Saturday, January 30, 2010

Irritating Dream

Yesterday, I decided to lie down and rest my eyes a bit due to the fact that I was tired. As I lied down, I played around with my imagination. Every now and then I open my eyes so that I won't fall asleep cause I still want to stay awake. But then again, I fell asleep anyways. I had a dream, an irritating dream to be exact. Not planning to describe the dream though, cause the dream is crappy. In short, I became so angry in the dream itself. I was supposed to be weak in the dream, the type of dream where u become powerless and weak and have no strength in ur punch or whatsoever. But, I think due to my anger that I had, I became quite strong. There was this guy that I wanted to punch so badly, but the minute when I approached him, I suddenly woke up with my eyes opened widely... IN ANGER!!! Irritating!! GRRRR!!

Jgn Benci Kami, Shuffle Itu Seni!! = "hentak2 lantai... hentak2 lantai dekat sini pulak.. Du du du~"
Selagi Enjin Motor Aku Berjalan, Selagi Itu Aku Tak Akan Mati... = "Motor aku rosak dowh, nk kene hantar repair ar nie, dah la aku pokai skrg...Mati aku.."
Silat Ilmu Pertahanan Diri Yg Handal = "Kalau dia kuat sgt, kau pakai je ilmu kebal, bg padan muke dia"
Abudi = "Shake shake, shake shake shake it!"
Acap = "Bro's code x penting, awek aku plg penting.... I'm as cool as pro.."
Siddiq = "وأنا أهم الرهيبة, وكل من الخاسرين "
Amir = "Xbox360, owned! PSP, owned! Computer, owned! Iphone, owned! Private Gym, hmm.."
Mierol = "Putri, jom gi makan. Cam biase ar, kau blanje aku k?"
Irsyad = "Shit! Aku ade assignment! Dota ar dulu..."
Azam = "Xde plan, youtube jap.. Onepiece jap.. Facebook jap..Blog jap.. Ama, get a life la, ish3.."


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gays, again!

Being a gay, is simply a challenge that Allah has gave from above. It is the struggle between you and ur "Nafsu". Will you choose to persevere it in the name of Allah? If you do, the struggle that you have endured will be rewarded with heaven, the greatest gift which is totally worth ur earthly struggle. If u become a gay anyway, then u fail the challenge that Allah has gave.

Same goes to everyone. Many guys are horny, do u see them raping others or even openly flirt with others? No, because nafsu is simply a challenge in which we need to endure as the slave of Allah. So if u become a gay, dun give a stupid lame excuse such as "Its not my choice to be a gay!" or "I'm a human too! This is my freedom!", because truth be told, you are just a slave of Allah and all ur so called "freedom" belongs to Him and Him only and it is simply the fact that u fail the challenge of Allah and has give in entirely to ur "nafsu" which many others have persevered, u become a fag.

As a muslim, we must hate and despise those who do the things that Allah has forbid... So to those who support or even pity these fags, you are one of the people that is ignorant in ur own religion, too caught up in this temporary life we have on earth thinking of earthly matters only while ignoring the hereafter. I just wanted to write this down because lately I see many movies supporting gays and this pisses me off. Laters~

Of course I'm arguing this using the Islamic perspective, those who want to argue using the Western perspective can go and try to pray at the mosque during friday prayers, SEE how much you have strayed from the path of Islam.