Friday, October 31, 2008

My Bails And Injuries So Far

Frankly speaking, I have encountered uncountable bails and injuries since the day I was born.. So, I will basically list down all the bails and injuries that I find unusual or funny.. The bails and injuries that I am about to list down will not necessarily be only related to parkour and tricking. It could be anything.. So, do keep that in mind while reading all this.. I will be listing down all the bails and injuries story in numbers, so it would be easier for you guys to comment on which story you basically desire.

1. Tic-Tac To Ass Landing!!
-This happened when I was in form 5 if I am not mistaken.. It was at Putrajaya. Do you guys remember the toilet which is located between the mosque and the bridge? You know, we usually pass there whenever we want to travel to the bridge by foot from the mosque.. Where Amir and Qayyim usually climb the toilet wall, but had to be cautious when doing so or they might hit the glass.. On top of the toilet, there is this slanted pillar where Acap did the wallspin.. Doesn't ring a bell? Owh well.. There is these horizontal pillars which are attached from one wall to another.. It is quite high as we have to basically jump and stretch our hands to actually reach it.. So, there was a time when I did a tic-tac from the wall and grabbed the horizontal pillar. The wall and the pillar was very near actually, so Amir felt weird when I managed to perform such action without slipping and fall due to the momentum of the tic-tac (The horizontal pillar was quite slippery).. So Amir requested for another one! I did it for the second time! But this time the momentum which was created from the very tic-tac was too powerful which basically swung my legs forward and upward when my hands were still attached to the horizontal pillar.. Like a "Pendulum" to be more exact.. So I fell flat on my back, ass first! The height from which I fall was the height of my head if I am not mistaken.. Not to mention that I landed on concrete!! So, after that, I stood up while enduring the pain.. Slowly I have come to realize that I could not walk properly due to the pain my ass encountered. I had to walk sideways to walk down the stairs.. I can't even imagine what I had to do if I want to walk up the stairs.. It felt as if my ass was fractured or broken.. In the end, I did not come to school for a whole week due to the injury my ass encountered!!

2. Running Gainer To Finger Injury!!
-This happened at Garden (Playground).. Also when I was in form 5.. As usual, we were training at Garden after the school ends. It was the month I got my first running gainer if I am not mistaken.. So, what I did was.. I tried to do a running gainer. But as I jumped high up in the air, I forgot to tuck! (This stuff happens to me sometimes, I don't know why but sometimes I just jump without thinking. It happened to me at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa as well when I did a combo) So, when I was falling.. I thought to myself.. "Woot!? What am I doing!!?". Then I quickly reached the ground with my right hand.. In the end I fell down anyway.. My fingers were stretched more than it was supposed to because I landed with my right hand first.. I could not straighten my fingers after that, I thought I broke my fingers.. But I didn't, haha.. After that, I went to school with my right hand bandaged..

3. Bailed Doing A Wallflip 3 Times On 3 Different Trees!!
-Yes, it is how it sounds like.. I tried to do a wallflip at a tree, but I slipped as the tree's exterior shattered when my leg kicked it.. Which basically made me fall defenselessly on the ground.. It happened to me 3 times on 3 different trees.. At Garden, at TTC and at Putrajaya.. After that, I did not like doing wallflips so much..

4. Pole Gainer Over Rotated To Ass First!! TWICE!!
-Oh yeah~! This one I did when I was in form 5 as well.. At Garden as well.. I wanted to record my pole gainer attempts for my showreel. So, firstly it took me quite a while to get a feel of the pole gainer before I actually do it, which is basically by swinging like an idiot.. Then, I went for it! I swung myself forward and released my hand of the pole and quickly tucked to start the rotation.. What happened was, I over rotated and landed ass first.. But that alone would not stop me from attempting it for the second time!! So this time, I wanted to do it again.. But this time, I wanted to spot the floor earlier.. So, again I attempted to do the move! Ahah! I saw it! I spotted the ground!! I tried to reach the ground with my feet!! But somehow it was too early and of by a few centimeters which basically made me over rotate and landed ass first, for the second time.. But it was worth it as I managed to perform it in the 3rd attempt itself.. Decrease the speed, spot the ground early, tuck slowly.. There! Pole Gainer!

5. Frontflip In A Small Room!! My Head Hits The Wall!!
-Yes!! This happened when I tried to learn my very first tricking skill, which is the frontflip!! Amir and I trained our first frontflip in a small room by putting beds on the floor to absorb the impact.. Yup, we managed to learn our frontflip from there.. The last time I attempted a frontflip in my house was the day I hit my head towards the wall.. BIG TIME!! I took a step backward to gain space for me to actually run and gain momentum (bad decision).. Then, I ran and jumped as high as I could and tucked as much as I could.. I over rotated, landed on my knees and the momentum basically threw me forward which basically made me hit the wall head first.. I hit the wall head first with the full momentum of my over rotated frontflip applied to it.. The sound it made when my head made contact with the wall was very loud.. I could not stand up as my world was spinning around me as I was lying defenselessly on the floor.. After about 7 seconds or so, I stood up and went downstairs to grab something to eat..

