Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here I am.. In front Of The Monitor..

Wow... Here I am, in front of the monitor.. My stomach is in real pain.. Must probably be food poisoning or something.. Here I am, writing this blog, while all the others are having fun elsewhere.. Wow, interesting.. Owh well.. I dont really mind actually. Because I am COOL~!

YEAH!! Its been a damn long time since I last wrote a blog! There are basically two reasons why such thing happened.. Firstly, I've been so damn busy lately.. Secondly, I was not in the mood.. Well, it has all basically changed~! The table of fate has turned, the path of darkness has turned to light, the impossible has become a reality.. (WTF am I babbling about u say? Well, it sucks to be u, cause I ain't telling, muahahahaha)

I'm a bit confused with abudi's and amir's plan lately. Because they have this "SSS" Disease.. What does that stands for u ask? Well, certainly it stands for "Syok Sendiri Syndrome"~! Yeah! Each of them plan to go to places and stuff without actually telling others about the plan in detail while at the same time assuming that the others know about the plan in the first place.. WOW!! Each time I talk to them, they will be like "Malam nie tgk wayang.. Esok gerak genting.. Esok beli HD cam.. Etc".. And I was like, WTF!! At least warn me earlier if u guys want to go out. The best example would be yesterday.. I was chatting with abudi and he said "Aku gerak rumah kau pukul 8.30, tgk wayang dkt alamanda". And I was like "Dah bgtau Amir belum?" Then he said "Tak, nanti lepas mandi la bgtau". Woot, last minute inform!! You guys are so cool~!

OK, now.. I actually planned to go tricking tomorrow!! ALL OUT! At MPN... But it depends, if my stomach is still painful like it is today, then cannot la.. Hohoho.. I've been spending most of my time thinking lately.. Basically figuring what I need to do and what is there to be sorted out in my life.. Well, basically, there is currently no action needed to actually sort out my life.. I just need to understand my situation.. Which I think will require 30 minutes of my life thinking!! OK!! I shall do that... NOW!! Bye bye~! Until next time.. XD

Paras|te |s An Ex|stence


KUYEM said...

sakit perut ko dtg lagi..??

Abudi Alsagoff said...

Yeah farouq paling cool!!! NOT ROTFFLMFAO!!!

Keyrana said...

aku rasa ammar terlupe password blog die? tu yg cmmnt gune amir's!

KUYEM said...

Ive changed my blog url,just curious,am i still in ur follow list..?