Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Energy Pack!

Yes! I am very positive that these 3 very words have managed to irritate some of the people around me every now and then! As you guys already know, I am basically referring to Mafia Wars~! Hahaha! What is Mafia Wars?

Mafia - A Group of gengsters in certain area
Wars - A huge battle especially between countries
Mafia Wars - A game application in Myspace

See? It all makes sense!! hohoho~!

Okay, the reason I write this blog is because Abudiva the attention whore gave me this very message in Myspace.... "Update ur blog!" and "UPDATE YOUR BLOG BITCH!"....

So! Since Abudi sincerely sent those very message to me due to the fact that he 'cares', I am now going to update my blog! Since my internet connection is fast, Imma do it! Back at home, Amir wants to online 24 hours. Although I am home only during the weekends. And lately, since I play mafia wars, he has taken the advantage of using such statement to defend himself by saying "ammar main mafia wars je, sbb tu aku x bg online..".. MY ARSE! Before this all I do is spamming the forum and post new topics on my blog! But even then, I barely managed to do so since Amir usually conquer the internet and stop me halfway when I am updating my blog or replying at the forum. So, Mafia wars has got nothing to do with it and acap's and amir's conclusion has become an unwarranted assumption! Case closed~! Only siddiq can do such conclusion fools~! Hohoho~

Okay! Now! The other reason why I am updating my blog is because I want to piss everyone off by simply explaining why Mafia Wars is cool! Hahahaha! Why is it cool? To hell with its content, Im just going to elaborate on something else aside from what Mafia wars have to offer! Ok! Now I am going to prove my point by basically listing down the cool factor of Mafia wars!

1. The meaning for Mafia Wars is stated in the wikipedia!
2. Mafia wars can be played in Myspace And Facebook!
3. There are websites that offers strategy for playing Mafia Wars!
4. There are websites that basically discuss about Mafia Wars Updates in terms of everything!
5. There are even tons of websites that offers cheat about Mafia Wars! Real hackers!
6. Last but not least! You can basically find videos in YOUTUBE regarding MAFIA WARS!!

Woooohoooooo!!! So cool!!! Owh yeah! And the other reason why Mafia Wars is cool is because that I AM PLAYING IT! Yeah!! Hahaha~

Ok! Since I rarely update on my blog, I might as well post a long one! Now, let me elaborate about myself in JB!! I am in JB, living in an appartment.. The 11th floor.. It is basically the ONLY two tall buildings in this area. Even Tesco looks small since it has only 2 floors. So, everything looks small and flat from my apartment. Therefore, the view is very nice! When it rains, you can see the mist that surrounds all around the area. When it is night, you can see all the lights within the darkness of the night from the very apartment. So, my point is, the view is very nice!!

Not to mention, there is a swimming pool. To hell with the swimming pool, there is a weightlifting gym located 10 steps away from the swimming pool!! But to hell with the gym! There is a toilet 3 steps away from the gym! But to hell with the toilet!! THERE IS A SAUNA IN THE TOILET!! hahahahahaa!! So cool.. When you shit in the toilet, others are basically located several steps away from you, relaxing in the Sauna. Nice~! And of course, there is a shower in the toilet as well.. Did I mention that the toilet is separated into two different toilets? One toilet for the males, the other for females.. I mean like.. WTF!! It should not do that!! It should basically divide the function of the two toilets differently! For example... One toilet for the fuglies.. The other toilet is personally for me and hot chicks only.. Hmmm... Yup! This should be applied immediately!!

Finally! I willl basically list down my new goal! Which is to condition myself from now until the end of the semester!! I want to keep a journal where I will basically record how many time I have done a sit up, backflip, etc.. I will condition myself by doing handstands, sit ups, flips and parkour. In a more systematic way~! XD

Ok, good luck to you all! Im off!!



hafyz_dinh said...

sampai bile ko kt JB???

Hafiz Tajudin said...

wow ko memang da sangap ngan mafia wars sampai boleh tulis blog about it

Paras|te said...

Not, I quit playing Mafia Wars ages ago. I was just playing it to kill some time.