Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Car With No Gas Or No battery... Or Both?

A few days ago I went to Putrajaya to do the rock-climbing. The place is awesome due to it's safety environment and it's challenging yet efficient challenges it provides to others because of the stages of difficulty available for both amateurs and experts to try. The crashmates provided to cushion the fall were very thick and wide! I went there and I was surprised to see this fact because it seems like a very suitable playground for us who do Parkour to practice there. However, due to our coolness, we decided not to misuse the main purpose of the place. Obviously, it would be irritating for others to see many other people crashing at their place doing different things which are obviously not meant to be done over there. Even I myself would be irritated to see others misusing the place which is originally meant for other things. Therefore, we mostly do the rock-climbing... and sometimes do some flips in between to balance things out. XD

HOWEVER... This post will be entirely about the title has been stated above. Previously I wanted to elaborate about the experience I had regarding the rock-climbing, but something more interesting occurred on the way back... Well, the story goes like this...

We were tired... Our fingers were already weak due to it's over-usage in one day doing rock-climbing. We went back using Siddiq's car. The same car we use to get there in the first place. On the way back, we were laughing as we were examining the pictures we took during that day itself because of the poser-like pictures it appeared to be. Suddenly, Siddiq's car's engine suddenly stopped working. We were like "Holyshit", I don't want to push this car!! So we slowed down the car a bit while shifting the direction of the car towards the left side of the road in order to make it easier for others to go pass us. We even turned on the hazard light. I forgot to mention that the car's engine failed us when we were waiting for the traffic light to go green. The car behind us was stupid, he waited like a moron and did not overtook us. I was like "Woot!? Don't you even notice the hazard light!? What's the motive of the hazard light if others could not comprehend that the car is having a problem!?". The car behind us still persist on waiting for us. Even my friend had to open the window and wave as a signal to the car to move on.

Siddiq turned of the engine and tried to start the engine again. After a few tries he managed to do so. We were like "Pheewh~! Lucky~!". But then after we drove away from there, the car's engine failed us again. Again we did the same method to restart the engine. This situation goes for about another 3 times until finally the engine failed us totally. Siddiq then said "I think it's because the car ran out of gas...".. I was like... WTF!? Why didn't you refill the car's fuel then you over-confident fool~! Then he argued back by saying "It's not my fault~! The car's indication for the fuel thingy didn't blink at all! How was I supposed to know the car was about to run out of fuel~ U fool~". Yes, very high ego he have.

Well, obviously that was the most logical explanation why the car stopped. Because the lights were still available, the water was enough, and the car was not over-heated. Then we decided to push the car towards off the road to make it easier for others to pass us by. At first I was the one who managed the wheel while Acap and Siddiq was pushing the car. At first they pushed like morons and still the car did not budge... I then said to myself "Weaklings~" as I hear Acap complaining "WTF!? Why is the car so heavy!?. I then noticed that I forgot to release the hand-brake. Weee~! So I released the handbrake. They continued their struggle to push the car... They were doing it soooooo sloooooooow!! I got pissed and then I said "Switch lah! So lazy la acap, u control the wheel". Obviously it was because of Acap because his hands were in the weakest condition compared to us all due to the rock-climb thingy. Siddiq was like "I am okay, its just that Acap is already too weak~". So we then pushed the car... It did not even budge at ALL!! We then complained "WTF! Acap! Release the handbrake!". He then released the handbrake. But pressed the brake instead. This goes on numeral times because of the trouble we had communicating with each other, lol. Acap was like "Woot!? You guys told me to press the break, I press la!". Until finally we reached an understanding with each other and managed to push the car successfully.

After we pushed the car. We were clueless as we did not know what to do. Luckily the location we were currently at was near Abudi's house, so we tried to call for his assistance via the phone. He was in UIA PJ, so we thought we could have his brother assisting us instead. We then knew that his brother was on his way back from Serdang, so we had to wait there until his return. We were bored like hell. It was hot and boring. We played around with the camera and then came out with the idea to take pictures with it! Here are some of the pictures we took to express how bored we were! XD!a

As you can see, that was how boring it was. After that we decided to walk to the gas station ourselves to kill time. We left the car behind with the hazard light on so that others could easily see the car and avoid it. Abudi told us via the phone "It is freakin' FAR!! Its not worth it!!!". At first we pondered to ourselves about it, but then the boredom won. So we went there walking in darkness. It was SOOOOO FAAAARRR!! But when we walked, we didn't actually notice how far it was until we finally take a look at how far it actually was again. We walked to the gas station. It was far I tell you... As we were walking there, we noticed how dark it actually was and feared that the cars went through there might actually hit us because that area was known for how crazy people actually drive their car. So we walked and walked and walked... Suddenly we heard dogs were barking and were running towards us. At first we were alarmed but then we noticed they were locked behind a gate, so they could not get out. We tried to ignore those two dogs barking their lungs out. But we then noticed that we could not properly see the fences... So we increased our moving pace just in case the dogs could actually find their way and slip through the fences and bite us. However, I was actually prepared to kick them as self-defense, lol.

We then finally saw the gas station from afar! Wooohooo~! At last! We then continued walking... Then suddenly, Abudi's brother approached us from behind. He was in the car in the passenger's seat with his sister who was driving the car. All that walking for nothing, what a waste of energy, but at least it killed the boredom! So we entered the car and went to the gas station. The car we used was awesome, there were like multiple mini-fans inside the car. I just wanted to mention that even though it was unnecessary, heheh. Abudi's brother provided us the bottle to insert the fuel. At first we thought that RM5 was enough to fill it full. But then it turned out that RM5 only filled a quarter of it... Hoho... So we went back to the car. We filled the gas inside the car, showed our gratitude to Abudi's brother and sister. We wanted to give the bottle back to them but they told us to keep it instead, so nice. Then we went inside the car! We wanted to start the engine, FAILED.... Yes! FAILED!! Awesooome!! Again we tried to think why such thing occur. Siddiq came out with the solution that we need more fuel, RM5 was not enough. However, I told him that it was actually enough.. Until finally, we noticed that the light of the car was dying out... Yes... Due to repeated attempt of trying to start the engine and leaving the car behind with the hazard light on, the car ran out of battery... Nice...

