Sunday, June 28, 2009

KFC Commercial Zinger Tower

Okay, above is the link in which you can find and download the commercial that I was in for the KFC Commercial Zinger Tower thingy. You have to click the "download our TVC" on the right side of the Zinger Tower picture (duh~!).. I have to warn you though, the quality of the video sucks ASS!! I mean literally sucking ass bad level. Its like a commercial recorded and edited 3gp style~! Owh, and another warning is, my facial expression is so weird and ugly in this commercial that even I myself barely recognize my own face. It's hard even for me to accept the fact that the guy in this commercial is me (Yes, my facial expression is that weird.. This is of course taken from my point of view and many others as well..).

This link above here is basically where you can locate three snapshots of the commercial. I can be found in all of those pics, huiyooo~! Cool "DOWH"!


Owh, I mean..


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Abudi Alsagoff said...

dude, download that shitty 3gp commercial then convert it to some HD resolution!HAHAHAH!!! tgk boleh ke tak nampak ape2.. confirm pecah gile2. LOL!!!
then upload to youtube! so cool!!!