Monday, July 20, 2009

A Question To Be Asked

Im so cool! It took me an unbelievably amount of time to line up just to register for my wi-fi!! Sounds so desperate right? Well, when you waited for almost half an hour, you will most probably say "What the heck, why not wait for another 10 minutes since I already wasted half an hour lining up!" Then an hour pass by, you will most probably say "The hell!? I waited for a whole one hour! There is no way I will let this wait go to waste!" Well, that happened to me! It stretches until 2 and a half hour I tell ya! Yesh! One big department, and they only have ONE person to help others to register their wi-fi. People have to download stuff and restart their laptop twice. That only goes for ONE person. You do the math.

Now I can online! But there is still another irritating fact in which I could not avoid but to simply accept.. I cannot online from within my room itself, the signal does not reach there.. I have to go down to the cafeteria to do so! Which basically sucks. But then again, that will certainly prevent me from going online 24 hours a day and mess up with my studies. So I say, better that than nothing!

My studies so far is going along quite fine, seeing that I am simply re-learning the stuff that I already learned back in Nilai. Except for Mass Communication though, there is a new topic added which is "machine". Each year the topic is updated, only in Gombak. Seeing that is the subject that i am going to Major, I will focus on that. Psychology will be my minor, so I will focus on that as well. So far so good.

Owh yeah, the students in my class! I don't think the relationship between us can grow at all. The distance between us are constantly kept away, which is good for me. As usual, there will be the type of students who wish to be the attention whore during the class. The only thing that I wish to inquire to them is, why? In my psychology class, there is this one student who sat in the very front row on the right side of the class (I was sitting in the front row in the middle). At the end of the class he raised his hand to ask a question. He asked "Miss, I am simply wondering, is it possible foe me to ask you questions in the middle of the class?" The answer would be yes. Then he proceed by saying "Owh, ok then. I have a question to ask of you regarding the theory of Ivan pavlov.." I was like.. Owh, energetic are we? He said "In his work, he compares Human and animals in his research. Why does he do so? It is stated in the Quran (Recited the verse in arabic), that humans can be the most perfect creations but at the same time can be the most despicable creature of all, far more worse than animals." I was like, OMG! He actually recited the Quran! *clap clap*! He continued "It is obvious that humans and animals are not alike at all. Why is it that he uses animals in his research as a comparison to the humans?" The lecturer simply said, thats a very good question, thanks for highlighting that up, we will discuss on that later in our next class.

I was amazed by his enthusiasm and all.. But such event left me with a question.. What was the motive of that very question he was asking?? Firstly, that was the beginning of our very class for that particular subject, therefore answers for question would not be something that people usually seek for in their first class do they? If you wish to know the answer for the preparation of our exam, the answer to that very question does not appear to be important to us in any way regarding to exams to come because it is simpy irrelevant. Plus, rather than going through all that trouble memorizing the question which appears to be like an "essay", why not simply use your reasoning to pursue the answer? Not that I am trying to say that I am a genius, but it should be possible for a person as such as him. Firstly, why are you asking a question relating to the Quran to fight against his argument? He is not a muslim, what do you expect? He is a scientist, a non-muslim scientist. You can't expect him to refer to the Quran before making a hypothesis. Why should people refer to the religion aside from their own before making a hypothesis? We do not refer to the christian teachings when we do so, the same goes to them. Secondly, he did not say that animal's brain are 100% similar to ones of that a human possess. In fact, he directly stated that "although not all the parts of the brain of animals are similar to humans, but some parts of their brain functions quite similar". Therefore, he does research on those particular parts and section of the brain only. You can't expect him to do a direct research "trial and error" on a human being can you? therefore he needed another solution, animals.

Why did he ask the question? Even if the lecturer agrees or disagrees with his statement, does it in any way affect our studies? NO. I certainly wonder what is the real motive of his question. Well, maybe he does so to acquire confidence which he requires. Who knows~! Im off!



mizah-kholil said...

Its such a hassle to have to register again for internet..very typical of UIA to have one person in charge for everyone. i swear, they never seem to learn from their mistakes.

'attention whore' lol.

obviously that student wants to make a good first impression to show that he knows 'something' and wants to gain some respect for being able to recite phrases from the Holy impress others...especially the lecturer.and there is the possible motive that he wants to be the teachers pet.

but since his question is so looong and quite irrelevant to the subject and kinda bad timing as well... obviously his attempt to show off failed miserable and only ended up making him look foolish.

didnt he take CCT??.. i think he should re-take it. he should think critically before he opens his mouth.

anyways, hope ur ankle is betttter!

Paras|te said...

When more than one great person thinks alike, I can't help but to agree. XD