Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure Of Sufi - Introduction

(My lame-ass start of the story version)

Sufi - Life of a college student


A day like many others arrived, welcoming the arrival of the sun and the presence of its heat. Along with it signals the coming of a new day as it brings the unknown of what the future have in stored for all. In a room situated in a place called Mahallah Bilal somewhere within a location known as International Islamic University Malaysia there lies a boy lying down relaxingly on his bed while recalling the memories he had regarding the experience he encountered during his glorious moments of life about his encounter with the sheeps whom existence remains an untold mystery to others except him. He was comfortably relaxing before the ray of light managed to make its way through the window of his room and landed on his eyelids. He slowly opened his eyes and due to such action he recalled the moment when he met the sheeps for the very first time of his life without knowing the fact that he was about to embark on a journey that will significantly affect his life as a human being as the world's future was resting on his future decision along in his journey with the sheeps....

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