Friday, October 31, 2008

My Days When I Was In Form 3

My days when I was in form 3.. It brings back all the memories I encountered back in 2005, mostly the days I spent at school. During that time, I basically do not care at all about anything that concerns my school. It was the time where I find joy in breaking the rules and doing everything that I desire. I did not attend to school more than I actually come to school.. Even if I come to school, I will be skipping class most of the time. Even if I come to class, I will certainly come late and would not even hear what the teacher has to say or teach. The best thing was that my teachers did not even scold me at all when I come late to school, come late to class, did not do my homework or even when I was seen by them when I was skipping classes. Why did I do all that I did back then? Is it only because I wanted to attract attention? I don't think so.. Is it only because I wanted to find who I really am and shape my personality? I don't think that might be it.. Is it just because I needed my own space and to enjoy as much as I could? Hmm, I think it is mostly because of this reason that I did what I did back then. But to sum it up, I think the combination of all 3 would be the reason why I did all those things. What do I have to say about myself? Good times, good times..

But wait, there is also ONE more reason why I always skip class and did not attend to school back then. It is because of the CHILDISH IRRITATING group of classmates I have to spend time with each and everyday at school.. Guess what? One of them is SIDDIQ!! Well, I guess you guys would not understand unless I tell the story in detail.. So, let me begin the story..

Each and every time I attend to class, I have to sit at the back of the class because that is basically where I have to sit each time the class starts. In that very position, I was surrounded by these fools named Siddiq, Rahim, Rahman Hafiz, Rahman Bo and Hasif. Rahman Hafiz was the one who basically sit next to me. Siddiq and Rahim sat behind me and the other two sat infront of me, if I am not mistaken. So, this is what I have to go through each and everyday.. Each time I enter class, I will notice that Siddiq will be quarrelling with Rahim and Rahman Bo that Xbox is better than Playstation 2.. Siddiq will be representing as Xbox fan while the other two idiots will be representing as Playstation 2 fans.. Siddiq will say that Xbox's graphic and games are way better than Playstation 2 and that is when the other two idiots will beg to differ.. Not to mention that Rahim always quarrels with Hasif as well.. Now when it comes to Rahman Hafiz the one who was sitting next to me, each time I sat next to him he will be talking about Anime and Manga nonstop.. I can't believe it, he spoke to me about Anime and Manga nonstop!! I mean, WTF!? All I did was gave him fake smiles and laughter.. In other words "Senyum Politik".. He can talk to me about it all daylong..

Ok, here comes the part where I hate the most.. You remember all of the things that I told you about this group? Yes? Now, guess what.. THEY REPEATED THE SAME CONVERSATION TIME AND TIME AGAIN FOR EACH AND EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAILING!! It is like watching the series of Pokemon! Where the enemy "Team rocket" will do something stupid and in the end will be blasted to outer space by the hero or something like that and the same thing will happen in the next episode.. You might think that I over exaggerate things.. But it is all 100% TRUE!! You can basically just refer to Siddiq himself if you want to make sure. I don't know how, but he managed to repeat the same conversation and arguments over and over again as each day approaches.. That is why I skip classes almost all of the time.. Oh and yeah, each and everytime I skip class I will be spending time in other's class, "Bilik Guru" or the library.. It amazes me how the teacher will not notice that you are skipping class.

In the end, it was all good times indeed..

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