Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Man Who Ate Mushroom Soup And Danced In The Rain

Is it possible that you guys are wondering what I am babbling about? Do not worry as I shall explain to you all in this very blog of mine.. It is basically a story which I wrote down in an essay during I was in form 5.. If I am not mistaken.. I was doing my History paper for SPM Trial Examination in the class. It was just a trial exam so I did not take it seriously. I did not remember how long the paper took before it actually ended, but I still remembered that I had extra 40 minutes when I was done with my paper.. I was bored as I slowly figure out what I should actually do to past the time.. I took out one of the many papers of mine which was supposed to be used for answering essays in exam.. I started to draw whatever came out of my mind.. It was then that I started thinking, "Holyshit, what will the others think if they were to saw me drawing bullshits during my trial exam?".. So then I threw it away as I grabbed another piece of paper to waste time by writing instead.. At least even if I were seen by others, they would think that I was answering my History paper.. Yes, I am so cool..

So, then I instantly started writing whatever came out of my mind continuously without thinking in the first place.. I ended writing the essay exactly at the same time I had to pass up my History paper. I find it quite funny as I would never had thought that the thing I wrote continuously without thinking would turn out to be an essay which have a beginning and an ending.. The essay is basically totally crap and bull to the shit.. But I just wanted to bring it up as it brings back the memories that I encountered during school.. If I were to actually name the essay, I would name it "A Day Without Interaction Which Managed To Change A Person's Life". The story of the essay goes like this..

A new day approaches as the sun appear and gave warmth to life. The light which it brings like no other awoke everyone from their slumber to signal the arrival of a new day which may bring both happiness and despair they yet known to discover. In a very small house located somewhere within a forest away from society, there lies a boy who lived alone without anyone to accompany him. He was sleeping in his room when a ray of light made its way through the window which finally reached his eyes. He opened his eyes as he slowly blocked the light with his right hand. He noticed that it was already morning as he sensed the birds of the forest were singing in a beautiful melody which they alone are able to comprehend. He gazed upon the ceiling as he was lying on the bed. He noticed a dirty spot on the ceiling and spent quite some time figuring out what it actually was. It was not long after that he decided to take another snooze before waking up.

The second time he woke up, he quickly sat on the bed and spent even more time gathering the motivation to actually get up from the bed and proceed into the toilet. After five minutes or so, he finally went into the toilet and stopped by at his sink in front of a mirror. He watched the reflection which the mirror portrayed as he ask himself what kind of person he has become. Irritated, he quickly went down stairs to grab something to eat. He looked around and noticed a bowl of mushroom soup which he left exposed and untouched on the table for two weeks straight. He examine it as he slowly realize that it was no longer suitable to be eaten. Due to his current mood of laziness and boredom, he decided to consume it anyway. Surprisingly, it does not taste as bad as he imagined it would be. He then decided to take another snooze as time quickly passes by.

Suddenly, he awoke from his slumber as he felt something was wrong with his stomach. His stomach was basically in agonizing pain, most likely due to the mushroom soup he previously consumed. But weirdly enough, he found it amusing as he tried to endure and challenge the pain. It is most likely that his life was overwhelmed with boredom that he managed to become so abnormal. The amazing part is that he managed to suppress the pain with his endurance alone as time passes by. He looked outside and noticed that it was already evening. He also noticed that the sky was covered with dark clouds. Obviously it was going to rain heavily that day.

He went outside as he felt the wind blew towards him. He looked at the sky as the first rain droplet fell towards him. It was then accompanied by another and another which then was accompanied by countless other rain droplets. The rain slowly started to come down heavily as he stood there while closing his eyes. It was then that he started to hear the sound of thunder which came from afar. Again and again the sound of thunder was heard as his facial expression slowly began to change. From a moment of peace, he suddenly became angry. He cursed the god for making his life so miserable. Unafraid by the sound of thunder, he continued to curse everything around him. He ran forward while screaming as hard as he could in anger under the heavy rain accompanied by thunder.

It was not long before he tripped and fell miserably towards the ground. As he was lying down, he faced towards the sky as his anger slowly changed to sadness. He began to cry in tears as he remember the event he encountered in the past. His parents died and left him all alone due to a disease which cannot be cured by any doctor, any medicines nor any method. They left him alone to face the cruelty of life in his very young age. He suddenly laughed as hard as he could as he was still crying under the heavy rain. He cursed the god and told him to laugh at the very state he was in. He wondered why the god left him with the very cruel state he was in.

It was then that his tears began to stop. It was then that the rain began to fade. It was then that he began to feel calm. It was then that the sun began to appear. It was then that the warmth of the light approached him. It was then that it finally struck him.. It was then that he knew that he should keep on living.. That he should not blame anyone for the current state he was unfortunately in.. That he should stand up and face the challenge that life have in stored for him.. That he should become stronger to live and endure the struggle in life he has on earth.. To overcome his weaknesses and overcome his grieve.. And to finally understand what it means to live..

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