Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acap's Girlfriend's Open House

There are many to be said in this topic.. Well, before I actually begin.. I must basically introduce to you all who Acap's girlfriend is! Her name is Puteri Nur Aisyah, previously studied in the same school we were in. She also happens to be in the same class with me and Siddiq. Acap on the other hand, just so happens to be in the opposite class. So, provided with that information, I believe you guys can somewhat imagine how their relationships developed from there. Now, back to the present!!

I was informed by Acap that Puteri will be holding an open house and that he was invited to be one of the guests. Siddiq, Irsyad and I then decided to tag along to accompany him. The plan was that everyone will assemble at my house so that we can go to the open house using the same means of transportation, which is by Siddiq's car (His sister's car to be more exact). When we discussed about the open house, Acap said that he would arrive my house at 8pm. On that very day itself at 7.45pm, he sent me an sms saying that he was on his way to my house. As I was waiting for his arrival, I was playing game. As time passes by, I noticed that the time was already 8.03pm. But it did not matter to me as I already anticipated his arrival to be late. I sent him an sms asking wether do we have any other plans after the open house ends, he replied at 8.05 saying that he does not know. I then continued playing the game. As time passes by again, I noticed that the time was already 8.25pm and yet none of them has arrived my house. So as I recall Acap's previous sms, I then think to myself, "What in the hell is Acap doing? He was supposed to arrive almost half an hour ago,". So I sent him another sms asking, "Jadi ke x nie?". Then he replied, "Jadi ar.. Mane ko?". So I was like, WTF?? He made it sound as if I was the one who was supposed to go to his house in the first place. I then sent him an sms saying "Kau kata td on da way gerak rumah aku,". He then replied "Da sampai da, aku tgk umah ko josong jek,". OMG, he arrived in front of my house exactly at 8pm and it did not even occur to his mind to knock on the door or at least send me and sms saying that he is already in front of my house. Ok ok, let me sum it all out here, he was waiting for me by riding his motorcycle around Bangi for almost half an hour because my house looked as if no one was home.. WOW, have you ever heard of the word "SMS"?

Ok, then Acap finally arrived. After that Siddiq arrived as well. Yes, it is obvious that my friends are NOT punctual at all. Siddiq said that he was late because his father was scolding him because on the very day he encountered a car accident long time ago (nothing serious), he went to putrajaya without his father's permission or something like that. Acap misunderstood the real reason why his father was angry at him and even went far enough to write it down in his very BLOG!! A very childish misunderstanding I would say, but me and Siddiq are basically too lazy to explain it to him.

Oh yeah!! Then Acap, me and Siddiq went to pick up Irsyad at his house. When we arrived, he came out of the house with this "sleepy" expression of his.. As if he just woke up or something. It turns out that it was true, because he was getting tired of waiting for Siddiq to come and pick him up.. AGAIN!! There was another argument and misunderstanding between this group of fools.. This time Irsyad was angry at Siddiq because he came late. He said that Siddiq was supposed to pick him up first, then go to my house to pick up me and Acap, not the other way around. He also argued by saying that Siddiq said he was on the way, but ended up arriving very late instead (OMG, the same thing happened between me and Acap!). Siddiq then argued by saying that when he said that he was on the way, he meant that he was on the way to my house, not Irsyad. Irsyad then argued by saying that Siddiq was supposed to pick him up first, not us. Then the argument went for quite some time until it finally ended by a change of topic.

Finally! We all then arrived in front of Puteri's house!! When we were about to get out of the car and start walking to the entrance of Puteri's house, it suddenly came to my mind that the only one that will be coming to Puteri's open house are her family and her family's friends.. So, who will we be presenting as? As Puteri's classmates? That cannot be it, only Siddiq and I are her classmates. So, we will be presenting as Puteri's friends? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!! Puteri does not have any friends!! The only friend she will be bringing is a girl who happens to be my classmate named Hamieza. Not to mention that we are GUYS, so it basically does not make sense that Puteri who does not have friends due to her unsocial behavior, would have 4 guy friends! It does not make any sense at all! It is basically obvious to her parents that one of us is her boyfriend or at least someone she admires or have a crush towards to. Eventhough I knew of all the circumstances, I did not care because I know that I will come up with something that will basically make her parents think that Acap is Puteri's boyfriend. Hell yeah!!

We went into her house, ALL eyes were on us. I can't blame them for doing so because it is awkward that Puteri has actually invited GUYS to her house.. (Well, for the second time actually.. The first time occurred last year when Acap, Siddiq and I went to raya at her house.. Her father was unexpectedly clueless when speaking to us.. It was so funny as I was the one who had to actually give the old man the topics to talk about in our conversation..) So, we went into the house to shake hands with Puteri's father and then immediately went out to grab something to eat. Acap is somewhat nervous with Puteri's father due to the fact that he thinks that Puteri's father's face is somewhat scary or aggressive. WOOT!! His face looks exactly like colonel fried chicken the founder of KFC !! How can you become afraid of someone that looks so nice!? Especially when his personality are so damn opposite to aggressive, which is passive..