Abudi's brother called siddiq and asked whether the car was fine or was still in the same condition? Siddiq replied it was still in the same condition. Not long after that, Amir came to the scene! Yay! But he is not the savior, he is more like a spectator... Then suddenly Abudi's father came to save the day! He brought the "jumper" to save the day~! However, he was awesomely STRICT! I was practically scared of his behavior, so "garang". At first he told Abudi's brother to open the hood of the car, but it appeared that Abudi's brother had some problem doing so because he does not know how to do so. Then Abudi's father scold him and said "Bukak la depan tu, xreti ke nak bukak hood kerete ke? Tarik je la bwh tu" something like that la but with a "garang-like" voice. Then came the "jumper-device" thingy. He told Siddiq to flash the torchlight properly and told Amir to do the job quickly, hahaha, it was funny seeing such situation from afar, wee~! Then it was complete! Abudi's brother closed the hood of the car and then the side mirror of the car suddenly fell off and went into the drain. Abudi's father then said "Terima Kasih!" to his son. Lol, then his son had to pick it up from the drain. He was very "garang-like" to an extent that I decided not to thank him personally in order to avoid him getting more angrier, lol.

Then the car functioned normally!! Yay!! To put it simply! Siddiq was OVER-CONFIDENT~! Because of him being very confident that the car has enough fuel, the car failed us... This gave me and Acap the trouble of going through things that we did not expect to encounter. We practically had to wait in darkness in sweat. Not only that, Siddiq's action also gave trouble to Abudi's brother and sister as they had to take us to the nearest gas station in the middle of the night. Also, because the car ran out of fuel, we had to repeatedly try to restart the engine and leave the car with the hazard light on to an extent that it ran out of battery. This basically gave trouble to Abudi's father due to the fact that he had to come to scene and help out. Not to mention, Amir was also troubled with although he was not much of a help to begin with.

In the end, I shall summarize this in Malay... Siddiq berjaya menyusahkan kawan-kawan, anak orang, adik orang, abang orang, kakak orang, dan juga bapak orang.... Just because he didn't refill the car's fuel earlier. Yay! So cool~!


Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beginning Of Everything

How I came to be the person I currently am...

How I came to be with the people around me now...

How I came to be learning in the place I currently study...

How I came to perceive things around me in my personal ways...

How I came to be this person all of you know right now....

Is all the result of what happened to me in my past...

Everything I am now is the result of my doings and every single thing occurring around me within the past 20 years...

0 ~ 12 years old

I was a kid who knows nothing of what is happening around me. I was a kid who was living in his own playground. I was a kid who was living in a world of wishful thinking. I was a kid who sits in a car and the next thing I know was I am already in a different location. I was a kid who had a hard time in understanding people for being who they are. I was a kid who was pushed around by both the teachers and the students. I was the kind of kid who did not have the past of childhood many others love to recall about. I was a kid who was totally messed up because of every single thing that was around me. I was a kid who had to struggle to cope up with the reality of life. I was a kid who just so happened to be facing the difficulties in life one thing after another. I was a kid who was alone against the world. I was a kid who was not fortunate enough to live a beautiful life every normal kid deserves. I was me.

I remembered the very first thing I saw when I came to life. Meaning the first time I started to "see" and was able to start "controlling" my body (Its impossible for a person to start controlling themselves when they were still a little baby). I was in a dream, I was riding a horse and the horse was simply standing in a stable held by another man who was controlling it by its side. It was a normal dream. However, I immediately woke up from the dream in shocked to an extent of immediately waking up in a sitting position instead of lying down. I was sweating all over. It was as if I had a terribly bad dream.... After I calmed down, I then continued to sleep. Regardless of how weird it sounded like, that was the first thing I encountered in life. The next morning, I was living my life normally without actually realizing that was the first time I was able to control my life. Everything was so natural and my memory about things around me simply fits in normally. Everything started from there onwards.

I also still remembered some of the silly things I encountered in life when I was little. I remembered singing every now and then when I was happy. I remembered the time when I was playing with my puzzle and then I cried because I thought my brother and sister stole the fragments of the puzzle from me but actually everything was situated under my ass. I remembered having a bad dream seeing the picture my puzzle portray which was my favourite characters being injured beaten up by the evil enemies who looked just like them but meaner. I remembered riding my tricycle going straight towards a lorry without thinking and hit the iron bar or something with my head which then made me fell from the tricycle crying. I remembered having to go through excruciating pain to cut the extra skin from my penis and it took the operation 3x more than my brother took because it was awesomely small, which of course I blame my mother for sending me to do so too early. I remembered the time I fell of a bike when I lost control of my tricycle towards down the hill. I remembered when my head was hit when closing the door of a van. I remembered many other silly things I encountered in life.

However, everything changed when I entered primary school which ended my completely sheltered life. I practically had no friends as I find myself different from others in terms of personality. I also had no interest in learning which affected my life negatively. My teachers usually scold and punish me like idiots as if that was the only solution to such matter which however made it worse because I wanted to skip school and did not pay much attention to what the teachers were teaching because I was afraid of everything they were about to say. I was practically scared most with the Arabic teachers and the teachers who teach Islamic subjects. They were the strictest in terms of punishment and teaching. I actually had no idea why "Jawi" and "Arabic" was different, I only knew the answer to that when I entered secondary school. I didn't know anything about Arabic and jawi be it in terms of spelling and everything else. There was this one female teacher who practically screamed like crazy towards all the stupid students which made it worse, I was MOSTLY afraid of her. She made me feel completely stupid and useless. I was marked as the stupidest kid by the teacher and I had to go through that for the whole 2 years. I swear if I ever had the chance to meet with her again, I would really love to punch her in the face for negatively affecting my life and practically almost ruined my whole future for scarring my perception towards school and completely erased my intention to study even when I'm in the secondary school. This also applies to each and every other teacher who made me feel that way. But luckily I never had that chance.

I had no friends whatsoever, there were times I had friends to hang out with but none of them entitled me as their best friend. I was also bullied by some of the other students as well. This was basically the time of my life where I was totally alone and was bullied by teachers and the students as I was marked as an idiot. I seriously can't explain how terrible it feels like being me back then... To be afraid most of the time... To feel like a useless trash that could not achieve anything... To be alone with no one else to comfort you, understand you or even share any thoughts with you... It was a total length of 5 years of agony being mentally tortured as a kid. Add that with the kind of parents who usually scold and pressure you to have good results... There was actually no place for you to feel comfortable. But I admit there were changes when I was 12 years old, the last year in primary school. It was the only time where I actually enjoyed going to school and had some people that are worthy to be called as my friends. I was no longer bullied by any other student and even my teachers were extremely nice. I felt comfort and fun when I went to school during that time. I believe if this did not occur in my life, I would probably be living a different life rather than living the kind of life I am living now. I could not remember who my teacher was back then, but I am really thankful that she was my teacher. It was the first time I actually studied and got 4A's and 1B for UPSR. This was a high achievement for me, especially for me. These were basically the important factors I encountered in life which managed to shape my character. I believe this is the stage which shaped me into being who I am today by 50%.

