Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gays, again!

Being a gay, is simply a challenge that Allah has gave from above. It is the struggle between you and ur "Nafsu". Will you choose to persevere it in the name of Allah? If you do, the struggle that you have endured will be rewarded with heaven, the greatest gift which is totally worth ur earthly struggle. If u become a gay anyway, then u fail the challenge that Allah has gave.

Same goes to everyone. Many guys are horny, do u see them raping others or even openly flirt with others? No, because nafsu is simply a challenge in which we need to endure as the slave of Allah. So if u become a gay, dun give a stupid lame excuse such as "Its not my choice to be a gay!" or "I'm a human too! This is my freedom!", because truth be told, you are just a slave of Allah and all ur so called "freedom" belongs to Him and Him only and it is simply the fact that u fail the challenge of Allah and has give in entirely to ur "nafsu" which many others have persevered, u become a fag.

As a muslim, we must hate and despise those who do the things that Allah has forbid... So to those who support or even pity these fags, you are one of the people that is ignorant in ur own religion, too caught up in this temporary life we have on earth thinking of earthly matters only while ignoring the hereafter. I just wanted to write this down because lately I see many movies supporting gays and this pisses me off. Laters~

Of course I'm arguing this using the Islamic perspective, those who want to argue using the Western perspective can go and try to pray at the mosque during friday prayers, SEE how much you have strayed from the path of Islam.



N said...

true! =)

N said...

1 question,

U did mention bout how we despise people who commit to thing that Allah has forbid, but what if a gay seemed to be ur 1 of ur best buddies & prior to ur realization of his true orientation, would you still hate him?

Abudi Alsagoff said...

fuck, i'd kill him straight away

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

If that's s0,would u agree if i say that in ur case, pride takes precedence over friendship?

siddiqisawesome said...

Religion takes precedence over everything..

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

Yes it sure does, =)

FYI, I'd experienced dis situation, n trust me, soft approach always d best. Not to say they'll change, but why do stir up d commotion when we can keep up d peace?

am I right?

Anonymous said...

Depends on the person who became the gay dude, an answer for ur question varies from one individual to another. If that dude needs to be approached in a nice way, then we do so. If he is the type that needs to be slapped in the face, we do so... Depends on the individual, I am just providing the facts and principles that we should follow. The methods that u choose in order to approach such individual is up to u.

In a hurry, don't have the time to log in, Im off to class!

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...
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Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

I see ur point,and I still think soft approach is wise conducted prior to others.If the gay dude himself's reluctant to change, mayhap other techniques may be applied, in hopes they'll change towards the betterment, right?

What mystifies me now is, how do they change their orientation when such thing is innate, natural inborn with?

For some reason i think it's ridiculous to have put out this question.In all, after one approach after another we reckon they'll change, but do we have any thoughts before AS IF WE WERE IN THE SAME SHOE, WOULD HAVE WE DONE THE SAME?

& as much as they want to change(to not be gay), do you think they'll be able to?

* & don't get me wrong, I'm not soliciting gays here,I'm a straight guy & I'm on the same page as you're in this topic,
it's just my mind's asking me hell lots of questions. & frankly this topic is good for a research paper, =)

January 19, 2010 12:07 AM

Amir Hamzah said...

soft approach or whatever. i don't accept gays to be part of the community. they're a race, religion, and sex of their own. they chose the deviant path, so they should suffer the consequences. we as the community are providing them leverage.

what the hell is liberation? since when does having homosexual tendencies become a necessity? it's not, it's the same as s&m, its a fetish. will people die if they don't fulfill it? no. is it sick? yes.

im not a homophobe, i just hate it when people do retarded things and where retarded people support the cause. and as far as religion goes. im pretty sure no such religion in this world condones homosexuality.

i've done quite a lot of research in this subject and it appears that no amount of facts, no amount logic, no amount of faith can sway these faggots back on the right path. save for a few who are still confused, not gay. just confused. now these are the people that can be talked some sense into.

a full-fledged faggot? i don't think so. so for anyone out there who thinks they can save these faggots by all means go help them. ur doing the world a huge favor.

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

It's true that they are not necessity, & your total argument does make sense. & I agree no party should tolerate to & simply accept & even leverage them,

But just the matter of facts, we can apply SOFT APPROACH to reprimand them to not commit sexual intercourse among themselves, & make them realize, this is a test Allah S.W.T has set on,

& we, as Muslim companions must help them to pass the test,

& from what I've stated above, I had never imagine Western's approach & I think their's a bull shit, all we have to do id how to help them to remain on the true path, if not wholly, mayhap partial would do as long as we execute our responsibility towards other Muslims, at least we do something to help them, & the repercussion of the effort, only Allah S.W.T knows...

Paras|te said...

"Muslims should only preach and teach their religion and let Allah plan work as he wills" (Q.16:125)

Meaning, everything that happens happen due to Allah's will. We as Muslims should only show them the right path and it is up to them how to receive it... BUT!! This only applies to the fags that are Non-Muslims. Those fags that dare call themselves as a Muslim is totally from the different page!

You see, I don't pretty much care what method you use to change them. From my point of view, these people know about Allah, the prophet, the religion and everything including the reason they are put into earth. They know it is a challenge, but they rather give in to their nafsu rather than fighting it. Meaning, they do not fear Allah in a way that they should even though they already know about Him. Is physical desirable sex a necessity for a person to have in order to live? No. But why do these fags do it? It’s because they CHOOSE to do so. Every decision has their consequences. You choose to disobey the creator and become the enemy of your religion, you suffer the consequences.

