A'a said...

i'd pick sociology and anthropology or psychology. but then again, that's just me. haha you have to think carefully of the pros and cons of each subject. even if it offers great income but if you dont enjoy what you do then it's a waste as well kan. so yeah. :D goodluck man! psychology is fun though!! im taking psychology, children's psychology that is. and it's great i tell you!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

you have to take psychology, so you can psycho the shit out of the pants of some 'bastard'!!! and those guards whom always piss us off!!!

I want you to be a psychologist, then you HAVE to psycho them, hypnotize them (learn that too bitch!) and tell them that we can use anything we feel like using and just fuck off! It's not like it's his personal place. Son of a bitch!

Then comes Siddiz the lawyer, i want him to sue that bastard till he can only eat his own urine and faeces cause he have no money left and he will have to sell his body parts to have the taste of some cheap foods. Plus, after he sold all of his body parts, he'll have to eat food like dogs crawling and using only their mouths!


yes i cant let it go! >:D

Acap said...

its good to have psychology and communication....cause, lecturer aku ckp psychology yg bhgn children psychology skang tgh berkembang and kerja luar negara...maybe sbb malaysia lmbt skit kot terpulang ar kat ko nk kerja luar negara ke x...communication lak nmpk mcm no offense...amik, kalo ko jd PR kat syarikat2 besar mcm maxis, petronas bla2 yg cool bleh dpt gaji yg byk...wee~

Anonymous said...

I dont want to work overseas~! So I choose communication, muahahaha!!!