13 ~ 20 years old

This was the time when everything about me was changed completely. Previously I was just a kid who accepts every single thing everyone negatively says about me and does absolutely nothing about. But I figured that I had been living my life by following the laws around me all my life and nothing good had I achieved from it. This was during the time I decided to revolt and walk my own path and act according to my own choices. I already encountered painful situations that many others could not simply comprehend, what kind of other painful situation can this "secondary school" inflict to me I asked to myself. Whatever it is, it can't be worse. However, this kind of thinking only took place during my time when I turn 14 years old. It took me a whole year to get used to the school. It turns out that the secondary school I entered was bullshit. Not that I am surprised. Well, this is because my eldest brother Amir was from that school as well. From what I know, he was one of the worst students who revolts the way the school handle things. Every time I heard about him, it must be something about him revolting the teachers and stuff. He was practically well known for his behaviour of going against the school's order. Heck, I was practically surprised being a midget I was before, I had to carry a huge beg pack contained tons of books while my brother went to his school bringing a beg which contains nothing at all.

There was a time when a teacher slapped my brother and my father then decided to come to school to confront him. The teacher pissed his pants because of his cowardice. My father asked him why he slapped my brother. He acted as if he doesn't remember who he slapped yesterday. My father then scolded him by asking how many students did he actually slap yesterday then? The teacher said that he will continue listening to what my father have to say after he finished his class, but it turned out that the teacher quickly ran away after the class was over. The school was supposed to be the place where teachers shape the student into becoming a better person. But from what I see, the school I was in only focus on the students who are already intelligent. The ones who are not performing well academically were treated as trash of the society. They gave no hope whatsoever to these kind of students and frequently label them as trash instead. Is this how people who call themselves "teachers" supposed to treat their so-called students? The only thing I know about them is they frequently complain about their job and kept demanding the students to respect them. With me, it won't work that way. If you want to be respected, then you have to respect me first.

During my form 1, I succeeded in entering the smartest class in school which is called the class of "Amanah". As usual the class system works in alphabetical order to define how stupid we are. During that time, obviously I could not cope up with all the other students who appeared like a geek or a genius in studying with their spectacles on and their study-freak looks on their faces. I only managed to reach that level because of a fluke. I never studied except during my final year in primary school. I spent my form 1 mostly by trying to socialize myself with others. During this year, I did not yet revolt but decided to follow the way of the school and tried to understand how the school works instead. I find it very frustrating when the teachers use the stupid quotation "If other's can do it, then why can't you?". I really could not understand their stupidity... If their quotation is true, then why does the word "genius" even exist in the dictionary? Why is it that everyone considers Einstein a genius if his level of intelligence can be reached by simply "working hard". Why is it a "musical genius" exists even though many other people are struggling like crazy practicing as well. Why is it a person can easily understand certain things faster than other people? If that is not something you call "genius", then what do you call that? Obviously when the teacher teach, certain people can understand it faster than others. People can't change this no matter how much they focus or how "hard-working" they actually are. This is called genius and yet they are questioning such matter. If other people can become a millionaire and a professor, then why the hell are you so stupid and became a teacher instead? Ever asked yourself that question?

During that time, I tried to cope with others but I failed miserably. Everyone was easily understanding what the teacher was teaching and there I was clueless of what was happening around me. In the end, I got last place during exam. When I turned 14 years old, I changed my ways. Because as far as I know, trying hard does not make me happy and it does not make me successful. I went down 2 classes from "A" to "C" which is "cekal". I no longer want to concentrate on studying. I spent most of my time sitting in a corner, analyzing people around me. This was the first time I started to actually analyze people. Before this, I was a midget, a loser, an idiot and unattractive in terms of everything including my personality and appearance as well. I remembered the time when I was walking upstairs and wanted to comb my hair using my hands and the girls behind me laughed at me for doing so. In other words from their point of views it was pointless for me to do so because my hair will still be ugly regardless of my attempt to repair it. The girl laughed and told her friend "Did you see that!? *giggle*", her friend replied in whisper "Shhhh, he might listen...". Obviously they were talking about me because I was the only dude there and there was nothing else to "look" at. I hated people, both the girls and the dudes. I find them to be an irritating existence in my life... I hate the teachers... I hate everyone...

I decided to change my path and do things I don't usually do. I avoided from talking with people. I usually sit in a corner and observe them instead. I tried to understand why they behave the way they are behaving. I looked at the way they look at each other, the way they respond to things, the way they look at the person they love or hate, the way they treat the people they love or hate, the way they lie to people, the way they talk bad things about people and behave differently when they are actually talking to them, the way they mock and make fun of people they find unattractive, the way they compliment the people they like, all the other things as well. I find most of them to be "Hypocrites".... They say bad things about idiotic people and ugly people, but when it comes to the person who looks physically "attractive", they compliment them like crazy regardless of their stupid behavior and idiocy. They treat people they find unattractive as if they don't exist and sometimes even treat them negatively but when they treat the ones they are attracted to they act like an angel. This goes for both the girls and the dudes. I despise them. I decided to observe instead of participating and I learn many things by doing so. I see how pointless people have a "crush" towards each other, confessing to each other and getting into a relationship just to later on break up and repeat the same process. I hate everyone because they are never innocent. I choose to walk a different path and avoid from becoming these "hypocrites" I despise.

I changed myself completely. I changed my hairstyle, I changed my behavior, my way of walking, my way of talking, my way of thinking, everything. I revolt everything. Due to my observation, I noticed a few people who go against the path other people are living their life. In other words the delinquents. I hang around with one of them and with another, to an extent that I unite them together which then make them fond with one another. This was the group that I myself had made consisting of people I find myself comfortable to be with, who are not hypocrites and act the way they are because they want to. The teachers were beginning to perceive me negatively, and was starting to treat me like a delinquent. I come to class late very frequently, I never do my home works because I never pay attention in class and I never respect my teachers. I frequently skip classes and school. At first I started to skip school by hanging outside the school. But then I perceive it to be as a "loser's" way of doing it and how stupid it actually is so then I usually skip school by hanging out in my own house by purposely waking up late or purposely going back to my house by giving any excuses to my mom. But then it was hard to do so, so I decided to skip classes by hanging out in my other friend's classes or by hanging around in the teacher's room, in other words "bilik guru". It's amazing how they can never tell that you are actually skipping class.

