Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goodbye UIA Nilai... :(

My Arabic exam result confirmed it.. I'm free from Nilai, I am now off to Gombak (7.7.09)... I was only supposed to take 2 semesters in Nilai, but I failed my Arabic during my 1st semester (hohoho), so I had to take the short semester. But it was okay since my previous failure does not extend my entrance to Gombak seeing that short semester is done between the long semesters.

It is actually quite sad knowing the fact that I have to say goodbye to UIA Nilai... :(

......NOT! There is no reason great enough for me to actually think twice before leaving Nilai! Muahahaha! My friends are going back to Nilai, and a friend of mine just entered UIA in PJ. Well, no offence.. But it sucks to be you guys, I will be waiting at Gombak! I might consider becoming the people in charge of taking care of new intakes during Takruf week in Gombak just to actually torture you guys even more. But I don't think I have enough energy and time to be wasted on such matter. Hmmm, nonetheless, it sucks to be you guys! But then again.. I have a feeling that Gombak is going to be a very boring place as well........

BUT!!! Then again! Nilai is worse I guess. Having to go through almost the same routine everyday in Nilai is a torture.. Hanging out with my friends in my dorm, watching Anime's and movies, going out to eat, and hanging out elsewhere.. Haha, but then again.. It was actually very3 enjoyable in Nilai..

It was fortunate to have the luck of encountering dorm mates who all appeared to be very3 interesting and kind. The mix in variety of my dorm mates proved to have unleashed a bond in which are very easily made as people can somehow easily connect with one another. Every now and then when we are bored, we watch movies and Anime's to spare our free time. Whoever brings a laptop shall be the victim (heheheheh). But sometimes there are days where I find very3 boring as there was basically nothing fun left for you to do. During such time, I only await for the time when we go to eat. The choices of restaurants are always the same, but the decision made varies from time to time. Kawah Thai, Penang Food, Nasi Ayam (whatever the name is), Kenari, and etc.

I REALLY3 APPRECIATE THE AMOUNT OF FREEDOM WE HAVE IN NILAI!!! The freedom is very3 nice indeed... I like the atmosphere there. We can sleep anytime we want, go out anywhere and anytime we want as well. The only thing that we have to make sure of is attending to class, its just that simple.

Usually during our free time, we went to the field between Guy's and Girl's dorm, or the field at MPN to waste our time and energy on by training our flips. Seeing that there were not much obstacles there for us to practice Parkour, we practiced our flips on concrete or grass as there were only flat surface for us to play with.

Hmmm... There are much to say about Nilai... A year has passed since I entered UIA? Time do pass by fast.. Well, at least I appreciate each and every experience and knowledge I gained from Nilai.. I shall learn from my previous experience to be used as a tool to overcome the obstacles I will face in Gombak!

To my friends who are still in UIA Nilai... Do not be offended but this I MUST SAY........



Tuesday, May 19, 2009


An argument is a connected series of statements or propositions, some of which are intended to provide support, justification or evidence for the truth of another statement or proposition. Arguments consist of one or more premises and a conclusion. The premises are those statements that are taken to provide the support or evidence; the conclusion is that which the premises allegedly support. (This is the definition of argument which I basically searched at google).

Meaning that in order to argue, we need to make a statement while providing evidence as a support to basically make a conclusion. A statement without evidence are simply statements and not an argument.

Okay, why do people argue? Different beliefs/ideas/methods/etc which can basically lead to an argument. But why do people actually argue? Because of their ego? They want to win all the time? They like seeing people arguing with them? Well whatever the case is, it is good to encounter an argument in a proper way. This can basically increase our argument and communication skills with others. Therefore I find it very interesting to argue with people and see how far they will go and to see whether they will actually miss the main point of the argument as the argument keeps on building along the way. I do not mind if I lose an argument because that will basically increase my knowledge in terms of arguing with others. But it is a different thing if a person argues differently as they do not clearly understand the actual argument the people are referring to as they misunderstand the context of the argument. The skill which is required is called "clarity". It is a skill which u use to actually understand the point of the argument by understanding people's word of argument according to their context (this is required because a single WORD can carry different meaning which can lead to DIFFERENT arguments. Clarity must be used here in order to relate the word used to the actual context of the argument. This must be done to avoid irrelevance in an argument.)

