Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rebellious Days

This will be my very first short post.

Every normal man would encounter a day where they become rebellious. To whom do they rebel to? Well, usually they rebel to their parents, rebel to the norms of the society, rebel to the law and most commonly would be rebelling to the school.

This mostly happen because dudes at this age will find a very hard time finding their true "identity". Meaning, they are currently embarking into a journey to find who they really are deep inside. People hanging out with the wrong people in the wrong environment will take longer to find who they actually are deep inside... They will try to mingle with things that they will eventually regret, but such actions are necessary in order for them to find their true "identity".

What do I mean true "identity"? Well, living a life where you only follow the norms and the laws of the society, school and family... It doesn't leave you much space for you yourself to make your own decisions. Thus, making it a very hard time for you to actually realize how your true identity is like. If these laws and norms do not entangle you in your everyday lives, what kind of person would you actually become? How do we want to know? ......Rebel.

People don't actually notice why and how they suddenly entered this "rebellious" age, it is simply something that comes naturally... To make it simple, it is something that everyone should encounter to know themselves better.

BUT... We need to be aware that this "rebellious days" are very important and it itself can affect you in a very very huge way... How so you ask? Well, this depends on how long and when you encounter it.

For example...Me.

I encounter this rebellious age during school when I was young and stupid. I did many stupid and embarrassing things but because of this, I managed to find myself earlier than many others did. Truth be told, many others out there still has not yet found themselves and this is dangerous. Why?

A classmate of mine, a guy. He is the type of guy who follows the rule and goes to school everyday, known as the "nice dude" in the perspectives of many. BUT... When he entered matriculation, he encounters a situation where he has the awesome amount of freedom and he can practically do anything he wants. Hanging around with the wrong people (guys have the tendency to be attracted to do bad things), he himself joins them. He suddenly did all the bad things to an extent that he was thrown out from matriculation. Enjoying himself too much I'd say. This is because he has not done any of this during school, thus making him excited like crazy as he enters his "rebellious day".

This is the kind of stuff we do not want people to encounter. Just because they didn't encounter this "rebellious age" when they were young, they screwed over with their life when maturity is most needed, the age when you enter university.

But, this is not the main reason why I write this post. The main reason I want to write this post is to simply state how LOSER-like it is to actually see dudes who encounter this "rebellious age" during school and are STILL in their "rebellious age" even until now. I mean, how STUPID can these dudes be? How long does it require before you soon realize what you are doing is stupid? People like this often try to find an escape tunnel to distract themselves from reality by finding drama's all over the place. Too caught up in their silly "rebellious" act to an extent that it involves the family being worried with them. Too stupid to see how stupid they actually are to an extent that they try to convince others that their stupid actions and their stupid ways of living their life is actually interesting and good. It is LAME and STUPID.

This kind of people find "maturity" to be a "WALL" that will "BLOCK" you from being who you are. This "maturity" to be the drug that will finally stop you from enjoying yourself, making you a puppet that follows everyday norms. This kind of people thinks that once you enter the age of "maturity", all the crazy things that people don't normally do, you won't do as well because you are already "matured"....

Their definition for "maturity" is clearly BULLSHIT.

Which is why they are "STUPID".

Which is also why they are still "lost" in their journey to find their identity as they prolong their "REBELLIOUS" actions.




Paras|te said...

Wow, I wrote this in 10 minutes. lol.

Keyrana said...

just too make things clear up

- ni post yg ko ckp dkt fb ke? mcm xde kaitan? lol

- is thit related to my latest post coz it touches the topic of 'maturity'? is it to reject my idea or to support? cos in my understanding ur idea is quite the same like mine.

Paras|te said...

Teruknye understanding kau.

Keyrana said...

drpd ko berperangai cam syial dan pointless ape kate ko tolong pahamkan aku? huh?

Paras|te said...

Byk idea aku same cam kau, just aku reject idea kau keluar untuk cari "life", muahaha~

Keyrana said...

so memang btul la understanding aku dhohhh. about the maturity thingy.

and about the so called 'life' lak, i think its subjective. so definition of 'life' bagi ko mungkn berbeze dgn aku.

so ape kesah. matang kan aku? ngahah!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

yes ammar ko mmg awesome!~ u said it will be a short post? u lie!

siddiq said...

imho, theres no such thing as being 'matured or immatured'. Its just a word created for an excuse of being boring and stupid. Seriously, in what rights a person have to judge someone whether he/she is matured or not? and on what basis would that justification be? Just because he fools around all the time, he is immatured? he plays games, doesnt tidy up his room, do dumb things, hes immatured? He only do 'grown up' stuff, 'berdikari', serious in discussions, he is matured now?

People that says
'he immatured!'
' he acts like a 10year old'
'GROW UP!!',
now if u says things like that, what makes u think that u mature? that u already all 'grown up'? an 'adult'..

(sebenanye aku tgh write satu post pasal bende nih sbb br sick of encountering the situations like this over and over again, tgk azam da post the topic, pastu lak ko.. so x jd aku post muhahah.. ni pendek nyer verison.)

RuNNi said...

in my opinion:

maturity is toootally subjective~ especially when one is an outsider of the subject being judged.

its not fair to JUDGE badly of these people who are 'late developers', they may be at the curve of a straight path, but they're getting there one way or another~just slower then others.

maturity requirement would be: experience and responsibility. not everybody has the same walk of life.

i do stand by the principles that everybody has a tad bit of immaturity in their heart being hyperactive, so no one is really ever truly mature or all grown up adult....

Paras|te said...

RuNNi :
-I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I quote :

"its not fair to JUDGE badly of these people who are 'late developers', they may be at the curve of a straight path, but they're getting (there) one way or another~just slower then others."

Who would be the best kind of person to be set as my example.. Hmm.. Oh yeah, "Rempit".. These dudes entered their rebellious age since school and are still in that stage even until their all grown up and old. A number of them even died that way before they managed to find their true selves. SO Yeah, I disagree to ur statement because obviously many of them fail to find themselves and they didn't manage to get "there" even when death itself greets them.

They are late developers yes? They are blind yes? Only because they persist to continue being that way even after knowing that such lifestyle is wrong and stupid. I do not believe that they fail to encounter a lesson or two about things in life which are able to help them to find how their true identity is. They INTENTIONALLY choose to become IGNORANT, so it is actually FAIR for me to JUDGE them BADLY.

mizah-kholil said...

hmm..i never really went through a rebellious stage... i'm only a rebel with reason... that's acceptable i think..