Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Is This Blog Use For?

Since Abudi spammed the comments in my previous post, I had to create another post. And siddiq, are you blind or are you ignorant or are you both? I made up my own facts? Are you high?


Click the link above, the 2nd from the list is basically the link to this blog site. And it clearly states there that "Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world."... SO, is it so hard for you to basically understand that it is not my definition towards blog, it is basically the ACTUAL DEFINITION for this blog. IT IS A FACT WHICH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. Are you too blind to see the fact in front of your eyes? Or are you too ignorant to basically comprehend my argument and my grounds? Did I myself made a self-assumption conclusion that a blog is a place to express your feelings and thoughts? No, it is clearly stated in the link above, 2nd from above. I argued by saying that is the ORIGINAL PURPOSE of THIS VERY BLOG WE ARE CURRENTLY USING HERE! Is this English too high for your comprehension? I do not believe so. So suck it up!

Your point of argument is crappy. You do not argue according to the context, you do not provide any kind of evidence except verbal points in which I cannot verify the truth in it. And yes, your very argument does not apply to my argument seeing that it does not relate to my ACTUAL ARGUMENT. If the creator of this blog says that it is used to express your feelings and thoughts, NO OTHER CAN DENY THAT BECAUSE THE CREATOR OF THIS BLOG SAYS SO. You call yourself a LAW student but yet you do not understand the point of my argument and the fact which is in front of your very eyes.

Do not argue unless you know how to to argue. You lack the RELEVANCE and CLARITY which is necessary in an argument.



siddiq said...

Although i cant seem to open the link u put. but..

All blogs are blogs!!! This blog, that blog or whatever are all fucking blogs.
Livejournal, open diaries, blogger, other shits i cant remember are fuckin blogs. Blogger is just a mere blogger service provider.
Blogger is just Yamakasi putting their own definition of parkour. We are using blogger blogs, but it is not different from other blogs! fucking blogs are fucking blogs.

My point of argument isnt crappy. Is is the truth, but since u said my point do not relate to ur argument, so im lazy to put my source. But i will gladly put it here if u want.

I do understand ur point of argument that is the so called main purpose of blogs. Which is what i am arguing right now.

Do not argue if u dont know how to argue? what makes u think u can argue. Relevance, my points are relevance in way that how u wrote. I provide clarity and facts for it. U r trying to win this argument by sticking on a fact that rebuttable since i already said all blogs are fucking blogs.

Paras|te said...

I am only referring to this ONLY blog I am CURRENTLY using. Not others. Its as simple as that.

siddiq said...

Yeah, the original argument here is about blogs. But since u are changing the scope of the argument to only referring to blogger's blog , i rest my case. Since by limiting the scope only make my previous statements wrong, meaning, i have to deny my own statements.

Paras|te said...

Obviously I was referring to this blog only seeing that I only talk about this particular blog itself. I did not say BLOGS with an "s", I said blog. According to the context, even a child would know I am talking about this blog.