Monday, May 18, 2009

I Got A New Laptop

Okaay! I got a new laptop for my next semester in Gombak (That is IF I pass in my arabic which I think I might fail)... Well, to hell with that~! For now, I want to talk about my laptop! Actually, I do not have much to talk about it either... Hmmm.. Yesterday my father asked me, "Ammar, nak beli laptop x?" Then I answered "Nak". Half an hour later my father said "Ok, cepat siap! Jom pegi beli laptop.". But yesterday we only went to do window shopping. Just now I went with my family to buy myself the laptop. From that moment itself until now, the laptop remained untouched. I did not even bother myself to actually look through what it has to offer. I don't know, maybe the excitement will come when I customize it later. For now, it is only a mere decoration at the corner of my eyes in my room.

Tomorrow morning I will have to go and take my computer test for my first driving license.. (I know what you are thinking.. You are thinking "What in the hell!? You do not have a driving license yet!? People as loser-like as you should rot and burn in hell~!") Hoho, but what can I say? I do not find it necessary seeing that I have myself quite a number of drivers to take me anywhere I want (my family members that is, heheh). But seeing that in Gombak I might want to use any body's transportation, so I will sit for the exam during this holiday (Which I myself doubt that I will pass the computer exam itself.. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "WOOT!? You have got to be shittin me! That computer exam is a piece of cake! You do not even deserve to live if you were to fail the exam!") Well, what can I say, I think I will fail the exam tomorrow.. Hmm... Who cares, whatever happens, happens, hoho..

I am in a situation in which I feel that I have something to be done that is left undone but I do not know what it is since such thing that is not yet done does not even exist to be done in the first place. Do you guys ever encounter such situation? No? Well, I encountered such situation many2 times and it does somewhat proves to be very3 irritating.. It makes you feel restless without any apparent reason.

Come to think of it, I am starting to like having this laptop of mine... Hmm.. I can put anything I want in here since it does have 320 GB.. I think I will like it even more when I start customizing it later.. But still, it is nothing compared to Siddiq's VAIO... It is not just a laptop, it is a WEAPON itself.. What do I mean? You have to see it yourself to understand it. He's VAIO is very big and strong, u can basically kill a person with a single blow! Since it is big and hard, it can also be used as a shield as well. A gun? There is nothing be feared, Siddiq's VAIO is here!! He can deflect bullets easily with a laptop in his grasp!! A weapon and a shield, and also a tool for mass communication.. What more can you even ask for? XD



siddiq said...

When i got into gombak nex year i want the 320 gig memory be filled with porn..

and dude, u do know if u failed the computer test, u have to listen to ceramah 5jam again..

Paras|te said...

You have got to be shittin me!!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

it's some easy questions! get it over with! use common sense!

and I second that Siddiz!! pr0n Fuck the world!!!!

Paras|te said...

Wtf is pron? Its like porn but better is it? Yes, pron FTW! I should write a blog about pron.