Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parkour And Free Running In Malaysia

-Moving from point A to point B while overcoming obstacles as fast as u can with maximum efficiency.

-Moving from point A to point B as skillfully as you can, the more complicated it is, the better.

(Of course, the above definition is made up by me trough my own understanding)

Okay, basically this art of movement is supposed to be use to help us in our daily lives in order to overcome obstacles, help someone in distress, avoid danger, quick reflex action to avoid harm, etc.. But, in Malaysia, I think we use it for other purposes only. Why? Because I think its true.. The purpose of doing parkour is to move from point A to point B as fast and as efficient as you can, but it is rarely applicable in our daily life as the other means of transportation such as cars are more efficient. The other advantage is to help someone in distress, it is true, but that RARELY occurs in Malaysia. Parkour in Malaysia are mostly used in order to gain a quicker reaction, healthier physical state, better understanding of our environment and of course for entertainment. In other words, most of us in Malaysia do not practice Parkour for it's main purpose itself.

Really, most people in Malaysia are into parkour because of the entertainment and exercise which parkour itself provides. Doing it for the philosophy of parkour itself? That rarely happens due to the fact that doing such thing does not benefit us at all. People who are devoted into parkour's philosophy usually reject the idea of doing "flips". I would agree if they do not do flips at all in their video.. BUT... I will certainly disagree IF they reject the idea of doing "flips" to the extent that they do not do it at all in their daily training. Why reject flips?? Why limit your physical capabilities? I know parkour does not do flips but whats wrong with just learning them as well? Even if you are devoted to parkour's philosophy, that does not mean that you only do parkour and are not allowed to do flips. Heck, even David Belle (The founder of Parkour) himself does flips in HIS OWN videos. He said that flips are not parkour, but yet he inserted clips of him doing flips in his video. So, why can't we insert flips into our videos as well?

But, it is also true that there are POSERS who only do flips and yet they say they do parkour although they do not. Yes, this is also unacceptable. But to make things simple, I disagree to those who only do parkour and to those who only do flips. Also in other words, I only agree with those who do both. It is never a waste to learn more. It is stupid to say that we do parkour if we only do flips, it is also stupid if we only do parkour because of the parkour philosophy alone, since David Belle himself does flips.

Ok now, what I am about to say afterwards has got nothing to do with the previous argument. Hmmm, currently it is hard for me to train parkour due to the fact that UIA Nilai is not a good location to practice it (All Flat Ground Only.. A couple of rails, but in public..). Flips on the other hand, it takes time to improve I guess. Going all out just to do a trick without fear is simply not enough to basically learn it. I did so with my corkscrew, usually the first attempt during training would succeed. Attempts afterward would fail, yup.. I guess we simply need to experience such movements over and over again until we actually understand the movement. Repeat until our body are able to adapt to it to such a point that we can actually locate our landing easily. To do so, we need a SAFE environment.. In other words, we need a GYM!!! Why is it that other countries have gyms for gymnast almost everywhere and it is free for them to use? In Malaysia, such gym is very hard to find!!! Even if we find one, we still need to write a letter just so that we can use the gym. Wow... Very interesting.. I am jealous to those who can easily improve their flips due to the fact that they can repeatedly do dangerous movements and attempts while landing safely in the gym.. For us, training is difficult. Do or die..Or to be more precise, attempt correctly or fall towards the floor with agonizing pain. Hohoho...

But, since we do not have a gym, all we can do is adapt to our current situation and use such environment to our best advantage...

Okay, what I am about to write after this will be totally irrelevant to the topic....
Amir is currently addicted to "Patapon 2" in PSP!! He won the previous game which is the "Patapon". The music which the game provides are unique and are easily addictive (of course, this is from my point of view). Amir is so batak!! Okay, I want to play games!! Im off~! XD

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