Another skill which is required in an argument is "Relevance".. In other words, we need to argue only regarding to the topic and we need to analyze other people's argument whether they are arguing correctly or not. Irrelevance usually occur like this "You must be wrong because you are stupid".. In other words, he argued by listing down the characteristics of the arguer and not the point of their argument. This is unfair and totally irrelevant to the argument but this usually become effective as this tactic can easily deceive others and shift their concentration elsewhere which basically will lead to a shift in the direction of the argument.

The other skill which is required is called "Consistency".. In other words our words and actions must be consistent with one another... Inconsistency happens when a person argue and contradict themselves in terms of their actual action. For example... When a person say "Why do you want to make a fuss just because of a little argument? If you were to only stay silent, this argument will not occur. It seems that you really like winning over others.. Winning is not important, just give up! Its just that simple! I myself do not like arguing, I only like seeing others argue..". Ok, this is where inconsistency happens... If he does not like arguing and if he thinks that winning is not important, then why does he argue in the first place and why is he still arguing? Certainly because he wants to win the argument. In other words, he is being a hypocrite and being self-denial.

Actually, there are many3 more attributes of an argument which you guys need to know as it can basically increase your knowledge for the future, but this post is already long enough for now I guess. I would be happy to argue with you guys though, because that will actually increase my skills in arguing will all different types of people. That's it for now, until next time.


What Is This Blog Use For?

Since Abudi spammed the comments in my previous post, I had to create another post. And siddiq, are you blind or are you ignorant or are you both? I made up my own facts? Are you high?

Click the link above, the 2nd from the list is basically the link to this blog site. And it clearly states there that "Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world."... SO, is it so hard for you to basically understand that it is not my definition towards blog, it is basically the ACTUAL DEFINITION for this blog. IT IS A FACT WHICH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. Are you too blind to see the fact in front of your eyes? Or are you too ignorant to basically comprehend my argument and my grounds? Did I myself made a self-assumption conclusion that a blog is a place to express your feelings and thoughts? No, it is clearly stated in the link above, 2nd from above. I argued by saying that is the ORIGINAL PURPOSE of THIS VERY BLOG WE ARE CURRENTLY USING HERE! Is this English too high for your comprehension? I do not believe so. So suck it up!

Your point of argument is crappy. You do not argue according to the context, you do not provide any kind of evidence except verbal points in which I cannot verify the truth in it. And yes, your very argument does not apply to my argument seeing that it does not relate to my ACTUAL ARGUMENT. If the creator of this blog says that it is used to express your feelings and thoughts, NO OTHER CAN DENY THAT BECAUSE THE CREATOR OF THIS BLOG SAYS SO. You call yourself a LAW student but yet you do not understand the point of my argument and the fact which is in front of your very eyes.

Do not argue unless you know how to to argue. You lack the RELEVANCE and CLARITY which is necessary in an argument.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Doing Nothing Is Tiring..

It is ironic and weird to know that we can become tired if we do absolutely nothing. Why is it possible? If you sleep and force yourself to sleep over and over again, you can basically become tired. Why does that happen? All we were doing are basically resting ourselves right? In such situation, we need to actually move to actually regain some energy (works best when we stay under the sunlight). This is common right? Or is it just me? Well, whatever, just comment on this topic if I'm wrong. But to me, it is true that you will become exhausted if you were to do absolutely nothing for a whole weekend or so. The more you spend ur time resting doing nothing, the more exhausted you will become. I guess you should only rest as much as you should, and not as much as you could. Over-resting is something that you should avoid.

