Thursday, October 30, 2008

Irsyad's Girlfriend's House

At first, I wanted to name the title as "Irsyad's Girlfriend's Open House". But it would not be appropriate as it is not actually an open house, but more towards "Doa Selamat" for her parents or something like that. It does not matter actually.. Because towards the end, we did not attend the "Doa Selamat" part as we planned to come only after that very session so that we could skip to the eating part! Yes!! Indeed it was a very smart plan..

For me to actually even begin to tell the story, I would basically have to explain who Irsyad's Girlfriend actually is. Well, her name is Maria... Owh, wait. That is what we usually call her, but her actual name is none other than Masita. Maria is currently studying at UIA Nilai. Which happens to be the same place where Irsyad, Acap, Siddiq and I study. She is currently studying Economics.. Which so happens to be the subject Siddiq, Acap and I do NOT study.. Haha, but it so happens to be the subject irsyad is currently studying at UIA Nilai. Not to mention that Maria and Irsyad are actually classmates! Maria is the type of girl who looks very innocent from her very appearance alone as she is the type of girl who have this very sweet smile, religious appearance due to her "Baju Kurung" and intellectual appearance due to her glasses. If we were to gaze upon her from other perception of view which is basically from her voice, style, movement and personality.. I would basically say that she is very feminine indeed. Why? Well, basically it is because her voice are very gentle whereas her movements and style are very feminine. To sum it up, basically Irsyad has become attracted to a very nice girl (Much nicer than the previous girl he was attracted to, that's for sure. Way to go Irsyad!! Your the man!!").. Are you guys wondering how is it that Irsyad began to become attracted to this girl named Maria? Well, If I am not mistaken.. It is basically because she has this "sporting" personality despite her innocent appearance that had attracted Irsyad's very attention. Not to mention that it has become to my very attention that this girl also shares the same affection towards Irsyad as well. Wow Irsyad, you already have the girl of your dream in your very grasp.. You LUCKY BASTARD~!! Hahaha, ok!! Provided with such information, I believe you guys can imagine how their relationship managed to develop to how it is currently today.

It all started when Irsyad invited Acap, Siddiq, Fikri and I to attend to Maria's Open House. It turned out that it was not actually an Open House in the first place, but more towards "Doa Selamat" for her parents or something like that. We argued with Irsyad by saying "Alaa, kau cakap open house. Ape cer tiba2 doa selamat nie?," or something like that.. But then, Irsyad gave us quite a good response by saying "Alaa, lebey kurang ar tu.. Bila da abis nanti diorang kasi makan2 ar.. Kita x yah la dtg awal2, dtg masa untuk makan je la, haha,". He has a very good point indeed. So, as usual.. We planned how and when to actually go to Maria's house. In the end it was decided that we go there together by Irsyad's car. Irsyad was supposed to pick up Siddiq and Fikri first, and then pick up Acap and I at my house.

As usual, I was playing game as I was waiting for Acap's arrival and others as well. As time passes by, Amir suddenly told me that Acap has already arrived. It was then that I actually realized that I left my phone upstairs, no wonder I did not notice any SMS. So then I opened my door and checked outside. It turns out that Acap was already at my gate on his motorcycle (Rempit..). Then I reentered my house to continue playing game. But then I remembered that Acap is actually a Pussy and it was actually necessary for me to actually accompany him into my house or else he will become somewhat shy.. Then I reopened the door and said "Masuk je, rumah aku xde orang,". It was to actually eliminate his "PUSSY-NESS". So then I reentered my house, took my phone downstairs and continued playing game as Acap watches me doing so. As time passes by, Acap told me that Irsyad and the others has arrived and are waiting outside. But the game I was playing managed to catch my full attention, so I decided to let them wait for a while. Haha.. I said "Tunggu lagi 5 minit ar, kita bukan nak pegi cepat2 pun,". But before long, they called Acap's number. They were basically asking us to quickly get out of the house or something like that. Then Acap said "Ammar tgh main game kot..,". Haha, it was then that we went outside into Irsyad's car and finally headed to Masita's house.

Finally, we arrived at Masita's house!! But wait.. What is this? From inside the car, we noticed that everyone was wearing "Baju Melayu" and other clothes with such characteristics. It was quite awkward as our clothes are certainly not suitable for such situation. Acap, Siddiq, Irsyad and I as usual wears short sleeved clothes and jeans. Fikri on the other hand was wearing all white! He looked exactly like a DJ or Hoppers wannabe. Wearing a white sweater or something like that and not to mention that he was wearing a number of rings on his fingers as well.. Yes, we were all prepared to mix in with all the people inside.. Before we get out of the car to actually get into the house, obviously we need to find a place to park a car. right? Irsyad's point of view of a parking place was basically out of the ordinary as he parked the car almost right in the middle of the road by a junction.. Not to mention that his parking skills were off by far.. Oh yeah, the road was not leveled properly that it basically managed to scratch Irsyad's car quite hard. Luckily it was only from below.

At first, we hesitated a bit to enter. But then we entered anyway. We shaked hands with everyone as we enter the house. Then we reached the dinner table!! Masita's mother then asked us, "Sape Irsyad diantara korang nie?". Irsyad was dumb enough to make a dumb joke by pointing the finger to Fikri.. Then when she thought that Fikri was Irsyad, he corrected her by saying that he was just making a joke.. Haha... She was not laughing.. Nice move Irsyad! It was one of the worst first impression I had ever seen in my life.. I guess ur pick up line does not work on old people. Sad, really..

