Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toys Story Sucks Ass

At first, I totally loved Toys Story 3 when I watched it at the cinema in Mid Valley. I love the storyline, I love the characters, I love the jokes, I love the graphics, I love the fact that Buzz lightyear suddenly speaks in Spanish and act romantically like one, I love it when they make their escape plan looks like mission impossible, I love it when they make the baby doll look as scary as hell with its right eye broken and acts as a bouncer, I love the part when the toy monkey looks at the camera monitor with its eyes open as wide as hell like a freak, I love the part when Potato Head uses its body parts to move around and uses something else to replace its own body, I love the part when they introduce the "joker"character which frowns all the time cause its hilarious, I love the part when they show the dog of their owner was already old and lazy, I love every single damn thing about the movie.

Most of all, I love the ending. Since the beginning of the story, they show Andy (the owner) as a person who was already too grown up to play with his toys like he usually does. His toys lost hope towards him and already gave in to their futile hope as they plan to be stored in the attic. But then, during the ending. Andy gave all of his toys to a girl who loves to play with toys exactly like he was when he was younger. He gave and introduced his toys one by one to the girl as he shows his true point of views towards them thus showing that each of them has their own sentimental value. He hesitated when he was about to give Woody to the girl as Woody was the one that he loves the most. But then he gave it to her with a condition that she takes very good care of each and everyone of them. In the end, Andy as their owner, played with them for the very last time. As he went away, he slowly said to himself, "thanks for everything...".

It is totally a better ending compared to Toys Story 2 because Toys Story 2 ending was quite sad...

As I was thinking to myself about Toy Story 3, I then slowly try to remember toys story and toys story 2... Then I was like, wtf?

Well, I'll tell you why. In Toys Story, Woody was supposed to have a girlfriend and her name was Bo Peep. I liked her character. BUT, suddenly in Toys Story 3 his girlfriend was no longer there! I searched about it in google and I found out that she was sold in a yard sale. Wtf, a friggin yard sale!? The main character's girlfriend was sold at a YARD SALE!? The worst part is that in toys story 3, Woody and everyone seems fine with the fact that she was simply sold at a YARD SALE...

Very very unromantic... Therefore, I hate toys story. Period.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rebellious Days

This will be my very first short post.

Every normal man would encounter a day where they become rebellious. To whom do they rebel to? Well, usually they rebel to their parents, rebel to the norms of the society, rebel to the law and most commonly would be rebelling to the school.

This mostly happen because dudes at this age will find a very hard time finding their true "identity". Meaning, they are currently embarking into a journey to find who they really are deep inside. People hanging out with the wrong people in the wrong environment will take longer to find who they actually are deep inside... They will try to mingle with things that they will eventually regret, but such actions are necessary in order for them to find their true "identity".

What do I mean true "identity"? Well, living a life where you only follow the norms and the laws of the society, school and family... It doesn't leave you much space for you yourself to make your own decisions. Thus, making it a very hard time for you to actually realize how your true identity is like. If these laws and norms do not entangle you in your everyday lives, what kind of person would you actually become? How do we want to know? ......Rebel.

People don't actually notice why and how they suddenly entered this "rebellious" age, it is simply something that comes naturally... To make it simple, it is something that everyone should encounter to know themselves better.

BUT... We need to be aware that this "rebellious days" are very important and it itself can affect you in a very very huge way... How so you ask? Well, this depends on how long and when you encounter it.

For example...Me.

I encounter this rebellious age during school when I was young and stupid. I did many stupid and embarrassing things but because of this, I managed to find myself earlier than many others did. Truth be told, many others out there still has not yet found themselves and this is dangerous. Why?

A classmate of mine, a guy. He is the type of guy who follows the rule and goes to school everyday, known as the "nice dude" in the perspectives of many. BUT... When he entered matriculation, he encounters a situation where he has the awesome amount of freedom and he can practically do anything he wants. Hanging around with the wrong people (guys have the tendency to be attracted to do bad things), he himself joins them. He suddenly did all the bad things to an extent that he was thrown out from matriculation. Enjoying himself too much I'd say. This is because he has not done any of this during school, thus making him excited like crazy as he enters his "rebellious day".

This is the kind of stuff we do not want people to encounter. Just because they didn't encounter this "rebellious age" when they were young, they screwed over with their life when maturity is most needed, the age when you enter university.

But, this is not the main reason why I write this post. The main reason I want to write this post is to simply state how LOSER-like it is to actually see dudes who encounter this "rebellious age" during school and are STILL in their "rebellious age" even until now. I mean, how STUPID can these dudes be? How long does it require before you soon realize what you are doing is stupid? People like this often try to find an escape tunnel to distract themselves from reality by finding drama's all over the place. Too caught up in their silly "rebellious" act to an extent that it involves the family being worried with them. Too stupid to see how stupid they actually are to an extent that they try to convince others that their stupid actions and their stupid ways of living their life is actually interesting and good. It is LAME and STUPID.

This kind of people find "maturity" to be a "WALL" that will "BLOCK" you from being who you are. This "maturity" to be the drug that will finally stop you from enjoying yourself, making you a puppet that follows everyday norms. This kind of people thinks that once you enter the age of "maturity", all the crazy things that people don't normally do, you won't do as well because you are already "matured"....

Their definition for "maturity" is clearly BULLSHIT.

Which is why they are "STUPID".

Which is also why they are still "lost" in their journey to find their identity as they prolong their "REBELLIOUS" actions.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Our New Video XD


It took us 5 days to do this video, enjoy~ :D!