I think this concept is quite understandable in various different scenarios. I wonder why do we feel tired when we travel FAR from a place to a place which takes a large amount of time to reach. I mean, all we ever do is basically sit at the passenger seat. Aside from just sitting, we also took a nap or two. But why is it when we get out of the car, we will get tired? And why do we get tired just sitting in a room hearing people giving a speech for 6 hours although we do not even pay any attention towards such speech? All we ever do was just resting but yet it is tiring..

I am PRETTY SURE that there is a VERY SIMPLE explanation to my uncomplicated question which can basically make me look stupid for even asking this very question in the first place. But I don't actually want to know the answer to such question, I just wanted to brought it up and see what others actually think about such matter as well. (Ignorant, hohoho) Well, its not that I'm ignorant, its just that I think I actually understand a bit why such thing happens. But sharing is caring, and I certainly do not care, so why bother? Hohoho..

Oh yeah, I passed my computer driving-license exam thingy. Only got 45/50. Who cares, as long as I passed. Yeah, I thought I would be sleepy when answering the questions due to the fact that I slept late last night because it is basically a very rare opportunity for me to be able to stay online for a very long duration of time. So, since I am able to do so, I thought why not read all of the post my friends made so far? So that was exactly what I did. I think I might want to examine Abudi's blog and make a review about his posts in a critical manner.. Just to get on his nerves.. Hoho..

Maybe I will make a review on Siddiq's post as well. For acap, I don't know.. I might do a review for his blog.. For Azam I CERTAINLY do not know due to the fact that he already posted many topics to begin with. And in each topics he will touch an issue in several point of views. So I don't think that my review about his blog can be done in a post which is not too long to actually even interest people in reading it. Well, even I would think twice before reading a very3 long post. But if it is interesting, I will just read it anyway. For Irsyad, I don't know... I don't think so.

Well, if a person irritates me, I will review his blog in a critical manner in which they will dislike (just to get on their nerves) hohohoho.. But if a person wants me to review their blog, I think I will review them in a positive manner, since I am cool.. Oh yeah, today Amir wants to record some clips for a video in which I do not even know the purpose behind it... yet.

I will now go back to sleep. I hope I will wake up energetic enough to have fun practicing today. Lets just hope that happens..


I Have Computer Driving License Exam

I have computer driving license exam at 8am... I must move at 7.40am.. Now it is already 4.15am.. I spent hours reviewing Mierol's Blog completely from the first post itself.. If I have the time, I might review about other people's blog as well if I have the time. XD. For those who wants me to do so, just say the word and I will do so.

For now, I need to sleep!!! If I fail tomorrow, I will blame Mierol by saying that it is his fault that I lack the sufficient sleep that I require.. Hohoho, until next time, later..


I Got A New Laptop

Okaay! I got a new laptop for my next semester in Gombak (That is IF I pass in my arabic which I think I might fail)... Well, to hell with that~! For now, I want to talk about my laptop! Actually, I do not have much to talk about it either... Hmmm.. Yesterday my father asked me, "Ammar, nak beli laptop x?" Then I answered "Nak". Half an hour later my father said "Ok, cepat siap! Jom pegi beli laptop.". But yesterday we only went to do window shopping. Just now I went with my family to buy myself the laptop. From that moment itself until now, the laptop remained untouched. I did not even bother myself to actually look through what it has to offer. I don't know, maybe the excitement will come when I customize it later. For now, it is only a mere decoration at the corner of my eyes in my room.

Tomorrow morning I will have to go and take my computer test for my first driving license.. (I know what you are thinking.. You are thinking "What in the hell!? You do not have a driving license yet!? People as loser-like as you should rot and burn in hell~!") Hoho, but what can I say? I do not find it necessary seeing that I have myself quite a number of drivers to take me anywhere I want (my family members that is, heheh). But seeing that in Gombak I might want to use any body's transportation, so I will sit for the exam during this holiday (Which I myself doubt that I will pass the computer exam itself.. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "WOOT!? You have got to be shittin me! That computer exam is a piece of cake! You do not even deserve to live if you were to fail the exam!") Well, what can I say, I think I will fail the exam tomorrow.. Hmm... Who cares, whatever happens, happens, hoho..

