Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mad Tv Is Damn Funny

I can't believe I just noticed its presence in youtube.. It is basically stories about all the silly jokes you never get to see in Malaysian Tv shows.. You see, Mad Tv contains almost all kinds of parody of all kinds of tv shows.. Heroes, High Scool Musical 3, Desperate Housewives, Powerslut girls, Halo 3, sesame street, you name it.. Other than parody, it also contains all the other stupid jokes as well.. About Macdonald, Dominos Pizza, etc.. For example, I've been watching these 3 videos of Mad Tv..

This video is one of the 3 videos I was talking about.. It is basically about two people who are about to start a fight.. In the end, it turned out to be something really plain sick and wrong.. Haha, wouldn't want to spoil the fun, so I suppose you try checking it out for yourself..


Ok, the other two videos on top of this very message is basically the other video I was talking about. It is basically about a person asking for a girl's number in a very funny way!! I mean, irritating way!! You have to watch it to really understand it, its good stuff!! The two vids are basically about the same thing, but the storyline and the chicks in the video are different.. One happened in a theater and the other happened in the restaurant.. Both are damn hillarious..

Ok, do check out the videos.. Meanwhile, I will be checking out the other funny vids that Mad Tv has to offer..

Paras|te |s An Ex|stence


A'a said...

hahahah do you know that the black dude at the "can i have your number?" vid is actually a blonde WHITE chick??? hahahaha

Paras|te said...


A'a said...

HAHAHAHA im not jokin man!!! if you watch the shakira vid they made, thats the same girl!! hahaha oh you should checkout dave chapelle show too!!

Paras|te said...

OMG! Thats her!? Holy shit!! Dave Chapelle, funny stuff~! lol

A'a said...

haha yeap thats her!! hahaha do you have a B-frienddd??? anthropologyy~ hahahah booshoite!!

Keyrana said...

betul2, byk lagi video ko x tgk. newb~ aku malas nk btaw, cari sendiri