Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jam Session In JB

I don't have much idea about the plan we have for the upcoming jam session in JB. Who will be participating? The JB dudes, Shimura Runners and a guy from PKSG right? Its a shame that only Amir and I can come though. Well, what do you expect? Very bad timing for a jam session that's for sure.. Owh yeah, the leader of Shimura Runners will not be attending right? I do not know much about Shimura Runners since I do not keep up to date lately, but it is true that Hafiz dinh is the leader right? He had to return back to his hometown because his mom forced him right? Its quite sad seeing that the leader of the Shimura Runners could not attend due to the fact that his mother did not allow him to stay and participate the Jam session. I was actually looking forward to his freerunning skills knowing that he talks much about his shows and all so I was excitedly expecting to have a training time together with him to see all the skills he does during his shows. Well, too bad he could not come. Owh, and not to mention that there is only one person from PKSG will be coming. So there will not be 3 huge communities training together like how I expected it to be... (PKSG, JB, Bangi)..

Not to mention that Amir and I will arrive on Tuesday and not on Monday due to planning without actions. How long does the PKSG guy will be staying in JB eh? Will he be joining the jam on Wednesday as well? Owh well... It's not that I am dissapointed or anything, it's just that I don't like it if stuff doesn't go as planned.

But then again, what ever it is.... It WILL be exciting and fun... Why? Because it WILL BE.. Hohohohoho~!!


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Kuyem said...

ashton will be stayin in jb until friday,
and hafiz will return to jb on wednesday,
insyallah khamis hafiz ada.