Friday, March 25, 2011

Unfortunate Incident

Many things occurred to me lately and most of them are definitely worth blogging about.

But for some weird reason, I dislike the idea of blogging about them. For example, I encountered an experience involving 15 dudes carrying all kind of sharp objects killing everyone they see in their line of sight randomly without knowing who the people they are actually killing in a store located just beside the store I was in. More specifically, the killing was done on the 2nd and 3rd floor, I was on the ground floor. Many innocent victims jumped out of the window in fear to run away, 2 unfortunate male victims fell terribly towards the ground below resulting in fatal injuries to both individuals mentioned. Soon after the rampage, forensics and ambulance came to the scene. However I personally believed that there is nothing much the ambulance can do seeing how terrible the condition of the victims were in. I then learned the rest of the details from the dude who was working at the 7-eleven located exactly down below the crime scene on the ground floor. It was my first time seeing a 7-eleven closed with chains and lock on the door (I did not realize that a killing rampage was occurring just upstairs).

It turns out that the incident occurred because not long ago, a cyber cafe there was practically robbed by a number of dudes. These number of dudes were identified and recognized by other dudes who were playing snooker at the store located just beside the cyber cafe itself. I forgot from where the robbers came, but from what I remembered, it is quite far. These other dudes decided that they do not want to report to the police, so they came all the way to the place where the robbers hang out and beat the crap out of them. Soon after, these beaten up robbers retaliated by coming to the store once again bringing 15 armed backups to kill everyone in the store itself.

I guess thats about it. I can further explain the situation by describing the blood splatters that can be seen as well as the condition of the dying victims, but I find it discomforting for me to blog about. Therefore, the story ends here.

The moral of the story, even though you yourself believe that you won't do anything bad in bad places such as a club/snooker/whatever other places.... Do keep in mind that you are hanging out in a place where other bad-ass people are hanging out in and whatever evil things that they did or plan to do, might affect you as well. This is reality.

Oh yeah, the crime scene occurred at taman melati located very near to UIA Gombak. I guess thats about it.


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Zangetsu said...

I only just noticed this post in the cuz the "Hana Tajima" post greeted my eyes when I opened this page when u posted the link..
But dude, that was horrible..=O
I used to hang around ain one of the CCs once in a while back then..
Damn, I feel sorry for the guys who died. =/