Tuesday, May 19, 2009


An argument is a connected series of statements or propositions, some of which are intended to provide support, justification or evidence for the truth of another statement or proposition. Arguments consist of one or more premises and a conclusion. The premises are those statements that are taken to provide the support or evidence; the conclusion is that which the premises allegedly support. (This is the definition of argument which I basically searched at google).

Meaning that in order to argue, we need to make a statement while providing evidence as a support to basically make a conclusion. A statement without evidence are simply statements and not an argument.

Okay, why do people argue? Different beliefs/ideas/methods/etc which can basically lead to an argument. But why do people actually argue? Because of their ego? They want to win all the time? They like seeing people arguing with them? Well whatever the case is, it is good to encounter an argument in a proper way. This can basically increase our argument and communication skills with others. Therefore I find it very interesting to argue with people and see how far they will go and to see whether they will actually miss the main point of the argument as the argument keeps on building along the way. I do not mind if I lose an argument because that will basically increase my knowledge in terms of arguing with others. But it is a different thing if a person argues differently as they do not clearly understand the actual argument the people are referring to as they misunderstand the context of the argument. The skill which is required is called "clarity". It is a skill which u use to actually understand the point of the argument by understanding people's word of argument according to their context (this is required because a single WORD can carry different meaning which can lead to DIFFERENT arguments. Clarity must be used here in order to relate the word used to the actual context of the argument. This must be done to avoid irrelevance in an argument.)

Another skill which is required in an argument is "Relevance".. In other words, we need to argue only regarding to the topic and we need to analyze other people's argument whether they are arguing correctly or not. Irrelevance usually occur like this "You must be wrong because you are stupid".. In other words, he argued by listing down the characteristics of the arguer and not the point of their argument. This is unfair and totally irrelevant to the argument but this usually become effective as this tactic can easily deceive others and shift their concentration elsewhere which basically will lead to a shift in the direction of the argument.

The other skill which is required is called "Consistency".. In other words our words and actions must be consistent with one another... Inconsistency happens when a person argue and contradict themselves in terms of their actual action. For example... When a person say "Why do you want to make a fuss just because of a little argument? If you were to only stay silent, this argument will not occur. It seems that you really like winning over others.. Winning is not important, just give up! Its just that simple! I myself do not like arguing, I only like seeing others argue..". Ok, this is where inconsistency happens... If he does not like arguing and if he thinks that winning is not important, then why does he argue in the first place and why is he still arguing? Certainly because he wants to win the argument. In other words, he is being a hypocrite and being self-denial.

Actually, there are many3 more attributes of an argument which you guys need to know as it can basically increase your knowledge for the future, but this post is already long enough for now I guess. I would be happy to argue with you guys though, because that will actually increase my skills in arguing will all different types of people. That's it for now, until next time.



mizah-kholil said...

it is reaaaally good to argue, we learn to express ourselves better as well as backing up our points and we improve counter arguing others ppl's points. and we are able to see an argument in all angles and viewpoints, it broadens our thinking and teahces us to be more open minded to other ideas, which'll definitely help us in the long run.

Keyrana said...

lol. aku baru perasan spam abudi tuh. hahaha. aku cam nak menyampuk tapi benda macam dah lepas je..so buat bodoh jela. tak nak start api yang dah padam en?

lawak sial spam abudi. xde life dohhh

Paras|te|sAnExistence said...

Haha, korang sume nk flame aku balik ke?