I am in a situation in which I feel that I have something to be done that is left undone but I do not know what it is since such thing that is not yet done does not even exist to be done in the first place. Do you guys ever encounter such situation? No? Well, I encountered such situation many2 times and it does somewhat proves to be very3 irritating.. It makes you feel restless without any apparent reason.

Come to think of it, I am starting to like having this laptop of mine... Hmm.. I can put anything I want in here since it does have 320 GB.. I think I will like it even more when I start customizing it later.. But still, it is nothing compared to Siddiq's VAIO... It is not just a laptop, it is a WEAPON itself.. What do I mean? You have to see it yourself to understand it. He's VAIO is very big and strong, u can basically kill a person with a single blow! Since it is big and hard, it can also be used as a shield as well. A gun? There is nothing be feared, Siddiq's VAIO is here!! He can deflect bullets easily with a laptop in his grasp!! A weapon and a shield, and also a tool for mass communication.. What more can you even ask for? XD


Why Do People Have A Blog?

Okay, I do not know what is wrong with Amir today. He is stuck with his PSP 24 hours today, giving me the advantage to online whenever I want (Which RARELY occurs). With such advantage, I used the opportunity to read all of my friends' blogs. I thought I was missing a lot due to the fact that I rarely go online and check their blog, but it seems that not much has occurred in their life to basically blog about. OK, I noticed that people blog for various different reasons. Different people blog with different reason. For example, Kuyem mostly blog about his daily activities or practice session or about videos he found on the Internet. Acap on the other hand , he blogs about almost anything he can blog about as if he just want to basically add his post I guess. Siddiq, I don't know what's wrong this guy.. All of his post are very3 short and mostly meaningless. You do not need even half an hour to read all of his post since day one. Its more like the topics you would like to mention on the bulletin board, and not in your blog. Azam on the other hand, yes, very expressive. He uses his blog to basically express his feelings and his thoughts and his understanding about certain matters including problems he encounter in real life. In his blog, he intentionally mention topics that people can relate themselves to. It is his style of writing and approaching people. He is usually unsatisfied with the unacceptable facts that are stated by certain type of people, but at the same time he cannot deny the truth in them. So what he usually do is listing facts about them which basically proves they are in fact hypocrites themselves. He approached the matter by listing points of his arguments, but in the end he will say that it is only his point of view towards such matter (This is most probably his own way of avoiding being FLAMED by others. Nice one Azam!) Which is basically why Abudi frequently labels him as an "Emo" because an emo usually wants people to understand them by approaching them which in this scenario is somewhat similar because it appears as if Azam wants people to understand him and to agree with him by understanding his point of views in his post. But, Emo is usually the type of person who wants people to understand them, but at the same time acts as if they don't want people to try and understand them. In other words, spoil brats who are lacking attention which they basically require in the first place... Or they are just spoil brats.. Either way, this is obviously not the characteristic which Azam carries.

Abudi! Yes, he is somewhat similar with Acap. Blogs about almost everything he can blog about. But at the same time the thing that he talks about are sometimes interesting. Amir!! YES!! ..........Why should I waste time reading his blog? I never read his blog, so I do not have anything to say towards such matter! I only read some of his topics if my friends insist me to read them. And Of course, irsyad.. This guy is even worse than Acap, he blogs about everything. It is as if he only writes to increase the amount of his post. For example, "aku x ley tidoooo!! Knp aku x ley tidooo nie!!?" or about soccer or something like that. Most of them are basically post which will not stay long in your memory.

