Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life Of A Grasshopper And A Fallen Angel (Part Finale)

(Note- When I was writing down this story, I was very2 sleepy.. I fell asleep 3 times while doing this. So, the story might be crappy because I could not think and just wanted it to be done quick..)

As the grasshopper lie down in despair.. Hopelessly drowned in overwhelming sadness and sorrow.. Facing the unavoidable fact that he himself had foreseen.. It weakens him terribly and clearly in terms of his very own mentality.. Being given a light that emits the warmth which only a lucky few would understand.. A light which carries the essence of tranquility and serenity and shall forevermore most likely remain for eternity.. A light only she possess and the only light that the grasshopper hopelessly seek in despair..

It is so sad knowing that he was given a light which brings the true purpose of his life, just to know that it will be taken away from him.. A love that surpasses the selfishness of oneself.. A love so pure, so innocent in every way possible.. Such love is a passion that is hard to comprehend.. His needs, his interest, his world and his life.. It all equals next to nothing when the angel entered his life.. What he wouldn't do to make her happy, is certainly something that even I myself still ponder and wonder..

Love is almost something like a magic that brings music and colors to the deaf and the blind.. Love is something that defies the very logic in life.. When the angel is in front of his eyes, everything about his past surmounts to nothing in his present life.. A love is the willingness to sacrifice.. Not conquered by the lust of acquiring her for his life.. True love happens when someone knows what's best for her and willing to try to make it happen in every way possible.. Even though knowing it will or may only hurt him towards the end but that does not matter..

The grasshopper slowly closed his eyes.. Trapped in silence of the moonless night.. It was then that he felt a feeling that only he could describe.. A feeling unexplainable through words alone.. He opened his eyes.. Surprised of what he saw.. He then heard voice as it slowly approaches him.. A voice so special that overwhelm his very ears as it was very nice.. It was then that he saw an angel clearly looking at him with her beautiful pair of eyes..

She said.. "Why....".. A question came from her as the grasshopper noticed the sadness in her facial expression..

"...Why what?" The grasshopper asked her back..

"..........Why are you seeking to die? There is much more to life to be wasted on death alone.. What is your purpose? What do you seek out of this? Why do you not fly out of this hole?" The angel asked as her tears started to fall..

"..What I seek cannot be obtained by getting out of this hole alone.. What I personally seek is not death as well.. It is simply nothing that the world can offer to me.. Because what I want to seek, is you.." The grasshopper said as he slowly lost all of his energy..... and passed out.. But before he passed out, he heard the angel slowly approaches him and whisper to his ear..

"What I am about to do.. Is something that I never thought I would be doing.. What I am about to do.. Is trying to make you feel more special.. By offering you a new life.. For the price of my own.. Tonight.. I will lose my life as an angel.. And grant you a new life, as a human.." The angel whispered to the grasshopper as he slowly fell unconscious..

The next morning, the grasshopper woke up when the sunlight ray landed on his eyes.. He frantically woke up and was surprised to see that he was now a human. He broke into tears when he saw the palm of his very hands and slowly landed his face on them. An angel that he loves... Lost her life by granting him a new life as a human......

But it was then that he heard the angel's voice.. He shifted his attention to seek the location of the voice and finally noticed that the angel was still alive.. Surprised and confused, he asked her what was happening.. "I seriously thought that you lost your life because due to the fact that you grant me a new life as a human..".

She then said that she did die.. But she died as an angel.. She is now turned into a human due to the sacrifice that she did..

The grasshopper broke into tears as he was glad that she was still alive but at the same time she was no longer an angel, but a mortal instead..

He asked her why did she do such a thing? Why are you doing this for me? I'm just a grasshopper.. Not perfect in every way..

She then said that she did so because ... She loves him..

He said that he was sad because now, she is no longer immortal..

She then said that her life is like a candle, and that the grasshopper was fire.. Although the candle may survive forever if it avoids the fire.. Such actions only defeats the main purpose for the candle to exist.. In other words, although that the angel is no longer immortal.. She is happy because.. She loves him.. And he loves her.. And that is all that matters...

After those words were spoken.. They could not help but to smile towards each other, realizing that a new life shared between them is about to start, forever together, until the end of time...

Love Does Not Happen When We Look At A Perfect Person, Love Happens When Look At An Imperfect Person As Perfect...

(This story sucks a lot, I know, but I hope you know the true purpose of this post.. Which is to basically waste your important time for reading this.. Hahaha! )



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