Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Power Of Influence Is Really Something...

The power of influence is really something.. When a person initiates a certain action, others might follow.. In my case, I can see that it is happening in my Psychology class. Previously, there is this one guy who asked a very long pointless question at the very end of the class just when everyone was about to disperse. Yesterday during my Psychology class, I repeat, PSYCHOLOGY class, keep that in mind while reading the following words that I am about to write in order to understand why it irritates me to such an extent that it basically made me write about this thing in my blog.

Yesterday, during psychology class, the guy who asked the question sat in front again again. The very same spot he was sitting the other day. Lets call him "Attention Whore", seeing that I think what he really wants is the attention from both party, the lecturer and students. Before I proceed any further, let me tell you about another guy who I noticed 'might' have the potential of being an "Attention Whore" as well, but he is more towards being a Teacher's pet. He sat in the front row in the middle, lets just call him "Teacher's pet". Of course, there is another person who I would like to mention due to the fact that I noticed his potential of being an "Attention Whore" as well, but he is more into student's attention rather than the lecturer's. He sat in the middle row on the right side. Let's call him Mr."Lack Of Love" in other words "LOL", because he acts like one!

So there we are! I have introduced the triplets of attention whore in my psychology class. Now, recap!

Mr.Attention Whore = Wants Lecturer's and Students' attention
Mr.Teacher's Pet = Wants Lecturer's attention
Mr.LOL =Wants Student's attention

Complete set don't you think?

Okay, here it goes. During the Psychology class, when the lecturer was explaining the method of doing a research, she mentioned about the "survey" method. Obviously it is a method in which people try to acquire data from people by giving them questions, analyze the answer and then make a conclusion. In the middle of her explanation, Mr Attention Whore suddenly interrupted her by asking a question, which is...

"In the survey method, how do, how do, ho ho how do peol....".


Yes, he was lost of words at first. After the lecturer said "huh?", he then quickly covered up by quickly asking..

"In the survey method is there a certain amount of people we have to question? I mean.. Aaaa.. Is there a standardized amount?"

Obviously, people can simply answer that question through common sense, such as, it will basically depends on the research we are trying to do and the scale of the people in which we are going to study. But, I tried to not pay much attention to it even though it should distract others attention in a negative way seeing that the answer to such question does not prove to be any importance to us as a Psychology student due to the fact that such information is not even stated in the text book. If it is not stated in the text book, it will not come out in the exam. If it will not come out in the exam, why bother?

SUDDENLY!!! Mr.LOL came into the scene!! He suddenly raised his hand and asked the lecturer "Can I answer that question? Regarding to your question, brother. The amount of people in which you want to ask in a research will basically vary in every field. Lets say if you are a Politician, there is a different amount you should approach. If you are a Psychologist, there is a different amount you should approach. Bla bla bla bla bla bla...." Everyone could see that the lecturer was feeling uneasy and tried to cut Mr Lol's speech due to the fact that she must cover the chapters fast and the question in which they ask are irrelevant. But! When she tried to cut in by saying "Good answer brother..."... Mr Lol could not care less! He quickly continued his long answer. The following speech is basically the same answer he gave, but with a different approach..

I was like... What in the world!? At first I tried to ignore.. But as I ignore I can't help but to notice that both of them spent TOO MUCH time on that pointless question which is irrelevant to our study! They were eating away our valuable time to study! He wasted loads of time answering the question, but in the end the answer was still a blur as he only gave a theory and not a direct answer! Not to mention that the lecturer was late behind schedule and she needed to teach us fast, but who would've thought that they decided to make it worse! Then at last, he finished his answer... Hooray~!

BUT!!! Are we forgetting someone? YES! It is Mr Teacher's Pet!!! He then suddenly said "Regarding to Mr Attention whore's statement about standardized amount, I think what he meant was bla bla bla bla bla bla....."...... Just when I thought the matter could not get worse than it already has...

If things were to persist, I might've raised my hand and ask "I'm sorry, is this question in any way, relevant to our study? If it's not, Miss, please proceed with your lecture. If yes, by all means, continue..". But I refuse to do so due to the fact that I would be an attention whore as well. Although that might prevent such event from occuring ever again in the future.. Hmmm.. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Its not that I hate or despise the attention whores, in fact I welcome them... IF!!!!! But that is only IF they ask questions that are IMPORTANT.. Or a question that can help increase our knowledge.. Or pleeeeeease, at least a question that is RELEVANT to our study! We are studying psychology for crying out loud! Not Basic Research Method And Report Writing! If you want to learn that subject so much, then go ask that question in that very class, not in the psychology class. I mean really, who in the world ask a question about another subject in the class? Its more like a death wish really. For those who studied Basic research back in Nilai, they only stared at them irritated. For others who did not, they were panicking! They were like, "OMG! Do we have to learn all this stuff?? Why can't I find it in the textbook!? What are they talking about!?". Yes, they were scared I tell ya. See how much trouble being an attention whore brings if you do it in the wrong way? And if you want to be an attention whore by ANSWERING a question, by all means, please answer them as DIRECTLY as possible. We do not need your long speech with little or no meaning whatsoever.

Stop wasting my time and others, let the lecturer do her job for a change.



mizah-kholil said... i feel sorry for u. coz now u have 3 ppl to get annoyed about.
maybe next time, u should try raising ur hand and asking that question.. might make the others realise how useless their questions'll be like a slap in the face. and i dont think ur other classmates would consider u as an attention whore, coz if u think about it, u'd be doin' 'em all a favour..[lecturer included] yup yup.. u'd be shutting the idiots up. definitely worth it.

Jea Malek said...

man that's sucks caveman LoL
but i am sooo agree with mizah