Monday, March 29, 2010

Being Social With Others

Okay, I encountered and read a post regarding the discussion about social behavior in life which was written by a classmate of mine in Arabic class back in Nilai (I only played psp or fell asleep or played around with my imagination in that specific class :D!!). Due to the friendly nature this particular classmate of mine have, this classmate of mine find it very irritating for people to only communicate with each other via the method of using the internet and such, but when it comes to the world of reality, they pretend as if they don't see each other. In other words they ignored each other. Awkwardness isn't it? Hahahaha XD!!

The situation is somewhat like this... Everyday you hang out in the cafe, you see a number of people you know from the internet whom you usually have conversations with but each time you look at them, they pretend as if they didn't see you but obviously they did. This also occur as you usually go for a walk, lets say to the law department area just to maybe look at the person you like or interested with, of course this is just an example, but you get the point, heheh XD. So, being as friendly as my classmate is, it was basically something that proves to be very irritating and unacceptable for something like that to occur over and over again. Being irritated by such behavior, my classmate finally took a stand and went to say hi to them instead. The intention might appear as if my classmate was being friendly, but who knows maybe the real intention was due to curiosity to basically see how they would react to such awkwardness in surprise. Who knows :O... SO!!! The end result is usually the same, they explained that the reason they did not approached my classmate is because that they are shy~! The end~!

It surprises me how this kind of situation can irritate some individuals to such an extent, :D!! Because of this topic, I came to realize how my social life with most people in UIA is somewhat like that now due to several reasons that I usually do not notice almost all of the time. When I say "somewhat like that now" means that I myself usually ignore when I see people that I know both intentionally and unintentionally. Where to start.... Hmm... Well, lets explain the part where I ignore people that I see "intentionally".

To further understand this, I will basically need to go back to my first semester back in Nilai. Just for the fun of it, let me prolong the story by telling them in detail but yet not in full detail. This reminds me about the first time I entered UIA Nilai, hahaha... Okay, so it was basically like this. I was a guy who had no plan about the future nor was I interested with it. Meaning that I do not have an ambition and I do not care which institution I will join in the future. I couldn't care less about which University I will join to an extent that I let my mom handle all the stuff related to it for me. In the end my mom's first choice for me was accepted which was the choice to enter UIA as a HS student. At first I was like, "UIA? That sounds familiar... Is it a good institution? Hmm.... I wonder how its like?". It was later that I learned UIA is basically an Islamic-based institution and I was like woooooooooot!? I barely passed the Pendidikan Islam back in school and now I have to enter an Islamic-based Institution!? (Yes, I was pretty much weak in term of religious knowledge before I entered UIA). As I was in shock and was lying down on the floor due to several heart attacks, a whisper came to my ear which surprised me even more to an extent that it made me enter the state of a coma. The whisper was "You also have to take Arabic language as well, mueheheheh!".

Okay! But I was pretty much okay with it because two of my loser friends from school which later on became cool was going to join me as well. I still remembered the time when one of the two loser friends of mine from school became all emo and said "after this... we will all part our ways... we will all have different life to lead... and a different future to go through... too busy to hang out together... too busy to come across each other...". I was like, really? Is it going to be like that? So I tried to comfort him and said "No lah, of course la we will still keep in contact! Don't worry lah!". Another loser friend was also approached in the same way so basically it turned out that both of us was trying to comfort this guy. In then end, all of us accidentally entered the same institution which was UIA, hahaha. Okay, that was off-topic...

Hmm... Let's see, the first time I went to Nilai for registration day, I was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with black pants and black shoes you wear to go to work. My parents and my eldest brother came along to accompany me during the registration day. There was a number of chairs that was prepared for those who was waiting for their turns to register. As I was sitting there, I looked at my right and I saw a dude with a very Islamic appearance, he was wearing this songkok and all and I was like "oooowh, so this is how a UIA dude looks like...". I then looked towards my left and saw a girl with her tudung that was big enough to cover her elbow was basically reciting the Qur'an as we were waiting for our turn and I was like "Owh my GOD! Where am I!? Why am I in this place!?". Yeah, I was quite panicked back then, don't blame me because I was not much exposed to such environment back then. Amir was like, wearing a sleeveless black shirt with jeans who was holding a camera with his spiky hair which I find to be very "suitable" in that place. I also did a backflip and the picture was taken and used as my default picture in facebook even until now.

