Saturday, January 30, 2010

Irritating Dream

Yesterday, I decided to lie down and rest my eyes a bit due to the fact that I was tired. As I lied down, I played around with my imagination. Every now and then I open my eyes so that I won't fall asleep cause I still want to stay awake. But then again, I fell asleep anyways. I had a dream, an irritating dream to be exact. Not planning to describe the dream though, cause the dream is crappy. In short, I became so angry in the dream itself. I was supposed to be weak in the dream, the type of dream where u become powerless and weak and have no strength in ur punch or whatsoever. But, I think due to my anger that I had, I became quite strong. There was this guy that I wanted to punch so badly, but the minute when I approached him, I suddenly woke up with my eyes opened widely... IN ANGER!!! Irritating!! GRRRR!!

Jgn Benci Kami, Shuffle Itu Seni!! = "hentak2 lantai... hentak2 lantai dekat sini pulak.. Du du du~"
Selagi Enjin Motor Aku Berjalan, Selagi Itu Aku Tak Akan Mati... = "Motor aku rosak dowh, nk kene hantar repair ar nie, dah la aku pokai skrg...Mati aku.."
Silat Ilmu Pertahanan Diri Yg Handal = "Kalau dia kuat sgt, kau pakai je ilmu kebal, bg padan muke dia"
Abudi = "Shake shake, shake shake shake it!"
Acap = "Bro's code x penting, awek aku plg penting.... I'm as cool as pro.."
Siddiq = "وأنا أهم الرهيبة, وكل من الخاسرين "
Amir = "Xbox360, owned! PSP, owned! Computer, owned! Iphone, owned! Private Gym, hmm.."
Mierol = "Putri, jom gi makan. Cam biase ar, kau blanje aku k?"
Irsyad = "Shit! Aku ade assignment! Dota ar dulu..."
Azam = "Xde plan, youtube jap.. Onepiece jap.. Facebook jap..Blog jap.. Ama, get a life la, ish3.."



Acap said...

hahahahah!!! siot mu....muril dilibatkan dgn putri...

Abudi Alsagoff said...

HAHAHAH!!! siddiq-I am the most horrible, and all of the losers.

amir's LOL!!!!

Keyrana said...

hahaha! icad punye!that is soo him. pandai ko pike punchline. hoho!

siddiq said...

the fact that i can understand what u wrote in arabic proves im awesome..