I usually go against the teachers because I hate the way they are being bias to students according to their intelligence. I defy them, but I defy them in ways that they can't fight back. In other words, I defy them intelligently, not in a way that they can punish me or spank me as much as they want. I was one of the "smart" delinquents because I defy them but they can't punish me like they punish the other idiots because I was the ONLY ONE who questioned their judgement and actions. Believe me, they were shock to encounter a student like me and does not know how to deal with me. I remembered the time when I had a very strict English teacher, everyone hated her and was afraid of her because of her strictness and because she usually scold people like crazy. Her class starts immediately after recess and she is strictly on time. I still remembered how her first class started during my form 2. At first everyone was scolded one by one because they came late to her class, everyone was terrified by her. No one was allowed to sit until the end of her class. The next day, being ignorant as I was, I did not copy the timetable so I did not know that after recess it was her time to teach my class. I went upstairs after hanging out with my friends. It was our "routine" to hang out during recess longer than we are supposed to. I went upstairs, I was walking by my class and I noticed everyone was standing like idiots. I even noticed some of the girls were looking at me with their terrified face. I then noticed the English teacher standing by the door. I entered and said "Hello" as I passed her and then went to my seat as if I was innocent. She told everyone to sit down except me. She went to my seat and asked me why I was late while everyone was early. It was because of my fault that everyone had to stand like idiots. I argued by saying I was late because I was late and it was not my fault that they had to stand, it was a matter of fact her fault because they were still punished despite their innocence. Became unsatisfied, she told me to call myself an "Idiot". I refused to do so. She told me to do so again. I refused again. She then asked me why I did not want to call myself an idiot. I told her it was because I am not an idiot... Therefore I shall not call myself an idiot. She said nooo, I am an idiot because I came late to her class and that I must call myself an idiot or else I will be forced to stand and she will stand there beside me until the end of the class until I declared that I am an idiot... What a stupid mistake she made lol... I then said "Okay"... I stood there, looking outside the window while ignoring her who so happens to be standing there beside me. After half a minute or so she went back to her table and started teaching while I ignorantly sat down. Instead of making a fool out of me, she made a fool of herself.

I remembered the time when I went to school one day during Friday, I forgot to wear my "sampin" and "songkok" before entering the school but I was still holding them as I enter the school (It was compulsory for the student to wear them every Friday). I didn't wear them, but I planned to wear them properly once I reached the class. As I enter the school, I had to walk pass the discipline room. Standing outside was the discipline teacher. I noticed a dude in front of me, a delinquent to be more precise, he was also not wearing them. Then when he reached the teacher, despite him being a delinquent, he was apologizing to the teacher in fear and was pinched like an idiot. It was painful I can obviously tell. I really don't know how is it that they think they can easily pinch students as long as they want to, it is not mentioned in the school's regulation book, so in other words it is not permissible. I walked there to pass the teacher by and then he tried to pinch me. I was like "Wtf? Dream on fool...". So I hit his hand away as he tried to reach for me and then continued walking upstairs to my class. He was speechless despite his "strict" appearance which means that he was either afraid or he knew that such action was not allowed to begin with.

There was also a time when I was not wearing the school uniform on Wednesday (it was compulsory to wear a uniform on Wednesday) but instead I wear something else which says "Hard-Rock" on my t-shirt. But the colour of the t-shirt was practically the same with the uniform. My "Bahasa Melayu" teacher noticed me wearing such outfit and ordered me to go home. I refused to do so... She then told me to go report to the discipline room and said if I didn't, she will report it to the principal. So I went to the discipline room. The discipline teacher was very cocky. He told me that I was in big trouble. I was like "Who does he think I am? An idiot?". So I told him that I mistook the shirt for my uniform because the colour was the same. He said that I was lying. I said that I wasn't (of course I was lying). He said that he could not believe me because many other students have lied to him. I then said that it was none of my business, my situation has got nothing to do with them. He told me that what I am providing him is simply an excuse without evidence, so he can't trust me. I then argued and said it is your job to believe what the students have to say, I am already telling you the truth, if you can't believe me, then it's your problem, not mine. He became angry and hit the table with his hand and shouted "Kurang ajar!". I was like, no I am not, I am simply telling you the truth. He was afraid to punish me physically because he knows I can argue with him and make it sound as if he was guilty. He then sarcastically told me to go to the principal and said "Pegi la jumpe pengetua, pengetua kan lagi besar dari saya". I then said yes, he is much bigger than you, therefore I shall settle this with him instead. He was frustrated and it was my win. I went to the principal, puts on my innocent face, gave the same excuse, and it was accepted. I went back to the class. The teacher scolded me and told me to go home. I told her, the principle himself told me it is okay, who the hell do you think you are to order me around? XD! Frustrated, she then continued teaching.

In short, there were many other incidents that I go through which then made me well-known for my status as a delinquent. For example, I started doing "parkour" with a friend of mine, and we used it to do vandalism at school. But not all our vandalism were bad, some of them are actually good for the school. For example we once climbed the school's hall exterior, and sprayed the walls. Normal dudes can't climb the wall so people had no idea how people reach there. We were not much good at graffiti, so what we did was basically writing words instead. Not foul words, but our favourite words such as "parasite" and stuff. It was ugly, but at least it was not a negative word. Every day we sat outside the school in the middle of a road people use to pass by and look upon it and be proud of it. The elders looked at it and only smiled due to the fact that it was quite funny. The school painted the hall to cover the sprays and it basically made the school into a much more beautiful place, all thanks to us! I don't know why, but some of the students actually fear me as if I had many "bad" friends to beat them up. Of course I had those kinds of friends, but I'm not that kind of person. The weird thing was, due to my rising hormone, instead of being a midget and ugly as I was, I had grown and became somewhat attractive, LOL (not being prasan, please bear with me...). So girls were starting to notice me, the very same girl who laughed at me when I was repairing my hair the stair started to treat me differently. Somehow people were starting to notice me and were attracted to me and my cousin who so happens to be in the same school and also being a girl, kept on informing how my name is starting to be in the girls topic of conversation. My cousin was quite famous due to her friendly nature so she had a very wide connection of friends. But being the dude I was, I hated it. Just because my appearance changed a bit and I became a bit taller, everyone was treating me differently, just because of my appearance? Now my stupidity was somehow acceptable? Even my delinquent activities are acceptable? I hated their way of looking at things and their way of judging people. The girls became interested with delinquents, what for? What a pointless relationship that goes nowhere and will certainly not last even a year, what about marriage? pffft, impossible. I hated these hypocrites who judge people unfairly. I don't mind if they treat the one they like positively, but why do they have to treat the ugly ones or the stupid ones negatively despite them doing nothing that affects them? I hated them.