I think blog is a place where you express yourself. A place where you might even use to express your inner self which you fail to portray to others in your daily life. A place where people can understand you better. It can also be a place where you can release everything that is on your mind, a place to share, a place to express. Therefore I am only interested in post which carries such element. I do not hate post which promotes other videos they found on the Internet, but if most of their post only promotes about videos on the Internet, don't you think that it basically defeats the purpose of having a blog in the first place? You might as well just use bulletin boards on Myspace or something. And also I am not interested in blogs which basically write down every single thing that they do and did. It is almost like a diary. For example, "Yesterday I went out with my friends, Abudi did a triple gainer!! I mean, WTF!? So lame!! I hope he improves himself or I will cut his balls off soon enough.."... (the next day) "Ok, I cut off Abudi's balls. who told him to do a quadruple gainer only? I wanted him to do a quadruple gainer twist..". Yup, something like that. A blog where you write everything that happens in your daily life even though most of them are uninteresting such as "today I went to McD, peace out," and "today I went to McD again, piss off,".

I personally think that Blogs should be used either to express themselves or for people to understand them better. For me, I just blog to express myself for my own benefit because I love writing for no apparent reason whatsoever~! Therefore I am exceptional, hoho..


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Changed My Layout / Time Is Precious

I changed my layout. If you are the type of person who pays attention towards detail, you will notice 2 obvious changes which I have made. I added the "View's Counter", I set the initial number at 550 to match my profile views. I wonder how much it will rise within a year or so? Maybe it will increase from 500 to 600+ or something if I am lucky, haha. I also added the reaction thingy, but I renamed it into "rewards" in which people can give me kudos. But I certainly do not expect people to use it at all actually, I just added it for fun. The most important changed among all, I added the cat's stare pic thingy.

I have been playing this game entitled Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on the PSP lately. I have been playing it for 200+ hours. Wow, I have wasted almost 10 days of my life on that game alone... People nowadays, they just throw away time at their own free-will.. If only they know what they are actually doing.. The day when they die, they will regret for not spending their time properly and wisely.. Time that are wasted, cannot be regained.. What have been done cannot be undone.. This is the rule of the universe.. A fact which is cruel and unavoidable.. People usually waste their time.. For what? For lame unproductive entertainment alone? WE SHOULD REALIZE THAT TIME IS SOMETHING THAT WE SHOULD NOT PLAY AROUND WITH!!! Realize this quickly and change your life.. IMMEDIATELY! If not now, then when? Do not let your time be wasted any further. Now is the time... We should act by doing the only action which is worth spending our time on... It is time to make a CHANGE...

........OKAY!! Now I will continue playing that game of mine! =P (What to do, humans do prove themselves to be rather persistent~!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Wanted To Write A Novel =D

Back when I was 16 years old, I wanted to write a novel. Yup, a novel. Naturally, being a child as I was back before, I would certainly write a sci-fi novel. It occurred to me to do so after I encountered an English exam during my monthly test. As usual when I do the essay questions, I did not take it seriously, I just write down whatever that is in my head without thinking of the ending at all. I write down the story as I think about it. It was an essay in which u should end it with this sentence "....after that, I never saw her again". Quite simple right? After that I noticed, hmm... I somewhat like writing stories.. After that day, I encountered a History exam. Yes, the time given for me to answer was too much for me. So I decided to write down anything that was currently on my mind without an ending. After I finished it, then I realised that it is actually quite fun writing down stories even though its full of bull. If I am not mistaken, I already post the story that I wrote back then in my blog entitled "A Man Who Ate Mushroom Soup And Danced In The Rain". Yup2. So, I then decided to write a novel. But this time I thought about it thoroughly.. I wanted to add all kinds of elements possible to make it as interesting and as original as possible. I liked it, it was interesting for me as I notice the storyline keeps on getting interesting with an ending which was nice.

Before I started writing my novel, I read novels in which my father had when he was at his young age. Most of them are about "Conan The Barbarian". Quite suitable for seeing that it is a sci-fi novel. But I find that the way the writer elaborates the story quite boring as he includes unnecessary boring facts along the way. For example..

"I wonder what he was thinking.." Conan thought to himself as he took a bite of the meat grasped by his right hand.

"It cannot be...." his facial expression suddenly shifted to anger as he thought to himself.

