Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Wanted To Write A Novel =D

Back when I was 16 years old, I wanted to write a novel. Yup, a novel. Naturally, being a child as I was back before, I would certainly write a sci-fi novel. It occurred to me to do so after I encountered an English exam during my monthly test. As usual when I do the essay questions, I did not take it seriously, I just write down whatever that is in my head without thinking of the ending at all. I write down the story as I think about it. It was an essay in which u should end it with this sentence "....after that, I never saw her again". Quite simple right? After that I noticed, hmm... I somewhat like writing stories.. After that day, I encountered a History exam. Yes, the time given for me to answer was too much for me. So I decided to write down anything that was currently on my mind without an ending. After I finished it, then I realised that it is actually quite fun writing down stories even though its full of bull. If I am not mistaken, I already post the story that I wrote back then in my blog entitled "A Man Who Ate Mushroom Soup And Danced In The Rain". Yup2. So, I then decided to write a novel. But this time I thought about it thoroughly.. I wanted to add all kinds of elements possible to make it as interesting and as original as possible. I liked it, it was interesting for me as I notice the storyline keeps on getting interesting with an ending which was nice.

Before I started writing my novel, I read novels in which my father had when he was at his young age. Most of them are about "Conan The Barbarian". Quite suitable for seeing that it is a sci-fi novel. But I find that the way the writer elaborates the story quite boring as he includes unnecessary boring facts along the way. For example..

"I wonder what he was thinking.." Conan thought to himself as he took a bite of the meat grasped by his right hand.

"It cannot be...." his facial expression suddenly shifted to anger as he thought to himself.

".......Nah." Conan calmed down as he took another bite of the meat grasped by his right hand.

I find it quite funny when I read the novel. But who was I to judge? A 16 year old? Its just that I find it irritating to read a novel for 5 pages long just to elaborate about the environment such as there is a well located beneath the shady tree, whatever. Even if the writer wants to do so, he should have elaborated about it in a way in which it could arouse our very interest along the way. Well, who cares. back to the main topic.

So then I wrote down the novel, and as each day approaches, new ideas came in.. Then I added more, altered the storyline a bit, but the important storyline are not changed. I was quite excited about the novel, I wanted to make it as interesting as possible and as original as possible. Then my second brother suddenly made it more interesting. He was also suddenly interested writing novels. What made it more somewhat interesting was when he gave me a new idea to add more originality to our novels. Aside from many ideas that are quite nice, he gave an idea that I find quite interesting. We decided to do cross-over. Cross-over in which our novels will interact with each other, both novels are situated in the same world. The same world, different story, but are much related to one another, especially the ending. It was quite a nice idea. We had a great start. With times new roman font 12, I reached the 89Th page. My brother reached the 60+ page something. We estimate our novels to reach 500+ page.

But, suddenly as new movies appeared and new games were created, I started to notice that my original ideas was not so original anymore. One by one movies came out, and each movie had my ideas in them, haha. My brother on the other hand encountered the same problem but with games. So both of us lost our spirit to write the novel. Then it was left unfinished and untouched even untill today itself~!

Heheh, well.



lolina. said...

nothing is ever original, to be honest. everything's "stolen" from somewhere and just, twisted and altered as time goes by.

i wanted to write a novel as well. actually i still do. i recognize myself more as a writer than i am a photographer.

write that novel yo.

A'a said...

might as well write a novel on this!! haha the story of a boy who wanted to write a novel but then all his ideas were "stolen" by movies and whatnot hahaha

mizah-kholil said...

omg. i know exactly how tht feels. it effin sucks. i wanted to write a novel too, and i already finished plotting only to discover that there's a movie with a similar title and also this book with a similar plot.. makes you wanna give up doesnt it? noww..i'm just waiting for some original inspiration to idea when or how but it will. =] oh, by the way, i've replied to ur loong comment.

Paras|te said...

Haha, you are very confident of yourself that I can say. By the way, I also replied to ur long post as well.