Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Got My Driving Licence (About Time!)

Okay, finally I got myself a driving license. It did not matter to me before to even get myself a driving license due to the fact that I already have drivers at home (Amir, My mother, etc). I can simply just tell them where I want to go and then tadaaa, they will send me there. But lately (and when I say lately I meant since last year), I finally thought about how long can I depend on these people? If I don't get my driving license soon, when will I have the chance to get them? I will be busy when I enter Gombak on the 7th of July this upcoming week. I will hardly have the time to waste on getting myself a driving license. So I figured, I might as well get it now while I still have the free time to spare.

But the procedure in which people have to go through to get the driving license is frustrating... All the time wasted due to the time-consuming process that needs to be done to acquire a license that cost you a high amount of money which basically allows you to simply drive your own car which you yourself bought it with your own money.. Imagine... You bought yourself a car.. But you have to pay hundreds more just so that you can use it.. If not, it will just be located in your garage for display. But, such thing should not even be debated due to the fact that it is necessary since it concerns about our safety, and others as well.

What I was trying to say previously was that I became frustrated because I had to waste my time and energy towards such matter. It is necessary for me to get myself a driving license, but it bore me.. 5 hours of lecture... Then came another 6 hours of lecture.. Came with another 10 hours of training.. Then came many hours more to complete the test.. Very3 time consuming.. Owh yeah, during the test when I was about to move on to the road test thingy.. I was the LAST person to take the test.. Wow, of all the turns I could get, I got the last... So, when I was waiting for my turn, I noticed a kancil coming in. I knew it was going to be my turn next so I stood up and then simply wait while watching the kancil came closer. The weird thing was, the kancil drove very3 fast! I was like "Wtf.. Whoever the kid is, he is very brave to drive that fast during the test.."..

When the kancil came closer, it was then I was like "Oooooowh, no wonder..."... What happened you guys wonder? Well, it turned out that the test candidate failed.. The candidate was a Indian woman around her 20's and she was sitting at the passenger seat with the facial expression I think you guys can predict (yup). Basically, the JPJ wanted to appear aggressive or something. He failed a candidate, drove very3 fast, continued with his facial expression that appears as if he wanted to kill his own mother.

So I thought, maybe this guy wants to fail me as well.. That won't happen, I waited for hours and I was having a migraine due to the heat and waiting... There is no way I would want to do through all that just to fail.. So what I did was I "politically behaved myself in a very good manner" in an attempt to avoid failure. I behaved in a very3 "good adab" way that basically would make the JPJ feel bad to fail me. So in the end I got 19/20! Muahahaha!!! I will get my driving license when I am in Gombak. hohoho...

Owh yeah! The chick I was talking about previously in my "adik angkat" post. It seems that she really2 read my blog! Waaah! Scary shit yeah? She even gave a comment on that very topic. I can see what she is trying to achieve, but I don't see why she is trying to turn the table around in such way. It is futile if you ask me. The fact remains, she added me without any reason whatsoever, when I stopped ym with her, the conversation which I copied and paste in the previous post occurred(wanted to try copy Azam's style). Like I said, I thought both side thought of it as a joke, but it appeared that I was mistaken. The post was basically created due to the fact that I did not know what else she wanted from me. That is why I pasted the conversation due to the fact that it leaves me with a question mark in which I would like to share with others. (But at the same time do not want to know the answer)



Hariz said...

Dude,congrats on getting ur driver's license!!

mizah-kholil said...

u got ur license! awesome! congrats!