Well, it was not that I intentionally became a delinquent without any apparent reason aside from my personal experience back in primary school. It was also because I was already "marked" by the discipline teacher because I was Amir's little brother, so they thought I would be a delinquent as well. I hate them for stereotyping people, so I gave them what they expected of me, but at a higher level. I hated the teachers, I hated the students. This goes on until I almost turned 16 years old. During this time of year, all my delinquent friends blamed the school for their stupidity, but truth be told it was actually because of them themselves, not the school. All of them went to transfer to a different school. When I say all of them, I really mean ALL OF THEM. I became all alone. I was like "wtf, now who do I hang around with?" But I pretty much didn't care because I hated hanging around with other people. I entered my form 4 and everything started to change. Well, truth be told, my relationships with my delinquent friends were starting to become awkward anyways. Because I can't go out to hang out as often as they do, they pretty much hang out each and every day and night. The next thing I know was that they are starting to become more stupid and doing ALL the stupid things. Despite the fact that I am a delinquent, I know my limits. So it was actually good that they transferred school. It's just that now, I had no one to hang out with. So I became all alone again.

This was the time when I started to hang out with friends who I am still hanging around with until now such as Siddiq and Acap. Due to my observing habit, I find them to be the kind of people I like to hang out with. So I approached them and became friend with them, they are nice people and it turns out to be that my observing skill is truly AWESOME because its true. Acap was from a different class, I was previously in his class before I transferred to another class where Siddiq was in. At first I hang around with Acap, we made an assignment of designing something new for the world in terms of technology. We invented a "ring" which PAWNS everything and can even ridicule the Iphone. Basically everything can be done with the ring. Communication, information, entertainment, hologram, you name it. Then I transferred to Siddiq's class. In this class, I started to become interested in studies for the very first time... An English teacher of the class told every new transferred classmate to stand in front of the class to introduce themselves in English, including me. That was the very first time I had to speak in English. I never spoke in English during conversations but somehow I was quite fluent speaking it. Which is weird.

Everyone suddenly perceived me as the "intelligent" student just because I could speak in English well, which I find to be weird and unfair because that pressured me to study in order to live up to their expectations. Their expectation raised even more after I presented a presentation of mine in English. The English teacher also treated me extra special compared to the rest because of my English which I find to be bias but I was okay with that since many other students does not even put an effort to study English. During my presentation the teacher suddenly told me to present the presentation of the 3 girls before me as a summary before I started to present my presentation, which I fluently presented. I was quite proud of myself because I didn't know I could speak in English well before that. It was my first time. I was then sent to become one of the dudes to enter the English debate competition as a school representative but I asked the other dude who just transferred from UK to compete so that I could just become a spare, weee~! I communicated with him and there were two senior students of mine who speaks in English 24 hours type of person, when they heard me speaking they were like "Is he speaking? I'm amazed". I was like, at least whisper to yourselves la so that I could not hear you guys. Do I look that stupid? But that's how the way it is in my school. Those who could speak and write are simply considered as one of those "intelligent people". I still do not know how is it that I was able to speak and write acceptably. Writing I could accept because I play games frequently, but speaking? People even say that I have my own accent which I don't think I have, even until now. Well, whatever it is, I am thankful that I could do well in English without properly practicing it. I actually became the English President for my School club, so cool I am, lol.

Due to people's high expectation of me, I started to study and perform in my studies. People no longer perceive me as a delinquent I previously was. Even my cousin said some people were shocked to notice me studying and becoming a nerd instead of a delinquent. I actually managed to score higher than the 3 genius nerds in my class several times in exams. The fun part was noticing how shock they became each time I score higher than them, =P. I started to focus doing parkour as well, because Amir forced and dragged me into it after he was motivated to see another Malaysian dude doing it on the Internet. I then dragged Siddiq and Acap to join it as well. I dragged Siddiq to join by insisting to borrow his camera. Acap I dragged to join by telling him to participate with me and Siddiq to do an assignment regarding a book assignment entitled "The science of movement", we won 1st place! I think Siddiq and Acap continued to become interested with it because other people in school recognize it as something cool. This was how we continued to do what we are doing even until now, to an extent of basically representing Parkour Malaysia. When I think about it, it is actually a very high achievement, but most of the time I pretty much just ignore it.

I practically started to study like crazy after my result for Modern Maths suddenly became worse than Siddiq... He actually became motivated and studied like hell after that. His motivation scared the hell out of me which then motivated me to do a study group with Siddiq and Acap. Much funny stuff occurs regarding to learning such as the study group we had together. I was very motivated, I had a whiteboard and we all discussed the question and answer together one at a time. There was a dude we call "John", he was really the irritating guy who really spoils our mood to study because he was so arrogant and said Modern Math is too easy but in the end he couldn't even score an A for SPM. I really do not know how he became Acap's close friend during that time. I also remembered the time when I had home tuitions with Siddiq. They were all funny memories. Can you even imagine how we skipped HOME tuitions? Yes, we are that skillful... Mostly because we were not able to finish the homework, because the homework was very hard... Because of all these studies we had together, I believe it was the main reason we managed to enter UIA together. Although we did not even plan to enter it in the first place, nor did we plan to enter any institution together. It simply happened accidentally or in other words coincidentally.

During this stage of my life, everything was starting to become okay... My academics, my friends, my teachers, my life... Everything was slowly turning out to be great and perfect... All things that I have learned, I learn because of all the pain I had to go through and all the great things I was blessed with. The guy I have become today is the result of my past.. It is difficult for someone to just simply interpret and understand me correctly, because truth be told, I am complicated, especially in my ways of thinking. Because of my past, it helps me in overcoming the challenges I have to go through in the future without becoming confused or emotionally unstable because I have faced cruel harsh times and spent most of my time simply observing and understanding people around me, enough to make myself ready.

