Monday, May 18, 2009

I Have Computer Driving License Exam

I have computer driving license exam at 8am... I must move at 7.40am.. Now it is already 4.15am.. I spent hours reviewing Mierol's Blog completely from the first post itself.. If I have the time, I might review about other people's blog as well if I have the time. XD. For those who wants me to do so, just say the word and I will do so.

For now, I need to sleep!!! If I fail tomorrow, I will blame Mierol by saying that it is his fault that I lack the sufficient sleep that I require.. Hohoho, until next time, later..



Abudi Alsagoff said...

wow! you read all of mirul's post on his blog! get a life! and yes I commented here to just annoy you because you're such a nerd who comments at the right topic!! woohoo!!!

Paras|te said...

What a foolish ploy.