".......Nah." Conan calmed down as he took another bite of the meat grasped by his right hand.

I find it quite funny when I read the novel. But who was I to judge? A 16 year old? Its just that I find it irritating to read a novel for 5 pages long just to elaborate about the environment such as there is a well located beneath the shady tree, whatever. Even if the writer wants to do so, he should have elaborated about it in a way in which it could arouse our very interest along the way. Well, who cares. back to the main topic.

So then I wrote down the novel, and as each day approaches, new ideas came in.. Then I added more, altered the storyline a bit, but the important storyline are not changed. I was quite excited about the novel, I wanted to make it as interesting as possible and as original as possible. Then my second brother suddenly made it more interesting. He was also suddenly interested writing novels. What made it more somewhat interesting was when he gave me a new idea to add more originality to our novels. Aside from many ideas that are quite nice, he gave an idea that I find quite interesting. We decided to do cross-over. Cross-over in which our novels will interact with each other, both novels are situated in the same world. The same world, different story, but are much related to one another, especially the ending. It was quite a nice idea. We had a great start. With times new roman font 12, I reached the 89Th page. My brother reached the 60+ page something. We estimate our novels to reach 500+ page.

But, suddenly as new movies appeared and new games were created, I started to notice that my original ideas was not so original anymore. One by one movies came out, and each movie had my ideas in them, haha. My brother on the other hand encountered the same problem but with games. So both of us lost our spirit to write the novel. Then it was left unfinished and untouched even untill today itself~!

Heheh, well.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parkour And Free Running In Malaysia

-Moving from point A to point B while overcoming obstacles as fast as u can with maximum efficiency.

-Moving from point A to point B as skillfully as you can, the more complicated it is, the better.

(Of course, the above definition is made up by me trough my own understanding)

Okay, basically this art of movement is supposed to be use to help us in our daily lives in order to overcome obstacles, help someone in distress, avoid danger, quick reflex action to avoid harm, etc.. But, in Malaysia, I think we use it for other purposes only. Why? Because I think its true.. The purpose of doing parkour is to move from point A to point B as fast and as efficient as you can, but it is rarely applicable in our daily life as the other means of transportation such as cars are more efficient. The other advantage is to help someone in distress, it is true, but that RARELY occurs in Malaysia. Parkour in Malaysia are mostly used in order to gain a quicker reaction, healthier physical state, better understanding of our environment and of course for entertainment. In other words, most of us in Malaysia do not practice Parkour for it's main purpose itself.

Really, most people in Malaysia are into parkour because of the entertainment and exercise which parkour itself provides. Doing it for the philosophy of parkour itself? That rarely happens due to the fact that doing such thing does not benefit us at all. People who are devoted into parkour's philosophy usually reject the idea of doing "flips". I would agree if they do not do flips at all in their video.. BUT... I will certainly disagree IF they reject the idea of doing "flips" to the extent that they do not do it at all in their daily training. Why reject flips?? Why limit your physical capabilities? I know parkour does not do flips but whats wrong with just learning them as well? Even if you are devoted to parkour's philosophy, that does not mean that you only do parkour and are not allowed to do flips. Heck, even David Belle (The founder of Parkour) himself does flips in HIS OWN videos. He said that flips are not parkour, but yet he inserted clips of him doing flips in his video. So, why can't we insert flips into our videos as well?

But, it is also true that there are POSERS who only do flips and yet they say they do parkour although they do not. Yes, this is also unacceptable. But to make things simple, I disagree to those who only do parkour and to those who only do flips. Also in other words, I only agree with those who do both. It is never a waste to learn more. It is stupid to say that we do parkour if we only do flips, it is also stupid if we only do parkour because of the parkour philosophy alone, since David Belle himself does flips.