So! We then moved on to the eating session as Irsyad realised what he did was completely dumb. Everyone ate rice except for me, I ate a lot of "Nasi Himpit" and "Sate".. It was quite nice.. Then we all entered this room which was empty of furniture and was only filled with people who were eating on the floor. We then sat in a group to start eating. Instantly after we sat on the floor, an old guy related to Masita asked Fikri " Awak nie dari Nilai ke?". Then Fikri replied smilingly "Hai, name saye Irsyad,".. I was like.. WTF!! Hahaha! He said so because Irsyad told him to tell Masita's mother that he was Irsyad (One of Irsyad's stupid joke which failed). It turned out that Fikri told an old guy instead.. We all laughed as the old man felt strange and wondered his interest elsewhere.

As we ate, Masita was sitting there as well to entertain us. Many stupid jokes were made and many conversations occurred between Irsyad and Maria. We basically talked about two of Masita's sisters and their boyfriend. Her sister's boyfriend are both FAT and UGLY.. In other words, FUGLY!! I can't believe it. One of her sister was actually attractive. I was dissapointed that her taste in men sucks to the ass, big time. We talked a lot about them and even made jokes by planning to give this "Disgusted + Irritated" face expression to her boyfriend so that he will feel unwelcome.. Hahaha!! It was very funny indeed.. When her boyfriend firstly came, all of us looked at him at the same time. Some of us even go as far as lying down on the floor to stretch their heads just to see the opening at the door to see how her boyfriend looks like. It was funny as her boyfriend noticed that all of us looked at him. It was then that I asked Masita "Kakak2 kau ske org yg badan2 besar je ke?". Then she replied "Nak ckp cmne eh? Ade jodoh la sng citer..". Then I said to Irsyad "Weh, kakak2 Maria sume boyfriend badan besar2.. Asal kau mcm melawan tradisi family dia?" Which basically means that I was indirectly saying that Irsyad was actually Maria's boyfriend.. I was very very surprised to see the outcome of that very question as I noticed both of them were laughing happily.. I do not know whether others noticed it or not. But that basically indirectly proved that their affection towards each other are equal and the same. To like someone to a certain extent and at the same time know that, that someone feels the same about you.. That is certainly something that should be cherished for as long as you can make it possible. It is truly something that others would be envy of..

Ok, I found out that small childrens hate Irsyad.. My words basically has solid evidence as small kids ran away from Irsyad not once.. But TWICE!! Yes, most basically they find Irsyad a scary person because Irsyad was previously known as the child molester and the kids noticed that in Irsyad.. It basically happened like this.. A small kid was smilingly approaching Maria.. But the instant Irsyad started to communicate with the kid, the kid's facial expression quickly changed and ran away. Then another kid came, the same thing happened.. Oh and yeah! Even chicks hates Irsyad! There was this girl Irsyad was talking to, but the girl completely ignored him as she walks out of the room. Haha, very funny indeed.. Oh and also, about Maria's attractive sister's boyfriend.. We noticed that he was sitting alone in a crowd unattended by her sister. Maria said that she pity him because her sister did not speak to him.. She said "Kakak aku malu sbb dia punya BESAR...".... I REPEAT.. "kakak aku malu sbb dia punya BESAR".. Haha, we know that she meant she was embarrassed because her boyfriend was big and fat in size.. But the way she made it sound was as if she was embarrassed because her boobs are huge.. Haha, certainly something that I would remember for a long time..

Then not long after that, we decided to go back home because Fikri have to attend to his Grandma's house. Did I mention that we got chocolate muffins from Maria? Wee~! Then just before we left the house, we must basically say a word or two with Maria's mother.. Her mother surprisingly did not yet know who Irsyad was.. Most basically she was confused by Irsyad's stupid joke.. So she asked us again "Sape Irsyad?".. Finally! Irsyad was provided with a second chance to change her mother's impression towards him! As his friend, I knew that he would not waste such a chance!!! But guess what? He repeated the same dumb joke AGAIN.. OMG.. I lost my sense of pity towards him after that happened.. Then the conversation continued for quite some time until it finally ended as we head towards the car to head home..

Then finally we headed home and that was how the visit to Maria's house ended!!

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Abudi Alsagoff said...

Dumb joke won't work for the adults irsyad!! OMG, bapak noob, pegi buat the same joke again! Dah tau the makcik tak faham the joke, masih buat lagi!! Yesh! You totally screwed your chance irsyad!

~!R$y4d~ said...

woit mane de ak wat lawak yg same... ak wat 1st time je..
2nd tuh ak trus ngaku.. xde da wat lawak yg same eh... mak die tanye sape yg gi men boling? sape yg men badminton? sape yg bwk keta?? ak jawab jela ak.. lolz..

btw ammar.. akak die yg hot tuh kim salam kat ko... ak terlupe nk mention smlm.. hari tu time die gayut die ckp "irsyad.. kim slam kat ammar.." haha, obviously kakak die cm da sedar yg die making a huge mistake.. by choosing a fugly bf.. haha.. lolz..

Paras|te said...

Bukan mase mak dia tanye sape irsyad, kau tunjuk jari dekat Fikri lg skali ke? Pastu mak dia ckp, "Tu la, dia asyik tunjuk2 jari kat org lain je dari tadi,". Pastu berbual sampai masuk topic doa kan untuk diorang la, haha.

Huiyo, ade hot chick kirim salam kat aku, BLOG BLOG!! Haha~!