You have to remember, you are simply a creation of God, there is no such thing as "Gay rights", if people were to support this then why don't they support DRUGS? It is a human right, they should be able to consume whatever they desire, they only have one life, WHO are you to tell him what to consume and what not to consume? Why are people making such a big deal of DRUGS and not GAYS? It is simply because of the TROUBLE it brings. Drugs invites violence and death, Gays do not. You see, this is not about human rights; this is about how it will affect the community. Who decides what good and what's bad? The community. And whose community decides this? The Western. Why? Because they started to support anti-slavery due to Human Rights and Human Freedom. This concept evolves to an extent of Freedom of human speech and these preposterous Gay Society. It is simply a good thing that suddenly evolved into something bad.

I don’t care what method you choose to approach these faggots, as long as you send them the message of Islam then its fine. But you see, if these faggots call themselves as Muslims, it’s a different story. They are undermining Islam, they are giving a bad image to Islam, they openly go against Allah but still they call themselves a Muslim. This type of people is the enemies of Islam. They are ignorant and stupid. I would agree for the soft-approach thing as long as you approach them, but I will be damned if you ask me to PITY them fools. Is it my fault that they do not study their religion properly? Is it my fault that they undermine the wrath of God to an extent that they choose eternal damnation for worldly pleasures? No, it is their fault and their fault alone due to their stupidity and ignorance. Don’t tell me that they don’t know much about Islam, they are being teach about Islam since the day they entered primary school, they chose to ignore it. And so, they should suffer. These faggots are already exposed to Islam to an extent that they should already know WHY it is forbidden, but they chose to deny it, ignore it, and reject it. Should I pity these ignorant who chose to satisfy their nafsu rather than God? What do you think?

Paras|te said...

It might be possible that it is due to these soft-approach that gays are starting to increase in numbers. Its a possibility that one should consider.

Nathaniel R. Johnson, let me add a hypothesis that might interest you regarding this topic, it might prove useful if you intend to do a research about it in the future, hoho.

Do you remember the time we had back in the past during our childhood? When the term "gay" is used, UNACCEPTABLE is the word that comes to mind. Truth be told, everyone rejected, deny and even despise Gay to an extent that we barely even see a gay exist in the society. Why? Perhaps it is because they fear the judgment of the society to an extent they were able to hold in their nafsu.. If the impact of society's norms were able to give an impact to these people, wouldn't it be great if they were to fear Allah's judgment even more? Of course, its a hypothesis.

Then, suddenly the West are starting to insert Homosexual characters into their film little by little until suddenly it was common for us to see fags in the movies and it was common for us to talk about fags in our daily conversations. This goes on to an extent that fags are starting to appear as a character in Malaysia's TV shows. Even some of the Malay celebrities are fags nowadays. Then Malaysian are starting to see homosexuals as a common thing that exist in the society.

At first it was weird to see fags in our society, but as time passes by, their numbers increases. Perhaps it was due to the fact that they were comfortable with the fact that there are people out there with the same interest as them and have no fear of showing it in public. This might be the reason why their numbers are increasing, the feeling that this "homosexual" existence is something that they have in common and that they are not alone.

Have you ever considered that it might be because of this "soft-approach" and "ignoring" method that people usually do nowadays is the MAIN REASON why homosexuals go at large even now? Have you ever seen people scolding these homosexuals for being fags? I don't think that is a common action we see nowadays. People ONLY ignore OR approach them softly to change them. That is what the majority of people have been doing nowadays.

Can you see what good such approach has done? I don't think the gays are turning normal, in fact, I think the gays are starting to become more brave because we won't cause them any harm nor criticize them critically. In fact, it might be because of these kind approaches that we are doing that are providing a comfortable space of becoming a gay in the society...

Of course, this is simply a hypothesis... Heheh..

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

Dude, I still cant produce my comment..

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

I'm sorry,, publish...I still cant publish my comment..

Anonymous said...

Good luck with ur attempts to publish that comment. I have no idea why it wont publish.

T.J. O'Shar said...

woah dude. calm down~ don't let anger cloud ur emotions with hate. that comes from the source of evil. it's ok to despise... but don't judge. That's God's job. but i do agree with u tho. A man is meant to be with a woman. That's the proper course of nature. just pray that they'll come back to the right path. That's all we can do for them. btw, cool blog dude.

Paras|te said...

No offense. But I am pretty sure I am looking at it with my eyes unclouded by hate. Its okay to despise it, but its not okay to judge it? How come? I think it is only fair to despise it only after u properly judge it fairly in the first place. To despise something without a proper judgment is something that one should not do.

Hate comes from the source of evil? Not necessarily, especially in this context itself.

It is only natural for a Muslim to hate others who openly go against Allah, especially those who do so and still dare call themselves a Muslim. As a Muslim, we should love the things that Allah has made compulsory, and hate the things that Allah has FORBID. Why are you asking me NOT to hate it?

If these fags are non-Muslim, then I might pity them due to the fact that their faith are still lost in the darkness. It is our job to spread the religion, and the rest we let Allah's plan work as He wills. BUT.. Obviously if these fags are Muslims, we should certainly HATE this action. They understand and they know about Islam, but still they ignore it and reject it.

Allah Himself HATE homosexuals and has proved it throughout history by giving worldly punishments to them (The punishment that Allah gave to the homosexual that rejected and live during the time of the previous prophets). It is our duty as a Muslim to Love what Allah Love and to Hate what Allah Hate.

For a Muslim to ask another Muslim not to hate the thing that Allah Himself hates... Something is certainly wrong there... Don't u think?