Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Injured My Right Ankle

Happened yesterday when my right foot accidentally slipped from the wall and landed awkwardly on the ground. Injured my right ankle. Well, this happened because I left my new shoes in Gombak. I wore my old shoes instead, very slippery indeed.. "Botak" already.. So, I woke up this morning and noticed something which I believe is very noticeable to others as well.. Yes, I was limping. I had to walk slowly and come up and down the stairs sideways (like a crab). The last time I remembered this happened was when I landed on my back (ass first though) on solid groung during High School (Still new to parkour). Back then I have to walk like an old women on flat surface, like a crab when I walk down or up the stairs. What happened was I skipped school for one whole week~! SO cool I am..

Okay, now I am just wondering.. It took me 20 minutes to walk to my class.. Now that I am limping... How long will it take? I don't pretty much care about how people look at me when I'm limping, so that settles one of my problem. But the duration of 20 minutes will certainly extend. Not to mention that I have to walk slower up and down the hills/stairs due to the extra pain it brings.. Hmmm... I will simply have to wait and see when that time comes (which is basically tomorrow).