6. Sideflip While Carrying A Bag Around Your Back Is Not Good!!
-I did a sideflip while carrying a bag around my back at school and I bailed miserably.. It happened when I was in form 5, it was also after I ended one of my SPM papers.. Siddiq, Acap and I and other unimportant character from my class (all guys) are heading back.. It was then that I got excited and did my sideflip.. It was then that I noticed that your bag could actually stop your rotation as it disturbs you from rotating.. In the end, I fell like an idiot.. There was a group of girls behind me talking to each other.. Luckily their attention was elsewhere when I launched my sideflip, however they noticed me when I was on the ground because the guys laughed at me.. But the good thing was that they did not know why I was on the ground and that they were not laughing.. Yay! Lucky me.. No other person aside from the guys saw my fall.. Then I quickly headed towards home!!

7. Amir Hit My Legs When I Was Doing A Sideflip On Solid Ground!!
-It happened during the Reebok Roadshow thingy.. Amir and I planned to do a combination of movements.. Which was actually running towards each other. Amir does a frontflip as I prepare to do my sideflip.. After he landed his frontflip, he was supposed to start a shoulder roll while I perform a sideflip over him.. The move was done perfectly for a a few times.. But it did not happen according to plan at JB Danga Bay.. As usual, we were running towards each other.. Amir did his frontflip, while I prepared to do my sideflip.. When he landed, he quickly did a shoulder roll which was not what I expected him to do. I was only starting to jump and launch my sideflip.. It was then that a very cool move happened.. Amir did a shoulder roll while I was still in my vertical position up in mid air.. What happened was that Amir shoulder rolled and kicked my legs which was in mid air. The impact of Amir's kick basically rotated me around.. Somehow I felt safe when Amir did so as I could estimate the speed of the rotation..So, basically I did nothing as I wait for the rotation to complete and basically land my sideflip!! The spectators thought that it was part of the plan as all Amir and I did was smile like an idiot and continued the show. The breakdancers noticed it and said "Bahaya dowh! Tapi style ar, xde org prasan,".

8. I Injured My Toe Because of Futsal!!
-This happened recently this year.. Irsyad invited me to play a game of futsal. I played without wearing any shoes.. Unfortunately there was an idiot goalkeeper playing bare foot as well.. The stupidest thing was that his toe nails are like fuck!! It was so sharp and long that it managed to injure my toe!! I was bleeding non-stop until we basically reach the Clinic.. The nurse injected me 3 times so that I would feel no pain when the stitching part starts.. The dumbest part was that the Nurse started the stitching before the injection took its effect!! I had to endure the full pain as the Nurse started stitching.. I had 3 stitches and it was on the 3rd stitch that the injection was only starting to take its effect..

9. I Was Riding My Tricycle As My Head Hits A Lorry!!
-Haha, this happened when I was 3 or 4 years old.. There is this lorry who usually come and sell all sort of vegetables to the neighborhood.. When the lorry parked outside and started selling the vegetables.. I was riding my tricycle as my mom watches from afar.. I was watching a steel pipe of some sort which was attached to the lorry.. I headed right towards the lorry as my eyes were glued to the lorry's steel pipe or something like that.. I was like 2 cars away from the lorry as my mom told me to be aware of the lorry.. But then I cycled forward like an idiot and basically hit my head towards the steel pipe which I was looking at from the very start.. I saw the very thing from the start and I got a warning from my mom but yet I was stupid enough to cycle towards it and hit it with my head.. I was watching it to the very last minute even when I was hitting it with my head.. In the end, I fell of my tricycle and started crying. My mom quickly came to me to see how I was.. The moral of the story, do not be captivated by a steel pipe, it is EVIL!!

10. My Head Was Slammed By A Van's Door REAL HARD!!
-This also happened when I was 3 or 4 years old.. Me and my neighbor were about to go somewhere I do not remember.. We planned to go there by their van.. So, we entered the van.. When my neighbor wanted to shut the door close (It is the type of door where you slide sideways), I reached out my head like an idiot.. He tried to shut the door with his full strength as it basically slammed my head real hard.. He was about ten years old I think.. Wow, I was about 3 or 4 years old and it is very amazing that I even survived to tell the story.. Everyone was shocked, my mom quickly grabbed me and ran into the house as she took a towel soaked with warm water and put it on my head.. My mom and Amir was very afraid as they saw the state my head was in.. They said "Kepala kau benjol besar nak mampus, macam ade lagi satu kepala," if I am not mistaken.. Haha, its a pity I could not see how big it actually was. But you guys can basically ask Amir how big it actually was back then..

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fuck!! ammar bodoh.. kecoh je citer pasal bail, ak pon ade gak..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

hahahah..hevat2...pegi naik the tricycle even AFTER warned!!!
WOW! like WTF!
hahaha..I watched that frigging bag sideflip bail!! weee~ I didn't expect that bag to contain anything, but you bailed though :P newb~

siddiq said...

woot? abudi.. bile lak ko ade kat situ?