Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sabree Started Tricking (13 Years Old)

At first, I wanted to name the title as "Sabree Started Tricking When He Was Only 13 Years Old".. But as you have noticed, the title is long like hell. OK! Now if you were to examine the title properly, you will have noticed that Sabree has started tricking for 7 years in a row already.. Wow, 7 years.. No wonder all of his skills were smoothly performed. If we were to look at ourselves, I would say that our progress are basically quite good.. For some of us, we have actually improved more than what we have expected a year ago. Not to mention that we learned all of them without the help of a gym.

In just one year, we could achieve many things. For example, the best person to be set as an example is basically Azam (Keyrana) the jackass. Certainly you guys have noticed that he achieved most of his moves within this year itself. My progress since I firstly started tricking for the first year can basically be seen in my first showreel, which was not that bad actually. I still remember the time when I spoke to amir at TTC (Around 2006 maybe).. We looked at the height and distance of the stairs at TTC (The one we usually hang out), then I asked him "Kau rase bape lame baru kita bley flip dari atas nie sampai bawah?". At first we made a joke about it, but after giving it a second look we noticed that it might be possible as it is not that high actually.. So then Amir said "Lagi 3 tahun kot.."... Which basically means that we have currently improved more than we have expected as we have achieved doing so half the time we predicted. Surely you guys would not have expected Azam to improve drastically as he did within this year. Many can be achieved within just one year..

So, what I am trying to say is that our progress in training are actually good... What we should do is basically keep on improving like this for the following years to come.. Can you see how far we can go within 7 years of training?

...Oh yeah, by that time Sabree would have been into tricking for more than 10 years. Can you see how far his level has reached by then? Hahaha~

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sabree said...

Salam! actually, i started when i was 15. :D form 3, started along side parkour. now im turning 21 this year.

to be honest, i think my progression is kinda slow. Im the 'safe' type of person. only attempting tricks when im confident enough.

my progression was fast during my school years, because we would meet up every weekend to train. but after school, during matriculation, things started slowing down a bit. I did practice, but not as much before. Had 1 friend to train with. But, not as frequent as in school.

When i entered university, the only proper parkour/tricking sessions i had was with the pkmy community! apart from that i would just be doing basic conditioning(jog, pushups, pullups, etc...)

I am amazed at how pkmy is progressing. you all are quick!

I guess, its not about how long you have been in the game, its about how you improve yourself each and every day.