Thursday, June 11, 2009

The End Of PKJB Jam

The jam has ended! I have finally arrived back at home... I'm too tired to write about the whole jam session in detail so I will basically write about some of it now and the rest in detail later on (when I am fully rested). I met Ashton, PkLim and the Shimura Runners for the first time. What do I have to say about them? Well, they are very very humble people... Ashton is a very nice person, surprisingly he is. He came to Malaysia ALONE and stays ALONE (in a motel or a hotel I forgot already) just so that he could hang out with Malaysian tracheurs.. Of course we would basically do the same thing if we are in his position, but it is very respectful to see a person so dedicated into parkour as much as we are. He is very2 thin and also very2 tall.. He's standing precision is quite far, I can see that he likes that movement and have been training to do such movements for a long time already (I think it is safe to say that it his specialty in that kind of area). Two thumbs up for Ashton!

PkLim, I also met this guy as I mentioned above.. What do I have to say about this guy? He is the type of person who always make jokes and go happy go lucky type of person (usually make dirty jokes, otak masuk air, haha). Oh yeah, it was also unfortunate to say that he injured himself when he did a precision. He slipped and then hit the surface with his toes and the he shouted "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" continuously.... It turned out that he broke his right toe nail (just half fractured, not completely broken). Blood appeared and came out of his right toe nail as he rested by the side... Bad experience for him, too bad.. Owh yeah, I forgot to mention that he is the one who accompanies Ashton and showed him around. Two thumbs up for PkLim and his injury.

Shimura Runners, their progress are quite fast, it seems that the help of the crash mates really3 prove to be very3 helpful in their favor~! Its a shame that we could not have the opportunity as such as they are having which is basically trying out flips as much as they want on crash mates and then later on improves them on grass and then later on moves on to concrete. If we were to train, we could not so likely just do and try because we have to actually suffer the consequences of falling directly as we do not have any crash mates. The frontflips, backflips, sideflips are acceptable to be learned on grass safely and repeatedly yes... But we are having the problem of trying out new moves safely such as the gainer, wallflip twist, corkscrew, raize, and etc.. Haha.. But then again, we will still have to improve, no matter what the challenges may approach.. Oh yeah, back to Shimura Runners! I can see that they are already trying advanced moves considering that they have only just recently started doing flips.. Great improvement I have to say~! They are very humble as well, surprisingly humble.. I do hope they will improve greatly in the near future, until next time XD. But I also hope that they do not try new crazy moves recklessly on ground itself and get injured... I've seen this one kid from Shimura Runners, he did a gainer from platform and landed directly ass-first... TWICE!! Yes, improvement is very3 good! BUT!! Do pay attention to your safety as well. If you do flips so recklessly you will only get injury, and injury will only stop your improvement. So I do hope you guys will improve safely and fastly as well, hoho! I will be cheering for your improvements from afar.

Last but not least... Faiz Kazuma the silent low-profile tracheur... You cannot believe how good he is right now... His parkour is great, his flips are awesome. Very2 surprising. But that I will let Amir elaborate, because I am already too tired!! Maybe I will write about it tomorrow. Until next time~! XD



hafyz_dinh said...

Thanx for the tips u gave us...
It's a pleasure meeting u guys... =)

Anonymous said...

wow..nice to meet y guys..nnt sng2 kite jmpe lgi..korang mmg gempak.. r..