Sunday, November 2, 2008

Secret Recipe Of Doom

I was sleeping when I heard my phone rang which basically woke me up.. I checked my phone as I noticed a miss call and an sms from Irsyad asking whether I already ate or not. I went to my computer and opened my Yahoo Messenger. I noticed that he sent me a message there as well. I then communicated with him through YM asking what his real intention was. It turned out that Maria invited him to eat outside with her sister (Not the attractive hot sister I was talking about in my previous blog, she was another one). So, Irsyad invited me to come as well.. At first, I asked him where were we going to eat.. He said he doesn't know as it was still undecided yet. Both of us decided to eat simple food as we already ate previously that day so money was not a problem. Then, suddenly it was decided that we were going to eat at Secret Recipe near Billion due to her sister's decision.. I was like, OMG!! This girl has a very high taste in food!! I then thought to myself, "Eat at the Mamak stall only la!! Aiyo, why so expensive one~!!"... To make the story simple, I then asked him when will he fetch me up. He then said "Lg 3 minit..".. I was like..... WOOT~!!

Ok! So we then went to the Secret Recipe.. At first we were like "Where the hell is this stupid Secret Recipe??".. But we found it afterward anyway.. So, we parked the car and walked towards the shop.. From outside, we already noticed Maria and her sister sitting inside..But wait, they were also with their other two brothers as well.. That was not part of the plan.. Irsyad opened the entrance door half-way as he told me to get inside first as he was embarrassed with himself.. Why? Well, Maria already read his blog, mine and Acap's as well.. So, she basically knows that Irsyad loves this girl like hell and all the other negative things said in the blogs about her sisters' boyfriend.. So, we then entered anyway..

As we sat down, her sister has this weird smile as she looked towards Irsyad.. Firstly, I thought that she knew about my blog which basically said that her boyfriend was fat and ugly (FUGLY!!).. But after we went home, it was then that we knew that she did not know anything about my blog.. But she knew about Irsyad's blog which basically contains negative facts which states that her boyfriend was fugly.. Haha.. But we still did not know of such fact when we were still eating with her at Secret Recipe..

Irsyad only brought RM10 with him as he confidently thought that it was enough to cover the cost of the food he will be eating.. So, both of us opened the menu as we were rendered silence by the fact that the prices were much higher that we expected.. Almost all of them cost around 2 digits.. Wow, and here Irsyad thought that his money was sufficient.. The water alone cost us about RM4~7... The food was like RM13.50.. So, provided with such information.. We only smiled in silence as we looked at ourselves.. Luckily I brought enough money to cover for the both of us, but still.. It was EXPENSIVE!!

We ordered a meal which contains a burger and some fries in it.. It cost us RM13.50 for that nonsense.. We also ordered a glass of carbonated water which was Pepsi.. It cost us RM4 each.. We looked at the glass of carbonated water which was on the table as we think to ourselves.. "This glass of water cost me RM4.. Are all the people in this vicinity on drugs or something!?".. Not to mention that the burger we ate was very hard to eat!! We had to chew many times over before we can actually swallow it.. It was like eating raw meat!! I can't believe they charged us highly with such nonsense!! Not to mention that it was quite not worth it as Irsyad was unable to talk with Maria freely due to the presence of her two other brothers..

So, I then decided to go pay for the food.. But guess what? Maria's sister already paid for us!! WOOOT~!! It basically cost her more than RM35!! I can't believe it. Not to mention that we felt bad as we said bad things about her boyfriend but yet she still paid for us....

But who am I to give any comments on what she did? All I know is that I should be grateful as such action of hers saved a lot of my money!! Weeee~!!

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Asyraf said...

burger kat UIA nilai lagi sedap...nyam nyam~