Sunday, May 10, 2009

I was supposed to sleep... Zzzzz...

During this holiday, we went to the casting for the "100 Plus" commercial thingy. Had to show them the Parkour Moves, facial expressions, height, yada yada yada and all the usual procedures we had to go through each time during casting. Then, we went... Where was it again? Well, the location is not important, the only important thing you should know was that we were at a playground. We do flips and also parkour moves such as cat leaps, drops, precision and etc. With Sabree around, we could not refrain ourselves from attempting crazy moves, the adrenaline was there! Yup, the weather was quite hot but still, it was nice. If Amir is hardworking enough, he might use the clips we took from yesterday and convert them into a video on youtube.

After returning home, it was already past 11pm when I took a bath. Although I was tired like hell due to the overuse of energy and muscles, not to mention that I slept late the day before, I did not sleep because I had to hang out with Ali. Ok, I finally went to sleep when it was already 4am.. I wanted to sleep like a log and wake up late because I overused my energy.. But!! My father woke me up at 10am and told me to help clean the house.. I was like, OMG!! Give the poor guy a break will you!? But it is useless to argue, so I swept the floor and then went to sleep... Around 3 something my father woke me up and said "Mak (my grandma) dah sampai, turun bawah layan".. I was like.. I am still sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy..... But I went down anyways, many of my cousins were present.. So after about 3 hours until they finally left. I went upstairs and wanted to sleep.. But before that I wanted to go online a bit... I have this classmate of mine who basically stayed low profile all thorough the short semester. No wonder there was something different about her, she was purposely hiding her true personality due to problems she encountered before (discrimination or something like that). It is good to know that there was someone else aside from me also staying low profile.

So, I decided to read her blog. One thing I have to say is that the way she think is basically too far ahead for her current age. Too matured, but yet at the same time childish. Hard for me to explain it myself, but to basically sum it up, her personality is nice and interesting. So, bact to the original story! I wanted to rest, but I went online and read her blog.. What happened was, I read all of her post from one until the end continuously without a rest. In other words I read her whole blog. It was then that I realised that it is already late! I should have slept when I had the chance, now I have to prepare and go back to UIA Nilai due to certain circumstances. I am tired..... Too tired... But then again, it was worth replacing my slumber time with reading her blog since it was nice. But I am sleepy.... Tonight I cannot sleep early due to certain factors.. So, Tadaaa~! That is the end of my post. Usually it is hard for me to stay online but it seems that Amir know that tonight is my last night at home so he is giving me the oppurtunity to stay online. OK! Now I have to prepare to get back to Nilai, and when I get there, I must buy myself a Red Bull or something. Until next time..


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mizah-kholil said...

i'd be deadbeat if i were you..completely drained outta energy. well u should rest while u can now.