Ok now, what I am about to say afterwards has got nothing to do with the previous argument. Hmmm, currently it is hard for me to train parkour due to the fact that UIA Nilai is not a good location to practice it (All Flat Ground Only.. A couple of rails, but in public..). Flips on the other hand, it takes time to improve I guess. Going all out just to do a trick without fear is simply not enough to basically learn it. I did so with my corkscrew, usually the first attempt during training would succeed. Attempts afterward would fail, yup.. I guess we simply need to experience such movements over and over again until we actually understand the movement. Repeat until our body are able to adapt to it to such a point that we can actually locate our landing easily. To do so, we need a SAFE environment.. In other words, we need a GYM!!! Why is it that other countries have gyms for gymnast almost everywhere and it is free for them to use? In Malaysia, such gym is very hard to find!!! Even if we find one, we still need to write a letter just so that we can use the gym. Wow... Very interesting.. I am jealous to those who can easily improve their flips due to the fact that they can repeatedly do dangerous movements and attempts while landing safely in the gym.. For us, training is difficult. Do or die..Or to be more precise, attempt correctly or fall towards the floor with agonizing pain. Hohoho...

But, since we do not have a gym, all we can do is adapt to our current situation and use such environment to our best advantage...

Okay, what I am about to write after this will be totally irrelevant to the topic....
Amir is currently addicted to "Patapon 2" in PSP!! He won the previous game which is the "Patapon". The music which the game provides are unique and are easily addictive (of course, this is from my point of view). Amir is so batak!! Okay, I want to play games!! Im off~! XD

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I was supposed to sleep... Zzzzz...

During this holiday, we went to the casting for the "100 Plus" commercial thingy. Had to show them the Parkour Moves, facial expressions, height, yada yada yada and all the usual procedures we had to go through each time during casting. Then, we went... Where was it again? Well, the location is not important, the only important thing you should know was that we were at a playground. We do flips and also parkour moves such as cat leaps, drops, precision and etc. With Sabree around, we could not refrain ourselves from attempting crazy moves, the adrenaline was there! Yup, the weather was quite hot but still, it was nice. If Amir is hardworking enough, he might use the clips we took from yesterday and convert them into a video on youtube.

After returning home, it was already past 11pm when I took a bath. Although I was tired like hell due to the overuse of energy and muscles, not to mention that I slept late the day before, I did not sleep because I had to hang out with Ali. Ok, I finally went to sleep when it was already 4am.. I wanted to sleep like a log and wake up late because I overused my energy.. But!! My father woke me up at 10am and told me to help clean the house.. I was like, OMG!! Give the poor guy a break will you!? But it is useless to argue, so I swept the floor and then went to sleep... Around 3 something my father woke me up and said "Mak (my grandma) dah sampai, turun bawah layan".. I was like.. I am still sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy..... But I went down anyways, many of my cousins were present.. So after about 3 hours until they finally left. I went upstairs and wanted to sleep.. But before that I wanted to go online a bit... I have this classmate of mine who basically stayed low profile all thorough the short semester. No wonder there was something different about her, she was purposely hiding her true personality due to problems she encountered before (discrimination or something like that). It is good to know that there was someone else aside from me also staying low profile.

So, I decided to read her blog. One thing I have to say is that the way she think is basically too far ahead for her current age. Too matured, but yet at the same time childish. Hard for me to explain it myself, but to basically sum it up, her personality is nice and interesting. So, bact to the original story! I wanted to rest, but I went online and read her blog.. What happened was, I read all of her post from one until the end continuously without a rest. In other words I read her whole blog. It was then that I realised that it is already late! I should have slept when I had the chance, now I have to prepare and go back to UIA Nilai due to certain circumstances. I am tired..... Too tired... But then again, it was worth replacing my slumber time with reading her blog since it was nice. But I am sleepy.... Tonight I cannot sleep early due to certain factors.. So, Tadaaa~! That is the end of my post. Usually it is hard for me to stay online but it seems that Amir know that tonight is my last night at home so he is giving me the oppurtunity to stay online. OK! Now I have to prepare to get back to Nilai, and when I get there, I must buy myself a Red Bull or something. Until next time..