Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goodbye UIA Nilai... :(

My Arabic exam result confirmed it.. I'm free from Nilai, I am now off to Gombak (7.7.09)... I was only supposed to take 2 semesters in Nilai, but I failed my Arabic during my 1st semester (hohoho), so I had to take the short semester. But it was okay since my previous failure does not extend my entrance to Gombak seeing that short semester is done between the long semesters.

It is actually quite sad knowing the fact that I have to say goodbye to UIA Nilai... :(

......NOT! There is no reason great enough for me to actually think twice before leaving Nilai! Muahahaha! My friends are going back to Nilai, and a friend of mine just entered UIA in PJ. Well, no offence.. But it sucks to be you guys, I will be waiting at Gombak! I might consider becoming the people in charge of taking care of new intakes during Takruf week in Gombak just to actually torture you guys even more. But I don't think I have enough energy and time to be wasted on such matter. Hmmm, nonetheless, it sucks to be you guys! But then again.. I have a feeling that Gombak is going to be a very boring place as well........

BUT!!! Then again! Nilai is worse I guess. Having to go through almost the same routine everyday in Nilai is a torture.. Hanging out with my friends in my dorm, watching Anime's and movies, going out to eat, and hanging out elsewhere.. Haha, but then again.. It was actually very3 enjoyable in Nilai..

It was fortunate to have the luck of encountering dorm mates who all appeared to be very3 interesting and kind. The mix in variety of my dorm mates proved to have unleashed a bond in which are very easily made as people can somehow easily connect with one another. Every now and then when we are bored, we watch movies and Anime's to spare our free time. Whoever brings a laptop shall be the victim (heheheheh). But sometimes there are days where I find very3 boring as there was basically nothing fun left for you to do. During such time, I only await for the time when we go to eat. The choices of restaurants are always the same, but the decision made varies from time to time. Kawah Thai, Penang Food, Nasi Ayam (whatever the name is), Kenari, and etc.

I REALLY3 APPRECIATE THE AMOUNT OF FREEDOM WE HAVE IN NILAI!!! The freedom is very3 nice indeed... I like the atmosphere there. We can sleep anytime we want, go out anywhere and anytime we want as well. The only thing that we have to make sure of is attending to class, its just that simple.

Usually during our free time, we went to the field between Guy's and Girl's dorm, or the field at MPN to waste our time and energy on by training our flips. Seeing that there were not much obstacles there for us to practice Parkour, we practiced our flips on concrete or grass as there were only flat surface for us to play with.

Hmmm... There are much to say about Nilai... A year has passed since I entered UIA? Time do pass by fast.. Well, at least I appreciate each and every experience and knowledge I gained from Nilai.. I shall learn from my previous experience to be used as a tool to overcome the obstacles I will face in Gombak!

To my friends who are still in UIA Nilai... Do not be offended but this I MUST SAY........




siddiq said...

u suk

Jea Malek said...
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Jea Malek said...

it sucks to be you
i'm so gonna miss that

Anonymous said...

hoi pukimak. masih belajar kat uia lagi ke? bila nak abis ni?