Saturday, June 6, 2009

Azam's Quiz In The Car

Okay, Azam made a quiz or whatever in the car yesterday when we were on our way to Putrajaya... Spare the details, I will only get straight to the point.. Our answer was supposed to be anything as long as the first alphabet is the first alphabet of our name... So, there was me, Amir, Azam, Acap and Siddiq.. So, as you can see, Siddiq was the odd one out.. At first we didn't know what's the right answer.. So we had to examine the person who managed to get the right answer and think why did he get the right answer? Then Acap was the first to notice the answer, which was starting with the alphabet "A".. And then he confidently laughed as he thought he knew the way to correctly answer.. But he quickly doubt it after Siddiq answered starting with an "A" and Siddiq got wrong.. So what I did was I took the first two alphabets from Azam's answer and then I got right.. So from there Acap followed... And then Amir followed... Siddiq still answered with his alphabet "A" only... Me, Amir and Acap took the first two alphabet all the way... And Azam didn't noticed it either... He thought we knew it was supposed to start with the first alphabet of our name, hahaha.. Well, in the end when Azam told the right answer, the three of us didn't say anything.. We just pretended as if we already knew it.. Hahaha...

Correct me if I'm wrong though.. (For Acap and Amir) But I don't think that I am wrong since you guys actually spent time to think of the answer with the first two alphabets... Which I confidently think that it is no mere coincidence...

Final note, it was a foolish game for foolish people~! :P


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Keyrana said...


first alphabet is easier to be figured. but you actually thought the answer is started with 2? haha. patut la jawapan pelik2 je bagi! and aku tak perasan wo!