Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Moment You've Been Waiting For!!

My very first post since a very long time!!! Woooohooooo~!! Oh yeah!!! I shall savor this very moment as I will now try to remember my last very last post... Wow... It doesn't ring a bell.. It really has been THAT long since I last write something.. The reason being that AMIR IS ALWAYS IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER 24/7 DURING FRIDAY UNTIL SUNDAY!! There is this one word which could describe my reaction best when such thing happens each time I went back home.. WATAFAK!!!? That is basically the reason why I could not touch the computer freely.. Usually I could not even lay a finger on the PC at all.. Yesh... Due to such fact.. I could not update anything about my life up till now... And now I don't know what the hell to talk about.. Many things happened but I cant think of anything now.. Hmm.. Weird..

Lets just talk about what happened today!! Let bygones be bygones.. Let the past be the things of the past.. Hohoho... (Lazy Excuse).. Ok!! Today we (amir,abudi,acap,siddiq,mierol,me) had to do the documentary thingy for parkour.. Siddiq and mierol came very late that they basically missed their chances of perticipating from the start. There are various new skills that have been done and the same skill being done in a different way or place. Lets not go to details, let the video be the judge of the moves..

I will now only mention the part where I find very weird.. Me, acap, amir and abudi were intervieved by the UITM students.. The questions were...
1- What is the definition of parkour in ur point of view?
2- How does parkour benefit you?
3- What is the future for parkour?

Eventhough the fact that we have been doing this shit for more than a year or so... These simple questions proved to be very idiotically hard to answer... WTF!? Me and abudi as usual, provided with cool answers.. While amir ran out of points to be stated when me and abudi already used all the important and interesting points to be stated.. Hohoho.. Amir had a very hard time answering how does parkour benefit you.. Hahahah... He had to redo the scene a number of time.. Haha.. Then he decided to go 1st for the next question so that he can list out all the interesting points before othere do so.. But, eventhough amir did so.. Me and abudi still provided cool answers for the questions.. hohoho.. Acap on the other hand as usual.. Provided weird and funny answers.. No need for me to mention in detail.. Just use ur imagination.. Hohoho.. Oh yeah!!! We all have a new nickname!!!

Ammar - Camera Whore
Abudi - Attention Whore
Amir - Affection Whore

With that I would like to end my post!!



Abudi Alsagoff said...

my reaction also would be WTF if amir's always infront of the pc 24/7!
darn it! hahahaha

A'a said...

hahaha his computer is his lifetime partner. :P

lolina. said...

amir's takes for the question were 3 times. or was it 4? not more than that la XD but no less than 3 and i'm so putting the part where he swore in the bloopers :p

oh. and. hi. :D