Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life Of A Grasshopper And A Fallen Angel

I haven't write a blog for a long time.. I am currently too tired to write long stories about me and stuff... So instead, I will just write down a short self invented story of mine just for fun..

Life Of A Grasshopper

There is this one male grasshopper which always likes to jump around all over the place almost all of the time.. It basically excites him whenever he jumps as he will not think of anything aside from the enjoyment of jumping around itself.. Nothing else managed to catch his full attention and nothing else can stop him from jumping around.. Until one day.. As usual, he was jumping around all over the place and it was then that he encountered a hole in the middle of the road.. It was quite deep and it was quite big... Usually, he would just jump around elsewhere as he ignores the fact that the hole was even there.. But, this time it was different.. Something managed to catch his very attention when he accidentally examined what was in the hole.. It was something.. Glowing like a light but at the same time glowing weakly as if it would go out at any time.. Out of curiosity, he examined the glowing light even further..

It was then that he noticed that it was actually an angel who was emitting the glowing light. It was actually an angel that was in that very hole.. For the first time in the grasshopper's very life, he was mesmerized.. Due to the beauty which the angel carries.. He was stunned, surprised, amazed! From above, he could not help but to gaze towards the angel as time passes by.. He briefly analyzed the hole, it was quite deep.. If he were to jump into it, he will not be able to get out with the strength of his jump alone.. He requires the ability which only his wings provide.. The ability to "fly"..

Clearly knowing such facts, the grasshopper bravely jumped down to take a closer look towards this broken angel.. The angel was beautiful, mesmerizing and perfect.. But yet, she was very fragile... She always think negatively about herself. She was in a very sad situation, her wings show no sign of strength to enable her to fly away from the hole whatsoever..She is more like a flower in the middle of the dessert, surrounded by sand and cactus.. By comparing herself to others around her such as the cactus, the flower felt very2 ugly as it does not share the thorny characteristics which the cactus carry. By thinking so, she does not actually realize how special she really really is...

The grasshopper fell in love with the angel and have sworn to do everything in his power to make her happy.. He tried to talk with her.. Tried to comfort her.. Tried to make her happy.. Tried to make her laugh.. As time passes by, the broken angel started to smile.. Started to become stronger.. Started to think more positively.. Started to become better.. But at the same time, it weakens the grasshopper dearly.. As he knows that the angel will have to fly away to heaven as soon as she is strong enough to flap her wings and fly away.

He was trapped in a situation he could not overcome.. If he were to help the angel by comforting her so that she could return to heaven. His love for her will increase as he does so and it would basically hurt him even more when the day of her depart to heaven, comes.. But if he were to just basically ignore her in order to avoid breaking his own heart due to his blind love for her alone, she will remain in such sad position.. And such action is totally unacceptable in every way possible..

So, in the end.. He encouraged her, supported her, until one day.. The angel was strong enough to fly away to heaven.. She was so happy, and that is all that matters.. And what becomes to the grasshopper? The grasshopper was incredibly hurt by the fact that he is now all alone.. That his love will never be completed.. That his life has lost his meaning.. In the end, the grasshopper became so sad that he lost his strength to "fly" out of the hole.. Let alone jump out of the hole...

.........What became of the grasshopper? The answer for that... I do not yet know..

Paras|te |s An Ex|stence


Abudi Alsagoff said...

Fuck you bitch@!!!!!!!!@!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY 3 MINUTES OF LIFE!!!


Keyrana said...

i think you want to tell something to the readers tapi apakah??

and kenapa mesti grasshopper?? angel tu manusia ke pe?

Hariz said...

Woah nice story..
Very creative!!
nice 1 dude..

A'a said...

i think someone's in love or at least someone's falling for another someone :D