Monday, May 18, 2009

Doing Nothing Is Tiring..

It is ironic and weird to know that we can become tired if we do absolutely nothing. Why is it possible? If you sleep and force yourself to sleep over and over again, you can basically become tired. Why does that happen? All we were doing are basically resting ourselves right? In such situation, we need to actually move to actually regain some energy (works best when we stay under the sunlight). This is common right? Or is it just me? Well, whatever, just comment on this topic if I'm wrong. But to me, it is true that you will become exhausted if you were to do absolutely nothing for a whole weekend or so. The more you spend ur time resting doing nothing, the more exhausted you will become. I guess you should only rest as much as you should, and not as much as you could. Over-resting is something that you should avoid.

I think this concept is quite understandable in various different scenarios. I wonder why do we feel tired when we travel FAR from a place to a place which takes a large amount of time to reach. I mean, all we ever do is basically sit at the passenger seat. Aside from just sitting, we also took a nap or two. But why is it when we get out of the car, we will get tired? And why do we get tired just sitting in a room hearing people giving a speech for 6 hours although we do not even pay any attention towards such speech? All we ever do was just resting but yet it is tiring..

I am PRETTY SURE that there is a VERY SIMPLE explanation to my uncomplicated question which can basically make me look stupid for even asking this very question in the first place. But I don't actually want to know the answer to such question, I just wanted to brought it up and see what others actually think about such matter as well. (Ignorant, hohoho) Well, its not that I'm ignorant, its just that I think I actually understand a bit why such thing happens. But sharing is caring, and I certainly do not care, so why bother? Hohoho..

Oh yeah, I passed my computer driving-license exam thingy. Only got 45/50. Who cares, as long as I passed. Yeah, I thought I would be sleepy when answering the questions due to the fact that I slept late last night because it is basically a very rare opportunity for me to be able to stay online for a very long duration of time. So, since I am able to do so, I thought why not read all of the post my friends made so far? So that was exactly what I did. I think I might want to examine Abudi's blog and make a review about his posts in a critical manner.. Just to get on his nerves.. Hoho..

Maybe I will make a review on Siddiq's post as well. For acap, I don't know.. I might do a review for his blog.. For Azam I CERTAINLY do not know due to the fact that he already posted many topics to begin with. And in each topics he will touch an issue in several point of views. So I don't think that my review about his blog can be done in a post which is not too long to actually even interest people in reading it. Well, even I would think twice before reading a very3 long post. But if it is interesting, I will just read it anyway. For Irsyad, I don't know... I don't think so.

Well, if a person irritates me, I will review his blog in a critical manner in which they will dislike (just to get on their nerves) hohohoho.. But if a person wants me to review their blog, I think I will review them in a positive manner, since I am cool.. Oh yeah, today Amir wants to record some clips for a video in which I do not even know the purpose behind it... yet.

I will now go back to sleep. I hope I will wake up energetic enough to have fun practicing today. Lets just hope that happens..


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Abudi Alsagoff said...

that's not gonna happen today. you see it's raining!!!!