Many other things happened to me that I can talk about, but I think it is too much to be shared with others... And some things are better kept to myself... My life in UIA and everything happening in between... I'll keep it to myself... What I know is that, I am the product of the struggles I had to go through in the past... I wouldn't change a single thing about me... But I wouldn't want to do it all over again as well... I am what I am today because of everything I do and did during the past of these 20 long years of my life...

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ParasIteIsAnExIstence / AmmarHaidhar

Friday, April 16, 2010

An Angel Told Me A Story

It was a day, like any other day, nothing out of the ordinary. The sun rises emitting its ray of light and the clouds floating by, absolutely the same like any other. As I was walking around, suddenly a ray of light came to me from above. In shock, I looked towards the light. I could not believe my eyes, I saw something beautiful coming towards me... It was an angel! I was awed by the angel's beauty... Her attractive glittering eyes, her skin as white as the freshest snow and her innocent appearance like no other... It rendered me speechless.. The angel's smile took my words away and I swore that she almost took my breath away as well... But... Something very unexpected suddenly occurred... Her innocent-like appearance suddenly faded away after she gave me this weird way of laughter... It sounded very donkey-like, "hihohihohiho~!". I was like... "Oh my god! You are very selekeh!". She then showed me a facial expression we usually see coming from a spoilt brat. "Hmmph! You mere human! I want you to entertain me!" the angel suddenly ordered me around. I was like "Woot!? Entertain yourself! I have many other things to do you poyo-like creature~!". Then the angel suddenly cast a magic spell upon the ground I was standing on... Something that appears like the roots of a tree suddenly appeared and entangled my legs where I stand. I was shocked as everything was happening too fast for me to actually comprehend! Then the angel floats in front of me and said "Sucks to be you, now you have to hear to a story written by me~! It is very original! No humans can produce a spectacular story like this one I made~! The story starts like this...".
Once upon a time there was a girl, she came to a place called the "Wonderland". As she was walking around the Wonderland, a ladybug appeared in front of her. The ladybug was Huuuuuuggeee! Well, not that HUGE... It is a size of the palm of your hands.. The lady bug suddenly sang to her with its awesomely cute voice "Hye hye girl~! Welcome to Wonderland~ Wonderland~ Welcome welcome to Wonderland~!". The girl then asked the ladybug "Are u a ladybug or a ladybird?". The ladybug suddenly became shocked! It was sweating all over as it seriously think about the answer to such question... "Oh my god! What am I!? A ladybug or a ladybird!? I don't even know myself anymore! NoooooooOOooooooooOOO~!!!" the ladybug then screamed in confusion and sadness at the same time.. Then the girl said "Calm down, its just a joke.. If you are from British, then you should call yourself a ladybird.. If your from North America, then you should call yourself a ladybug... Its the same thing but simply with different terms... Its like aeroplane and airplane you see... Voila~! As simple as that~!". The ladybug then sighed in relief... But AGAIN! The ladybug opened its eyes widely in shock and said "Whaaaaaat!??? But I'm from WONDERLAND!!! What should I call myself!!!!! NoooooOooooOOoo!!! I'm a loser!!! Waaaaa!!". Then the girl calmed the ladybug by saying "Relax, relax!! Let's just call you a ladybird, because you surely speak in the British accent, so your a ladybird..".. The ladybug STARES the girl and said "What do you mean I have and accent? I don't have any accent...". "You do have an accent.." The girl replied. "No I don't.." The ladybug then insist... "Yo do have an accent..." The girl then argued.. "I don't have any weird accent! Don't lie to me!!!" The ladybug then emotionally screamed. "No no no, I didn't say it was weird. It was British for God's sake... Owh well, who cares. Anyways, can you help me? I need to find a guy, a prince to be exact.." the girl asked. The ladybug instantly calmed down and then said "Owh!! Of course! Follow me!!"....
But the ladybug was extremely slow... Every step the girl take equals to 1000 step the ladybug take... Every 2 step the girl took, the ladybug became exhausted and dehydrated and went to the nearby well to drink. After the girl reached the 1oth step, the ladybug then collapsed!!! It was dehydrated! Its whole body was dried up due to exhaustion... "Sorry... I do not have the energy to go on.... Forgive me..." it said before it passed away... The girl took the ladybug and carried it by putting it on the palm of her hand and then later on puts the ladybug on a nearby stone.. She cried as she was looking at the deceased ladybug... Then suddenly the leaves around the Wonderland flew and gathered around the ladybug... The lady bug emits a glowing light from its entire body and then flew up towards the sky.. In other words to heaven...
The girl then walked alone to find the prince... As she was walking alone, she came across a pencil... It was NOT just any ordinary pencil! It was a FLYING and a TALKING pencil!! "Wazzup~! Where are you going hotness~?" the pencil asked the girl. "I'm going to find the prince" the girl answered. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Hell no baby! You better not hotness!" the pencil stated. "Huh!? Why not!? The ladybug said I can!!!" the girl argued... "Wait a minute... I thought it was a ladybird... Its a ladybug? I'm confused.. Anyways, its not that I want to stop you, but the prince is being kept captive by the Evil Queen!! Her name is Queen Fatimah and she does not allow anyone to get near the prince!" the pencil replied. The girl then confidently said "I have come so far, I won't give up!". "You only took around 10 step in Wonderland and you said that is far?Anyways, if you persist, you will surely die hotness!" the pencil replied. Both of them argued with each other continuously until the pencil gave up... "Okay okay, but you have to be ready!" The pencil told the girl. "Ready? How?" the girl then asked. The pencil then cast a magic spell that goes like this "I am coolness... I am hotness... Answer my call and protect this girl!". The spell summoned an eraser, ruler, paper and all the writing materials you can think of. The pencil said that the girl should be grateful because they all came to help her. The sharpener then leads the way to the prince.