I don't know why, but somehow for the 1st batch, only two dudes including myself was able to take the course subject for the 1st semester because most of the other guys most probably was not taking the EPT seriously and had to take only languages for the first semester. So, this other guy's name is Sufi, which so happens to be my current roomate and classmate in Gombak. Having to survive without many contacts back then, I tried to increase my contacts with the girls as well just in case Sufi does not have the information I seek regarding academic matter. But being as cool as I was, I don't want to have many of the girls' contact number because it is not necessary. So I decided to only choose one of the girls, the one who look the most intelligent in the class... So in the end, I chose a girl named Fara who so happens to be frequently answering all the questions in class. I forgot how I started to sms with her, but later on I found out that she was telling others that I was flirting with her and frequently SMS her. I was like, wooot? Why in the world would I like to flirt with her? She is almost as tall as me! It might be a misunderstanding but for her to confidently tell others as if it was true, I find that to be lame. So I stopped from SMS'ing with her. How did I know about that? It so happens that one of my dormmate was a gay, and he frequently hangs out with the girls. So he basically told me about the gossips which basically let me know that this girl thinks I was flirting with her. So I stopped.

Then, after losing a contact that I can use to ask questions about academic matters (now that I think of it, it took her 30 minutes to reply my sms, so slow), I then tried to find another contact. So I tried to find another girl who is smart and I found a suitable person for the job. In the end I found out that she was also saying that I was frequently sms'ing with her as if I was interested with her. I was like "whaaaaaaat theeeeeee heeeeeeelllll...."... At first I thought maybe other people misunderstood what she was trying to say, but then as other people also told me the same thing so I stopped from sms'ing with her.

There was also a time when I was helping a classmate of mine due to several incidents. But I guessed my effort to help her was mistaken as something else which gave her a false hope, which did not turn out to be best for both sides..

So, from what I have encountered with mostly girls in UIA... Usually turns into something bad against me... Maybe its because I am not the social type of person, so each time I spent time talking with a girl, everyone will think that I like her. In the end, I find it better for me to basically not get involve with girls in UIA and it is probably best for me just to ignore them. This is basically the reason why I "intentionally" ignore people in UIA.

The unintentional reason I ignore people in UIA is because that I have a very short-sighted vision!! Hahaha. I cannot identify a person's face from a far, I have to basically stand 5 feet away from a person in other to identify them. There was a number of time people complain to me that I ignored them but truth be told, eventhough I was looking directly towards them, I swear I do not know that was them in the first place. Forgive my short-sightedness :(. So I just usually walk while ignoring people around me because of both this "intentional" and "unintentional" reasons of mine. I find myself to be comfortable in this situation. Feel free to prove me wrong though. :D



siddiq said...

I was pretty much weak in term of religious knowledge BEFORE I entered UIA

skrg ade beza la

mizah-kholil said...

haha...u just had to use the law department example..:p
i laughed quite a lot at this post..mostly on ur first day in UIA..about how 'a UIA guy looks like'..haha.. and 'why am i in this place'..i can relate!

i'm sorry to hear that the uia girls u mentioned were all like that. they're an embarrassment to the female gender. :(
so its understandable why u are the way u are, but remember, not all are like that.. majority maybe..but minority ada je yang okay.and thank u for posting this. i understand u much better now! :)

Asyrafzahardin said...

hahahahah!!! lawak gile siot bile pkirkan balik mase2 nk masuk Universiti blum lg cite kat bhgn dorm...btw, great memories...

Amir Hamzah said...

me was laffing all the way thru sampai korang masuk dorm hahahaha!!. ur dorm so cool! and i was wearing a singlet weyy!! singlet hitam!!!! oh yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

this post is really funny and mind blogging at the same time. i'm not socially skillful myself and i bet u're learnt about it along the way.
i mean with lotsa people with lotsa backgrounds. haihh

Paras|te said...

Siddiq - Im awesome
Mizah - Lol XD
Acap - Yup2, kau blog la pasal dorm
Amir - U noob!
Anonymous - Wow, I have an anonymous commenting about my post, yay~