So, Acap and Irsyad went to eat nasi goreng.. I already ate back at home, so I only eat the kuih2 and stuff.. Did I mention there was a band performing at the pagola located just outside the house while we were all eating? The band was most likely Puteri's brother's friends.. They sing a lot of song, both in English and Malay.. Wow, I was so impressed by their unimpressive performance!! When we were eating, the moment the vocalist sang the song "Im yours", Irsyad and I coughed on purpose!! Yes, it was that LAME!! We were giving negative comments to their performance all the way.. The band most usually sing malay songs and most of them are Raya songs. Did I mention that the vocalist usually forgot the lyrics? Not to mention that at some point his voice did not reach the high pitch part which basically turned his voice into a disaster.. In other words, "suara kantoi"..

We sat on chairs which were put in a line which so happens to be 4 in number nicely one for each of us. Puteri sat on a chair which was located quite near to Acap who happens to sit closest to her compared to us. They were basically about a feet far from each other. Its amazing how time passes by as they weren't talking to each other. At first I found it very lame because they sat quite close together, but their mind ponder elsewhere. I think it is because they did not know what to talk about or the situation was awkward and they needed time to adapt to it or something like that. But as longer time passes by, they started to talk to each other. About their sms and stuff, not much though.. The only conversation between them that I remember and worth remembering is when Puteri asked Acap "Korang pegi mane lepas nie?". Then Acap asked us the same question which basically leads to no answer.. So he then said to Puteri "Tak tau". Then Puteri replied "Nak ikut~!".. Yes!! I repeat!! "Nak ikut~!".. Omg, this is HUGE!! It might occur as a normal thing for others, but you guys have to understand that this couple are not normal due to the fact that Puteri is SUPER unsocial. So, basically this is somewhat an achievement for Acap!! Yeah, your the MAN!!

After he heard those very sentence.. He smilingly turned his face towards Siddiq and said.. "Siddiq, aku nak pinjam kereta kau..". Haha, obviously he was kidding but the most funniest thing is the fact that we knew that if the opportunity actually came and approach him, he would surely and definitely took it and savor the moment.. It is quite funny for me as such relationships they share between each other are basically hard to find nowadays days due to the essence of somewhat innocence engraved in them, truly something that I find should be appreciated by both parties.

There is this MAN who sat and hang around Puteri. He usually speak with Puteri and laugh with her. He did something to her that Acap did not manage to do to her. He physically touched her neck from the back and savored the moment.. Puteri on the other hand just laughed when the man did so to her.. Yes.. It truly does sound exciting when it is explained in such manner.. Well, actually the man is an old man around his 40's who happens to be her uncle!! HAHA! I just wanted to bring the story up for fun.

So, it was not long after that that we decided to take off due to all the people are starting to leave one by one.. I was already bored playing with the polystyrene cup anyway.. I scratched the whole thing's exterior completely! Haha, I even turned it into a some sort of bangle which Acap basically destroyed it later on.. Son of a bitch, you will pay.. Haha.. Ok, when we are about to leave, it is necessary for all of us to enter and shake Puteri's father's hand. But the whole thing was not as exciting as I anticipated in the first place so I decided to at least make a scene so that we could remember. I wanted Acap to shake Puteri's father's hand... ALONE... Haha, I wanted Acap to be highlighted in Puteri's parents' point of view!! I want them to expect him as their future daughter's husband or something like that, haha. So, I persuaded Siddiq and Irsyad to not enter the house. Acap wanted us to enter but the request were obviously declined!! Haha.. After various fail attempts he finally entered alone after being influence by Puteri's request as well.. HAHA! Acap actually entered the house alone to shake her father's hand!! Acap has basically and indirectly caught her parents attention.. I do believe that her parents has come to think that Acap might have a relationship with their daughter.. Don't ask why, just add up all the things that I have said from the very first and you might think the same as well..

After that we all went home!!

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siddiq said...

bapak panjang sial!! xde life ke ko

Asyraf said...

hahahaha...siot tol kutuk2 aku dgn putri...hahahaha...conversation aku dgn bapak die mse salam tuh xnak lak ko tulis...hahahaha...

~!R$y4d~ said...

bodoh.. bukan ak yg misunderstood.. siddiq ar.. ak ckp amek ak pastu kite lepak2 la umah ammar sbb ak assume korg akan lmbat.. plus.. ak xpnah lambat.. korg yg lembap.. foolz. especially ammar.. ammar slalu lambat n mls!

siddiq said...

sng cite dua2 misunderstood r..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

"Son of a bitch, you will pay.." Ucop is actually Acap's biological brother, only that acap does not know about it..I'm sure Acap must be having the same-type same-look type of guy like Ucop! LOL! So the same gene happened to be accepting your curse, so instead of Acap's paying his debt to you, Ucop paid it with an awesome neck bail!With pride!!! Woooh!!