After half an hour, the girl became tired... They then decided to rest on a rock located somewhere near a pond. The girl looked at her own reflection on the water and sighed. The eraser approached the girl and asked her "Why do you want to see the prince?". "Because he is the love of my life.." the girl answered. "Owh how sweet, lucky bastard that dude is... I mean, what a lucky guy~! Just ready yourself okay? Because the Queen is a one crazy bastard! Owh I mean, she is crazy!! She forcefully kidnapped the prince and kept him captive because she is obsessed with him!" the eraser replied. "Okay, I will..." the girl replied.
They continued walking until finally they reached the castle... Suddenly a gust of wind went towards them and all the writing materials panicked and screamed for help. The girl quickly grabbed each and everyone of them and insert them safely in her front pocket. "Thank you hotness!" all the writing materials said to show their gratitude. "Your welcome" she replied. They entered the castle slowly and silently in stealth... But suddenly all the torches attached to the wall inside the castle started to light up one after another! "MUAHAHAHAHAHHA!!" a loud laughter was suddenly heard. The sharpener told the girl the woman who was laughing was the evil queen herself and then it quickly hid itself into the girls pocket in fear. The girl confidently comfort them and said not to worry as she march towards the Queen without fear. Standing in front of them was the EVIL QUEEN HERSELF!! She was very huge!! Ever watched the evil dragon from enchanted? Yeah, that is how big the evil queen is. "WHY DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE PRINCE YOU SMALL CREATURE!?" the evil queen asked. "He is mine!" the girl answered. "HOW DARE YOU!?" The evil queen shouted and then slapped the girl. The girl however remained strong and said that she was not afraid of her.
Then the girl suddenly noticed there was a cage behind the evil queen. In the cage itself was the prince she was looking for! The prince's clothes was torn here and there and he appeared in an extremely weak condition. The girl shouted for the prince's name. The prince noticed her voice and then instantly told her to save herself and run away. But the girl insisted on continuing to fight the Evil Queen. As she was fighting the evil queen, the writing materials from her pocket silently slip away to go towards the prince. They were holding a seed and was offering the prince to eat it. At first the prince was frightened! "What the hell!? Why can you guys talk and fly!? Where are your mouths!? Your eyes?! This is illogical!!" the prince screamed. They tried to convince the prince that they are nice and the seed was actually to replenish his energy, but they failed because they are a freak of nature and the prince believe that if he eats the seed he will die due to poison or something.
As the prince was refusing to eat the seed, the girl was being beaten by the evil queen... "Please! She needs you!!" The writing materials begged the prince. "MUAHAHAHA!" the evil queen laughed as she beats the girl and threw her towards the floor. Then the prince finally ate the seed because he had no other choice but to do so in order to help the girl he loves. The seed he ate was miraculous! Its like the seed we see in dragonball where it instantly replenished your energy to the max. The prince kicked the cage open. He ran towards the evil queen and did a tornado kick right towards her ugly face! "PRINCE! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!? I LOVE YOU LONG TIME~!" the evil queen shouted. "The feeling is not mutual you ugly fat ass freak!!" the prince replied. The Evil Queen then was suddenly casting a spell and was about to do some sort of magic that allows some sort of magic to appear from her hands like the things you see in dragonball or streetfighter. But before the evil queen managed to do so, the prince ran towards the evil queen and did a sideflip over the queen and then kicked her ass as hard as he could. The evil queen was kicked so hard that the impact of the kick itself threw her into the cage the prince was previously in. The kick was so strong that even the castle was about to fall asunder. The prince carried the girl and ran out from the castle along with the writing materials as the evil queen screamed from behind the bars "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!". The castle fell mercilessly on the evil queen and ended her life just like that.
The prince took the girl to a garden that is full of flowers... They are... BEAUTIFUL... So colourful.... Mesmerizing to be exact.. The prince gave the princess the same seed he ate before which replenished his energy... The girl was slowly getting healed and better as she was looking towards the prince's eyes as the prince was holding her closely towards him... They looked towards each other... Smilingly.. They slowly shortens the distance of their faces with each other... And then.. They finally ki-
"Okay okay! I don't want to know the ending!" I said to the angel. "OWH MY GOD!!! It was only going to take me another word before I finished the awesome story!! HOW DARE YOU!!!" the angel shouted at me angrily. "Well, the problem is that the story is not original... Most of them can be related to Alice In Wonderland..." I replied. The angel remained silent and then asked "....Seriously?"... "Yeah... Seriously..." I then replied... Both of us stayed in silence for a minute or so... Then the angel suddenly released me from the entanglement and said "Owh well, I'll make another story next time and tell the story to you. You better be ready you foooool~!" the angel said to me as her magic was slowly fading away. "OWH MY GOD! I thought this is the one and only time!! Please don't do this!!" I begged the angel. The angel only ignored me as she flew away towards the heavens while laughing "hihohihohiho~!"... The End.

