Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Am Weakening Over Here, Mask Of A Nerd

I am weakening over here.. I think.
I have simply lost the hope of encountering any people over here with the same interest as such as me. Doing flips? THESE people? Well, maybe the capoeira people but I can't seem to find any of them at all. I want to do and practice my freerunning over here and there are a number of locations in which I myself would like to attempt the skills that I have been visualizing in my mind each time I encounter such places.
But this place is full of people, I mean full of them! If I were to do so, people will think that I am simply showing off (Which I would like to avoid, low profile for the win~!). I think that this is the kind of places where I have to keep the other side of me to myself. Meaning that I will have to wear a mask to hide who I really am. Why? Because it is more convenient that way, and doing so does not prove to be a struggle for me. So, over here I might appear like a nerd I guess. I think it will be hard to find people with the same wavelength as me over here. The way people think over here is simply too typical. I do not mean in an academic way of course. I mean the WAY that they think are simply.. Too normal I guess. So, in order to mix in. I shall wear my "mask of nerd~ness".
Wish me luck. (Of course I am not actually hoping you guys to wish me luck for real, in other words what I really meant to say was bye2~! Same goes with "lol", people usually say this not because they are simply "laughing out loud", but it is simply because they have nothing better to say)
And why is it that I can't seem to put spaces to differentiate my paragraphs? I have to add a dot to enable it. And also, I can't add the long "I" in which I used for my ParasiteIsAnExistence thingy. Something wrong blogger? Or is there something wrong with what I'm doing? Woot!?

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mizah-kholil said...

hmm..ur still doing the low profile thing again? to not truly be able to show ur real self out there. u should just keep planning and visualising this sem..and when ur fellow mates enter gombak then you're pretty much ready to go.
and i saw ur friends pracitising round nilai square and on the field.

hope gombak is goood...well better than nilai i hope! good luck!