Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yes, there is no place like home.. After all the precious time I unwillingly wasted at UIA, I finally stumbled upon the opportunity to take my own sweet time and rest without the need to think about the day after tomorrow.. Wow, it feels really good when you have all the time to yourself. After I went for the Hari Raya Parkour Jam 2008, my energy was completely depleted and my body was left with sprains in various different locations. I even have to walk slowly down the stairs due to the pain both of my legs encountered when I had cramps time and time again during the jam. So, while waiting for my body 's condition to regenerate to its perfect condition, all I basically want to do for the timebeing is to completely stay inside my house.. Unexposed to any outdoor activities.. While enjoying my moment of peaceful slumber.. And of course enjoying the moment I play my xbox360 as well..

Paras|te |s An Ex|stence

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