Formspring Thingy

I noticed some people including Amir made an account for this thing previously, so I made my account as well 6 weeks ago but then left it to rot. But again I noticed this formspring thingy, so I decided to give it a try since I have ample time to waste since I can't play games no more~! Firstly I forgot my user name, but after a few tries voila~! So I personalized it a bit here and there, nothing much really.. So I went to see some people who actually have an account for this stuff... One of the person I noticed was very surprising for me to actually see her formspring thingy.. Anonymous people are actually calling her a whore and such and such and she actually replied to so called "questions" in the same manner... Woooahhhh :O!!! But I assume this is one of those normal situation where you see girls fighting with each other because they have new friends or because of guys... Which is actually lame from my personal point of view... Anyways, siddiq as usual asked me stupid questions... Some of them are not even questions... So I shall simply ignore the fool.. Okay, actually I don't even want to post about this stuff, but it just so happens to be that I wanted to do something before I go off to sleep... Now I'm off to sleep...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extremism *Red Ring Of Death*!!!

Extremism, from the word itself we can easily analyze its root word which is extreme! In my context of discussion, I am not referring to the word extremism only in terms of politics and religion, but other things as well. Extreme in terms of what? Well, almost anything actually.. Your ideas, actions, behavior and many more can lead to extremism (In my context of meaning of course). For the fun of it, lets just further see into this "extremism" that I am pretty sure everyone already knows about. How do people perceive extremist? Positively? Negatively? For example from your point of view how do you describe those bodybuilders who extremely workout like crazy to an extent that they intentionally use many bad methods of increasing their muscles such as excessive use of steroids and avoid drinking water so that the muscles can be easily seen? Even the professionals in bodybuilding agree that it is not healthy for the heart and the body. But why do they do so? They call it "passion"... How do you argue with people like that I wonder? There are many others who extremely participate and overdo the stuff that they are doing and I think I should list some of them and see how you guys perceive these extremist in your very point of views.
Okay, I'm not going to list much but lets start off by mentioning the most sensitive issue which is religion (so that I can get over with this as soon as I can, but still I want to mention it). Many of us know about this extremism which is clearly happening in Islam itself in this contemporary world we are living in. For example, we can call those who suicide-bomb themselves to kill enemies of their country and religion as an act of extremism in jihad. I wonder why they actually need to sacrifice their own lives to kill their enemies? Is it not possible to simply throw the bombs at the enemies instead of bombing yourself? That way I think you could actually kill more, but who am I to judge? I'm not living in their harsh condition, but I just wanted to share the thought.
Also, there are many Ula ma' I see nowadays successfully preach and teach the religion of Islam to many others... But some of them do these to an extent that they abandon their families... Why is it that some of them do all these preaching but not properly guiding their own families? It is fairly common to know about those Ula ma' who do all these, but their children do many things that God forbids. Is it not the father's responsibility to guide his own family? Is this kind of person actually qualified enough to preach to others without firstly fulfilling his own responsibility as a father? What makes thing worse is that he himself knows the bad condition his family is in but does not do anything about it. Isn't it a basic knowledge for a Muslim to know that one should not abandon their family but instead guide them to the way of truth? I call this an act of extremism because they are too focused doing other things to an extent of abandoning their MAIN responsibility as a Muslim, a Man, and a Father. But who am I to judge, I just want to share my opinion.
Of course, there is also another interesting fact to be shared with you all. Have you ever heard about those people who dedicated their life only to pray and such to an extent that they totally ignore about the worldly matters. Living only in the Surau and Masjid and such. Because they say that all these things on earth is simply "duniawi", in other words is just a physical world with materials that is not of importance to Muslims. Firstly I would like to ask, is it not known that Islam is a well-balanced religion which is not extreme? In the Qur'an itself states that a Muslim should balance their deeds in both their responsibilities in spiritual matters and the physical world itself. Islam is not an extreme religion whereby people should simply ignore their life on earth and only devote themselves to religious deeds while abandoning their responsibility as a Muslim on earth as well. This is the type of extremist which I know not what to say. Owh and yeah, do you know that people actually complain that these type of people actually smells bad? I heard this from many UIA students. Some of them who are like this, I believe that their ways are totally wrong... Because obviously Islam is a religion which focus on cleanliness as a priority... Can you imagine a person who actually plans to meet God (through prayers) in an unclean and dirty manner? That's just wrong. From my point of view of course, just sharing opinion, not judging.
Yay! Enough with religious matter, lets move on to other extremist that exist on the face of this earth! Nowadays I see many youngsters who have visions and dream that is very high and ambitious... Which is childish... To be more specific, allow me to give an example... There are people that I know who have high ambition to change the political system and respect politics almost over everything! In other words, Political-addict... Yes, they say that politics are not dirty, it is very important due to the fact that it affects our life in almost every way, in Islam itself also it states the importance of politic, to defy that is to defy Islam itself... Wow... Firstly I would like to ask them, why is it that they are suddenly inserting religious facts in order to protect politics from being referred to as "DIRTY" and "CORRUPTED"? Since when does Malaysia practices "Islamic Political System"? (which is the only political system that I respect). Since Malaysia does not practice the political system that Islam has provided to us, it is simply irrelevant to actually use religious facts to be applied to MAN-MADE political system which is clearly DIRTY and CORRUPTED. If they say politics are dirty only because we perceive it that way then I say they are blind. Clearly the politics in Malaysia are corrupted... I mean like, duh~! OBVIOUSLY speaking... Those who remain in power is corrupted, those who are nice have no powers at all, that is what happen when you follow the man-made political system, it is full of flaws and weaknesses. Okay, push that all aside... These dudes actually think they can make a change to the current political system and change it to the religious political system. I mean, I know it is what everyone should do, but... Seriously, Malaysia? I don't believe most of the Muslims are actually dedicated to Islam enough to actually accept the change due to the fact that they fear the severe punishment in terms of Islamic law... Even IF they are ALL dedicated enough, what about other major races such as Chinese and Indian? Do you really think they will accept that change? I BELIEVE this will only result to more dangerous CONFLICTS.. The government can only do so much in this kind of county, for others to only DREAM to make a change without seeing the actual reality of its impossibility and consequences of change are...... childish.
Lets move on to the Extremism which is clearly happening in the world of parkour and freerunning... Okay... David Belle say that flips are not parkour... But yet he still does them... This clearly means that parkour is parkour, but doing flips are permissible... Who says if we tag the video as parkour, we cannot insert flips in them? What the hell? Even the founder himself David Belle insert flips in his videos and nobody says a thing about it... He is just a dude, I believe his philosophy has its own weaknesses, why must everyone devote themselves to his philosophy as if its a religion? Its just a philosophy made by a dude who so happens to be the first guy to have found Parkour... For God's sake many people are actually quarelling and arguing with each other about it! Since when parkour has became politics? Okay, it is clear! Parkour is parkour, flips are not but yet it is permissible... Why the hell must other "extremist" in parkour actually mock other people's video when they do flips? That's just stupid! He is simply following David Belle's method, thats all... These people who do flips do not even actually say flips are parkour, but yet people are mocking them just because they insert flips in them... Now, parkour is parkour.... Pakour with flips is Freerunning... This stupid argument actually goes on to an extent that they have to generate a new term just to allow flips... Just because a dude who so happens to still live with his mommy says so... And he himself does not despise flips.. Ain't that bull?
Yay!! Now I shall end the discussion for this post by ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT THE TITLE OF THIS POST WHICH IS (Extremism *Red Ring Of Death*!!!).... All the things I mentioned above I write because I suddenly want to mention about Extremism in detail... What I actually meant in the title of this post is, I played my XBOX360 too extremely to an extent that my console actually overheated itself and become broken for all eternity... This type of error is called THE 3 RED RING OF DEATH!!!! Yup~! It basically refers to the red light which glows from the xbox360 instead of the usual green... And this happened because I played too much game, which is EXTREME! Which obviously explains the title of this post. Wow, this post actually became off-topic, I like~! Do remember that all the previous things I said are simply my point of views, so do not become all extremist on me and become "haters", okay? Okay~! (damn, blogspot is doing it again, I can't properly make a space between each and every paragraph. I hate it when this happens).