Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sasuke Malaysia

It has been awhile since the last time I wrote about anything. Lately if there are something that I want to express, I simply randomly express them shortly via facebook updates. Therefore, this blog is abandoned.

Recently I decided to join "Sasuke Malaysia".... Wait.... What? You guys don't know what the hell Sasuke Malayisa is? OMG..... Can't blame you, they lack advertisement. Click THIS to enter their website.

Have you guys watched Ninja Warrior? No? If you guys haven't watch it, then I advise you guys to search for it on YouTube.

Ninja Warrior is basically a Japanese Gameshow which includes MONSTROUS obstacles that CHALLENGES the limitation of your human body in many different areas including agility, precision, strength and balance.

The game has been ongoing for many years but so far there has only been few winners and they are referred to as living legends. That alone should show how challenging this game really is. What? Still not convinced? Well, this game is very well known to an extent that it spreads WORLDWIDE!! For example, Ninja Warrior can be found in US as well. The US has been repeatedly sending winners from their region to compete for the challenge in Japan to represent their country.... So far, none has returned...... as a winner lol.

The only winners so far are the JAPANESE themselves! That's not the most "wtf" facts, the most "wtf" facts is that these Japanese backgrounds are surprisingly common and none of them reflect the capabilities that they possess! For example, some of the winners are a fisherman, fireman, and a shoeseller..... That's right, a SHOE SELLER! Guys from the US who claims to be a PROFESSIONAL in Freerunning/Parkour FAILS to overcome the Ninja Warrior's challenge in Japan, but a shoe seller in Japan succeeds.... Thats it, I conclude that the Japanese citizens are all Ninjas in disguise.

SO! What is Sasuke Malaysia!? Sasuke Malaysia is derived from Ninja Warrior itself. In other words, Sasuke Malaysia is Ninja Warrior in Malaysian version.

How cool is that? Without a doubt, I am joining the competition! Oh yeah, the winner is going to represent Malaysia to compete in Japan. And Oh yeah, the competition starts this Friday and Saturday in Putrajaya on the 27th and 28th of May 2011.

The rule is simple, you have to overcome all the extreme obstacles within the limited time. If you fall and get contact with water, you lose. Once you passed all the obstacles, you need to press the buzzer.

For Malaysia, there will be 100 participants altogether. Only 10 will advance to the final stage. Only 1 will be the winner. Only one will be given the title "JAGUH PERTAMA MALAYSIA".

The funny part of everything is that we are encouraged to wear something that represents our occupation or what we do in the beginning of the show for example aprons. working attire and etc. We also need to do something to represent our occupation or what we do for example showing a frying pan, do a backflip, etc. In other words, it is going to be funny.

The host for the show is going to be Jehan Miskin, Reem Shahwa, and Mayumi Kasuga.

I've been preparing a loser's speech just in case if I were to fall MISERABLY INTO THE WATER DURING THE FIRST STAGE....

So here is one of them:

"The weather is so hot today, so I decided to go for a swim".

Something like that I guess.

This one if for the winner's speech (that will never happen since I am not confident with the obstacles, let alone winning it):

"First of all I would like to say I have the most beautiful wonderful girlfriend in the whole wide world. Her name is Arinah Rozhan and I intend to marry her in the near future. Sorry, I already reserved her for myself, find someone else to flirt guys. About winning this competition, meh, too eassyyyyy, hohohohohoho~!"

Something like that I guess.

Here are some of the videos that you guys can take a look at to know what Sasuke Malaysia/Ninja Warrior is all about.

Here is my application video for the competition

Here are all the other applicant's videos for the competition.

Join Sasuke Malaysia on Facebook to know more. (However, by the time you guys read this, the competition will most likely be over)


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